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Kali Energy
Morning Glory (tricolor)
by strugglebox
Citation:   strugglebox. "Kali Energy: An Experience with Morning Glory (tricolor) (exp81063)". Erowid.org. Feb 16, 2011. erowid.org/exp/81063

6 g oral Morning Glory (ground / crushed)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  


I've used Morning Glory seeds before (2 or 3 times) but recently had my most successful encounter. I wanted to come back to psychedelics because I had been keeping a consistant yoga and meditation practice and felt much more psychologically sound than I had when I was foolhardily looking for anything to get high on a couple years ago.

Seeds were ground in a coffee grinder to a find consistency and mixed with Strawberry Banana yogurt; other people have said use applesauce, personal I like something with a little more flavor to mask the taste (which isn't really that bad... sort of a coffee taste, but I got conditioned not to like it because of the naseau it inevitably produces in me). I scooped it in a teaspoon at a time, ate that, then spooned another heap in. If you let the stuff sit or mix it in the flavor leeches into everything.

Naseau settled in good at about 30 minutes and would continue at its worst for about 3 more (sounds like a good time already, right?). I feel like the peak of the experience was probably 2-4 hours in, but at that point the energy is really centered in my stomach and heavy. It's like I can feel the LSA really 'burning' it's way through my ego starting there. I would suggest finding a sitting position that is pretty comfortable, or taking a bath/shower and pretty much minimizing movement to weather the stomach problems.

When I first took Morning Glory at 12 grams I can remember just writhing on my bed and obsessing on uncomfortable body sensations in my hips and stomach. This time I felt much more prepared.

The feel of this substance has been very dark to me in some ways... I took to calling it 'Kali Energy'. It's hard to describe really where I 'went'. Hallucination is VERY minimal. I experienced was a bit of OEV and CEV in the form of a small black and white spiral that I first saw on this substance and continue to see every time I come back to it, at one point it started spreading on my bedsheet (but not very noticeably or very long).

I turned on Nine Inch Nails 'The Fragile' - NIN is one of my favorite musics, so it was a good anchor. I sat staring at my reflection in the mirror and noticed that it was changed somehow. I took on a grimacy smile like a japanese kabuki face and the teeth and eyes seemed to float disembodied over my true face.

At one point I felt I was 'grasping' at a universal truth... but you know how these things slip away. The essential flavor was that this life truly is illusion and for some reason we wired ourselves into this process (and yet somehow we are the whole process) to experience it even though the separation from our true nature is painful we want and need this on some level. This was purely my conceptual frameworks trying to frame the essentially void, abysmal feeling that I had been confronted with. It is a very DESTROYING energy. The Divine Mother made her presence felt, and it's kind of terrifying but freeing. It is DARK. Dark stuff compared to what I think the day-to-day fabric of life is.

After I had listened to both sides of The Fragile and felt I was sufficiently on the back nine of the experience I went outside and realized that my ego had largely fallen away, I'm not sure that I would call it a complete death though. It was dark outside and I noticed the usual feeling of being 'very out in the open' that I have with LSA. The night always seems brighter because of the hugely dilated pupils (*Note, I appeared to be tripping balls even though I was not hallucinating; don't be around people whom you want to hide your use from*).

I felt universal connection and slowly it slipped away, which was both a relief and a disappointment. First I thought of myself as a composite of both my Mother and my Father, and I could feel their presence inside of me - how integral they are genetically in the being that I am. Then I began thinking of the rest of my family and I could feel their energy more than the whole - whereas before I seemed to be connected to plants, everything, everyone.

I smoked a cigarette or two, mostly as a comfort to anchor me back into my normal habits (truly, our habitual ideas and behaviors are what anchor us in our self identity). After that I went inside and told my dad I was coming down from a trip, he's a bit of a stoner so he wouldn't have freaked out or anything; but I had reservations about telling him because sometimes I feel he favors psychedelics too highly. I largely don't respect the man and take issue with him.

That being said, I was much more in touch with my compassionate side, obviously I was not completely walled into my ego yet. I looked out with benedictive joy at the man who I have struggled to forgive for being a less than ideal father and provider. We talked a bit and I felt like he was giving me confession or something, I seemed to absorb all his feelings and feel our vibrational fields intermingle - his tinged with emotions and neurosis, mine fairly pure at that moment. I just stared into his eyes and saw him as a human being.

And slowly as the conversation continued I noticed little walls starting to come back up, and judgement growing stronger, and I realized I was coming back into my preconceptions and prejudice.

A dissappointing but understandable coming down.

Practical Notes:

There is a bit of CNS stimulation to this substance even though the latter half of the trip had a very mellow, relaxed quality. I had trouble going to sleep. The trip started at 3pm and I went to bed around 4am.

This stuff produces more naseau and stomach discomfort (even though I used untreated seeds) than I've experienced with shrooms - it's a bumpy and unideal ride (in the future I'll try extractions instead).

I wanted to be EXTREMELY honest about things. If you have any skeletons in the closet you may find yourself spilling the beans and trying to get a clean slate of karma - I attribute this to the ego death, and I don't necessarily consider it bad, but some people aren't ready to be completely honest.

The time distortion and hallucination on this drug seem to be mild/gradual in comparison to marijuana and mushrooms. But I still wouldn't want to be heavily involved in any kind of activity. Don't expect to go to the family dinner or school or anything like that on this drug. Nature or a comfortable home setting among friends are the ways to go.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81063
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Feb 16, 2011Views: 6,568
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