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Another Reality
by Spiceter
Citation:   Spiceter. "Another Reality: An Experience with Nutmeg (exp8116)". Erowid.org. Apr 30, 2004. erowid.org/exp/8116

2 nuts oral Nutmeg


Ok here's the day. At around 8:30am I ate two whole nutmegs (about 10 grams all up) and decided to head into town for some shopping (big mistake). I wasn't expecting much as I have done nutmeg before in slightly smaller doses (7-8g) and only got a mild buzz. Please also note that I have never smoked pot or had any other illegal substances.

Anyway for the first two hours nothing much happened as usual. I was on the train into the town when I started to notice the nutmeg come on. I was listening to music, which sounded a lot better than normal and seemed to 'connect' with the motion of the train somehow. I also kept just staring at stupid things for ages without thinking about anything. Anyway I remained in this state for the next three hours or so without much change. Just a pleasant mild, drunk type sensation. After walking around shops for a while I decided to head back to the train and go home.

I was at the train station and it was about 5.5 hours after eating the nutmeg by this stage. I had a 30 minute wait for my train and so I decided to park myself on a bench and listen to the radio. About 20 minutes later I started feeling a bit weird. I was looking at trains that were going past and they seemed to look a little 'odd'. Like less real and more like toys (very hard to explain in words). Basically everything started to look perfect. Anyway I thought cool and hopped on my train when it finally arrived.

The train ride home was about 35 mins and I just sat next to the window, listened to music and watched the world outside. Now about 20 mins into the ride things went very different. Some dude behind me coughed and his cough sounded very odd, like the sound was very intense and much different. It almost made me jump up. The cough seemed very 'real'. Anyway I started to get a little nervous but tried to calm myself down with a bit of music. But the music by this stage got extremely weird. I looked outside and things were starting to look very different. Graffiti on walls outside started to look very nice and shiny. It's like it was perfect for the wall even though it was just some ugly mess of tags. Anyway Cars seemed to look very toy like and I noticed the tires on cars starting to look a little odd in shape.

I was getting quite nervous by this stage because a lot of people were starting to pile onto the train, heaps of school kids too. The music was starting to get very intense and I kept sorta floating away from reality with the music. It was a weird feeling and not really too enjoyable at first. I decided to turn the radio off, but the silence was just so intense without it that I turned it back on. Things outside began to wobble a little and spin, nothing too dramatic, just a very drunk type feeling. Anyways the school kids were starting to crowd around me, they were having a food fight on the train and I got extremely uncomfortable. I had the feeling that everyone was watching me and knew I was on something (I'm guessing this is normal with pot etc).

I became so nervous and my hands started to shake and go numb, at first I thought it was the nutmeg causing this but then I realized I was basically freaking out and so I decided to get off the train at the next station (very good idea) and walk the rest of the way (about a 40 minute walk).

As soon as I got off the train the numbness went away and I felt extremely good. My walk home was amazing. Everything looked perfect and clear. The afternoon sun lightning up the trees and the grass was just amazing to watch. I decided to stop at a few parks and watch the ducks splash around in the water, this was just so wonderful. The whole world around me seemed very different than normal. This feeling lasted for at least 3 hours after which it VERY slowly began to fade away to a more normal state (like the drunk feeling I had for the first few hours). Anyway I got home very relaxed by this stage and chilled out with some music for the rest of the evening. Food also tasted quite nice. The only really annoying effects would have to be the dry mouth. My eyes also got a little red but it wasn't anything too severe.

The next two days were very relaxing and music still sounded heaps better. It's like the high peaked for me between 6-9 hours but the effects seemed to last well over 36 hours after that. I also noticed that time seemed to pass much quicker while on nutmeg.

Overall I found the whole experience very pleasant and will probably do it again sometime on holidays. I might however take a slightly lower dose, say 1.5 nutmegs this time since the experience I got from two was very intense.

I have come up with a little theory after trying nutmeg. I think if you believe that the nutmeg will do something then it will. But if you are very skeptical about it then you probably won't get many effects from it. Basically I think it seems to open your mind up to many more possibilities than normal, and whether you decided to use these new doors is up to you!
I also recommend buying whole nutmegs and not the powder (you might have to look around health food shops for these). I have tried powder and it seems to be less effective. You just have to make sure to chew the nutmegs down to fine pieces before eating them or the effects will probably be much smaller. Anyway, I hope this helps!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8116
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 30, 2004Views: 2,847
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Nutmeg (41) : Multi-Day Experience (13), General (1), Various (28)

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