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Rapid and Powerful
by Hoot10
Citation:   Hoot10. "Rapid and Powerful: An Experience with DXM (exp81413)". Oct 2, 2009.

100 mg IV DXM (powder / crystals)


We had conversation about intravenous adminstration of DXM and my friend who has been studying the subject almost as much as I have, warned me strictly against intravenous use of DXM, based on studies by Robert F. Golazewski. I did brief search and found few accounts about IV use, but not on humans if I remember correctly. As I am familiar with metabolism of the drug and mechanisms from which DXM derives its effects and I had small supply of 99,8% pure DXM Hbr. powder, along with injection equipment. So for the sake science I decided to try intravenous adminstration of the substance.

I prapared 2,5ml syringe, with 0,4 tip and roughly eyeballed ~100mg of DXM powder. The Dex was small crystals and very poorly water soluble, I prepared the solution with 2ml tap water, there was white crystals floating in the syringe as I was preparing for injection. I shaked the syringe to evenly dispense the substance in the solution and performed a sterile injection in a very small vein, there was no burn or uncomfortable sensations.

t+2 minutes. There is no rush or comeup.

t+5 minutes. Warmth is spreading all over my body and I feel familiar dxm sensations powerfull enough to identify as solid plateau 2 experience.

t+15 minutes. I went to lie on a sofa and lost my conciousness, I was woken up 5 hours later and I was still on Plateau 2 level, with all the typical effects. I did not not pass out from the effects of the drug, more from sleep deprivation.

This method was definately powerfull.

Notes: powder was poorly soluble in water, maybe only 10% dissolved on warm water. But it was easily diluted in blood.

I was amazed that I could achieve this level of experience with so small amount of substance, as I have read main effects are produced by metabolite DXO and requires processing in the liver, but this happened very rapidly. With oral route I have to wait usually 90-120 for full experience to take hold.

I was slightly tired, not under any other substances than nicotine, mindset was generally happy and setting was my friends place with overall wellness.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81413
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Oct 2, 2009Views: 27,526
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