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Starry Night
Citation:   WickedMeth. "Starry Night: An Experience with bk-MBDB (exp81295)". Erowid.org. Sep 21, 2009. erowid.org/exp/81295

1 capsl oral bk-MBDB
  2 capsls oral bk-MBDB
The story starts at 20:00, it's about person M (me, 80kg), and J (a mate, 60kg) experiencing bk-mbdb

Also a note that, the falling stars were due to the perzoid raines at the 12/13th of august 2009.

Previous experiences:
M: Caffeine, Weed, Ritalin (low doses), Alcohol, bk-mbdb (Done it once before)
J: Caffeine, Weed, Ritalin (low doses), Alcohol.

By the time we got back from picking up the bk-mbdb from our 'dealer', we were eager to give it a go. Although our mood and setting weren't quite perfect, we were determined to continue, after all we had been waiting a long time to experience this substance. After deciding to just continue with it, I decided to grab a glass of water, and took 1 capsule (approx 80mg). J made no doubts and also decided to take one at the same time. While waiting for the effects to kick in I put on some Rave music and sat there chatting to J about random things.

After about 20 minutes I already noticed some buzzes coming through. After asking J he did not seem to feel anything as of yet. Another 20 minutes later both of us were feeling it coming on, for fun we decided to play with the webcam that was in the macbook. As time passed the effects got stronger and stronger. Suddenly, my father entered the room. An unpleasant surprise, he was in a depressed mood and saw us. This gave a nasty effect on both me and J, we asked him to leave kindly and so he did. J suddenly walked up to the fan, and started talking jibberish to it. It seems the effects got to him, and he did not really know how to handle it. Short after he jumped in my bed, and start rolling with the blankets. Although this may seem negative, he was having the time of his life, all was well and nice ! After some time mom entered the room, she noticed something was wrong, but she did not know we were going to take anything that night. Soon after we both got negative feelings about the room, for some reason it felt crowded. We filled a 1.5L bottle of water and decided to go out.

After opening the frontdoor, my neighbour was opening his bedroom windows and noticed we were tripping balls. He said something along the lines of: 'Going to the bar eh ? oh wait, tripping in the forest !? :D' I couldn't help but laugh, and wave goodbye. We left off, after walking for a while into town J was having lots of fun touching things, he had the feeling plants gave life. After this, we decided to both take 2 more capsules each. We moved on, noticing lights felt more bright, and that both of our jaws were starting to be a real bitch. Jaw clenching, jittering, it didn't matter much, it was actually quite fun to experience this. We decided to go get some bubblegum at a cafetaria, hoping that it'd help for our jaws. During the walk to the cafetaria J started pointing at certain traffic signs, and started talking about that they were awesome. While listening to J I noticed that in the few restaurants at the other side of the street, people were looking at us and were probably thinking: WTF ? As time went by, we arrived at the cafetaria where I couldn't help but to smile and say hi to each and every person. It felt great ! The other capsules were slightly coming on, and I felt good, really really good. All the thoughts I had were pretty positive, although sometimes negative vibes used to come up. We weren't exactly in a safe area, and cops could show up out of nowhere. With this thought in mind we decided to take the alleyways and moved on.

Moving on, we were getting hotter and hotter, this probably wasn't good, sweat all over our bodies. We took our T-Shirts off, and kept our shirts on. We sat down a lot, drinking water from our bottle. We moved on, and chilled out. The overall experience was relaxing, until we reached a location where we ran out of water. This wasn't good ! We were too far gone to continue walking without water, so we had to sit and stay put where we were. Either way, J and I decided not to give up hope. We decided to try and move a few streets further to a mate's place when suddenly we heard music playing. It was as if we were in the desert and found a palm tree with a lake near it. I decided to enter the party tent that was set up, people gave a few strange looks but overall were in a nice drunk and happy mood. I liked this ! It felt as if everybody was peaceful and were enjoying there selfs much better than people ever did. I walked up to the bartender, asking him if I could get some water. During the 'water' word, I got another buzz coming on and couldn't help but having my jaws move awkwardly. The bartender gave me a strange look, after which he gave me permission to refill my bottle with water. YES ! WATER !, It felt great, we had water, and could make our way back towards home ! Although we did not leave directly, we blended in with the party crowd and had some fun.

After having fun at the party we moved on to a park, it was dark by now ( approx 00:00 ) and the capsules were still coming on. We were really high, tired, and relaxed. We decided we needed a place to lay down. Although the benches were taken by a few teenagers, we decided to avoid any trouble and walked over to the basketball field where we decided to lay down. Looking above I saw the stars felling down, for some reason this felt as if it was a moment that would make a difference in my life. Laying down, feeling the buzzes coming on, seeing J have such an awesome time. Talking about the stars and how our lives were at this moment, we started to chatter a lot. When suddenly I saw 3 stars making a pattern, if I hadn't known about the rain of falling stars I'd have though I was halucinating. Shortly after this, the teenagers left and we sat down on the benches. The effects kept coming on, suddenly J and I felt good by holding each other. The effects felt almost too strong, yet very very positive. Soon after this J decided to put off his shoes and walk over the grass bare foot. J said that the grass felt really strange and tingly. Suddenly a police car arrived, we got really paranoia and quickly left the place. The cops never saw us, but were probably on the look out for us ( This town is very paranoia and people call the police very quickly when they notice some people aren't 'sober' )

After all of this, it was about 02:00, we got home, and were really wanting to sleep. Due to not having any weed the comedown was really nasty. Feelings of confusion showed their heads around the corner, a strange feeling in the stomach. J couldn't sleep and started talking to people on his laptop in bed. I got on the internet, took a look at my GF's pictures and for some reason thought she was more beautiful than ever before. It's been said these kind of drugs can give a 'love' like feeling, I suppose this was slightly like the MDMA love feeling ( which I hope to experience some day as well ), after this I mainly spent till about 05:00 rolling around trying to sleep, suffering heavy sweating and jaw issues which were leftovers from the dose I that I took. J experienced the same.

The day after we woke up, we ate some soup. Got oranges from the super market and waited for the comedown. Considering I still had no weed ( which I had at the first time of usage ) I noticed the comedown is really nasty. Later that day, in the car, I felt sooooo drained. It was as if I could fall asleep at any time. My body and mind were both totally exhausted. No motivation to move etc, luckily this only lasted for an hour or two. Soon after that I felt better than ever before with the thoughts of the awesome experience of that night.

My overal description of this substance ? Fun, positive, and a very nice high. Although I wouldn't use it too much, the comedown isn't very fun to experience on a regular base. Be sure to have some weed as well !

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81295
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 21, 2009Views: 12,428
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bk-MBDB (348) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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