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Shifted Perception
by JR
Citation:   JR. "Shifted Perception: An Experience with 5-HTP (exp81107)". Nov 1, 2010.

  repeated oral Tryptophan (pill / tablet)
My First week at college I went to a pretty cool off-campus party. Lots of beer, negligble weed, and one stoner with a bottle of 5-htp.

Backtracking a little. This was the first week of college. I was very involved in mdma especially this last summer. My last collection before i went to college i was not worried about money and ate 32 x's in a week and a half (with a one day break in the middle) So at the time of the college party my seratonin system was to say the least, a little worn out.

At the party a bass player told me of this wonderous dietary supplement, 5htp. He gave me 500 mg, which i ingested on 13 beers and 3 shots of whiskey. This surprisingly did not make me vomit, but i also had eaten well(for the purpose of drinking, ie; milk, starches, carbohydrates, flushing with water etc.) the day before.

That night i had no problem walking home, but could hardly sleep and woke up early that morning, more alert than I should be after a long night of drinking with a short night of lucid sleep.

Almost a month later, after doing some research on the substance i decided to see how far this drug can take you. From the information i collected; Tryptophan has almost no effect in a single use, and the only weighted effects are for people that have below average levels of seratonin, and psycho-actively the only effects are that of a person with average seratonin level.

I bought a bottle of 60 capsules; 100 mg tryptophan, 25 mg magnesium, 5 mg b-6, 5 mg niacinimide, 50 mg Valerian Root.

Day 1. I took 200 mg about an hour before going to bed. No noticeable effects besides maybe mild placebo for a few moments. I slept well, but i normally do. Dreamstate normal, wake-up normal.

Day 2. I ate a sustaining breakfast, extra vitamin c. Around Mid-Day I ingested 4 more capsules. Within an hour i was feeling some very mild mood stabilzing effects. I am, in most non-party situations, a calm person, so i was careful not to trip myself into placebo. But, the one effect i can trust myself in saying was non-placebo and psychoactive was the tranquility within my own head. My thoughts were slow and serene, but more percise. The seemeingly delayed thought process time was negated by the exactness at which my thoughts appeared. A metaphor my thoughts is; Answers without Questions. My thoughts would appear like images and destinations and would arrive at the same time. Now i am not trying to over-exaggerate, this was a very subtle effect, but definetly present.

At the end of the hour were i was starting to feel the afore-mentioned effects, i went to smoke a bowl of dro. (just for the record this is the same bud throughout the experience. As for quality; it was some diggity from inner-city houston, but not some bomb-diggity. Ya dig?) I personalized 2 small bowls and immediatley felt extremely high in a metaphysical way. This was one of those smoking experiences that make you feel connected and spiritually uplifted. I had a good time walking around and was overly content with my life right now, although it is pretty good. When i started coming down i went back to my dorm, and even though i felt great, my body and mind were worn out. I soon realized why i was getting strange glances from people on the way back. I looked in the mirror and looked like absolute shit. I looked better after binge rolling/drinking/partying for the last month of summer. I fell asleep.

Day 3. Normal day, ate well, exercised in the after noon. Throughout the day i had a clarity of mind that seems to come and go for me, but it was for the most part, subtly sustained all day. Ingested 100 mg before sleep.

Day 4. Woke up normally, ingested 300 mg and went to eat. Taking the pills before eating upset my stomach and gave me a little extra gas, nothing terrible but i would suggest to eat before. An hour and a half later i had a realization. I have been brought to a content/docile ambiance. Those words didnt make much sense in my head but somehow accuratley discribed my situation. I was happy, but not very talkative. Content with and inside myself, whereas i am usually yearning for colfict or something out of the ordinary. I smoked 2 bowls again at about 2 in the afternoon. Amazing high again, contentment turned to happiness. I felt great and had no problem expressing it.

Day 5. Same as day 4 except with the reversal of ingesting pills and food. finished the dro, and had an amazing time playing video games, taking naps, playing guitar, and drawing (the latter something i never do.) I fell asleep extremely easily even though i had been getting lots of rest and little phsyical activity.

Day 6. I awoke rested and jumped out of bed, and ran to class (which i only ever do with the incentive of police sirens). I ingested 500 mg and felt normal. Normal only meaning not different than the day before. Went outside to smoke a ciggarete and noticed a bee flying. This is how i noticed my perception was shifted. The bee was flying erratically, just as i love to watch them do when tolling. I noticed, this bee was leaving mad tracers. Not only were there tracers but image of the bee seemed to be jumping back and forth along its flight path. Trippy stuff. I made a connection and conclusion within the 2 minutes it took me to smoke that ciggarette.

The Psychoactive effects of this drug (which are only attained by sustained intake) are similar to X, in that; X Releases the seratonin in your brain into synapses, etc. etc. all good rollers know this stuff. But this was more reserved. This was the build up of seratonin, calm and collected and in reserve in mhy brain. It was serene and tranquil whereas its counterpart, rolling (releasing the seratonin into your synapses and letting it run rampant and wildy, electrifying and energizing as opposed to calm and tranquil).

The Visual effects i am starting to experience after another week of sustained 'high-dose' use also complement Excstacy in that things shift float and vibrate on their own, but will only effect animate things. The effect on sleep maybe me just being lazy but everyone has fallen asleep after stuffing their gut with trypto-turkeyo non thanksgiving, but i am feeling rested and collected every day.

I have not rolled in over a month, but after a week or two more of pre-loading i am interested to see what effects may come.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81107
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Nov 1, 2010Views: 16,583
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