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Smooth Sailing
by starfish
Citation:   starfish. "Smooth Sailing: An Experience with 2C-B & MDMA (exp81432)". Jul 26, 2015.

T+ 0:00
1 tablet oral 2C-B  
  T+ 3:00   oral MDMA (liquid)


I'm at a large, outdoor music festival with C. We had driven up early that morning and were having a good time so far. Great performances, great outdoor venue surrounded by natural wonders, and everybody we met was very friendly. Good vibes all around.

I only knew a few people at the event who I had run into earlier. They had invited us to their cabin, so C and I go to meet up with them around 10pm that night. So I'm there with C and two close friends, J and G, and their group of friends who I'm introduced to for the first time.

I hadn't planned on taking any psychedelics (or any drugs) that night. Usually at events like this there's enough going on to get a contact high. Also I was hesitant as there were some logistical issues with driving back the next day and wanting to be sure I would have time to have some sleep after the dose wore off.

I had had a previous good experience with 2cb at a large event, so when J says he has plenty of 2cb I decided to dose with the group. C hasn't taken psychedelics before, so she declines a dose (no use having a first-time experience at a large event like this with new people).

The doses are administered by J who is in charge of all the drugs for the group. The group pharmacist.

For the first hour and a half after we dose, we're in the room, waiting as each member of our party goes to the bathroom and gets dressed and prepared for the all-night festivities. We're listening to a mix of 'really smooth' music which forms a motif for our party's approach to the larger party. C and I lie on the bed, recharging our bodies from the long day. I find that the attitudes and environment during this coming up period are absolutely essential. It's important that it is relaxed, and purposeful yet open. The smooth music turned out to be the perfect thing. Comforting yet novel.

Some of us take doses of MDMA, which I decline.

We leave and walk to the festival. It's PITCH BLACK outside, being far from any city. I have a bunch of blue LED flashlights, two of which I attach to the drawstrings on my hood. This feels like a really natural thing to do. Also this way people will recognize me in the dark which makes me feel open and non-threatening.

C is tired and says she'll be going to the car to sleep. The car is parked quite a ways away in a field. We had gotten lost before trying to find it. But C has a good sense of direction and she's sure she can find it. I give her a flashlight and tell her I'll see her in the morning.

G is performing that night at 5am so it's important that the trip doesn't get the better of him. I ask him how he's doing. We both agree that the 2cb is quite smooth! Smooth sailing.

My friends and I keep together as a group as we walk around the festival. I pick up on vibes that each individual is afraid of getting separated from the group.

An act begins at the main stage. It's really heavy bass wahwah at a hip hop tempo. Pretty bad ass, I think. I dance and notice that I'm dancing very freely without any social hesitations. But some in our group have disdain for this artist so we decide to check out the stage by the lake. E is disappointed that we're leaving, but she wants to stick with the group. I tell her there's no harm in checking out the lake and I'll go back with her if it's not something better.

Turns out everybody at the festival is at the main stage so we go back.

We set up a blanket. I lie down, looking up at the stars as the others sit and talk. I look at the stars for about half an hour. I make a point to appreciate the night sky anytime I'm outside the city. Also I really enjoy thinking about the scale of the universe, the milky way, the future as symbolized by the night sky, topics like these while on 2ci (and now 2cb).

E goes into the crowd. G goes off to set up for his show. It's really cold so some others go back to the cabin, saying they will bring additional blankets.

Somehow it ends up being just me, J, and M. By now it has gotten REALLY cold which I comment and M agrees.

We move in closer to each other.

I get the feeling, from body language, that J has some flavor of romantic chemistry developing with M. Though I can't be sure. That's the thing about psychedelics. When we experience life, we're constantly keeping open several possibilities about what is the true reality. That is, there are several suspended situations, and sometimes these situations collapse when we see a piece of evidence and we think 'aha, that is what the true situation was'. But before this piece of evidence, there can be several possibilities open and each of these possibilities can sometimes branch into further possibilities. So in everyday life, we're constantly juggling these possible realities. But when I trip, and I assume that others get this too, the number of possible realities becomes much larger! By an order of magnitude! So when you look at people's behavior and try to figure out their motivations, you see this much larger field of possible realities.

Long story short, I'm not interested in getting involved in any love triangles tonight. Previous experience has taught me that these things on psychedelics can be intense, life-changing, and quite interesting from a pure experience perspective. But surely not smooth! This is why setting an attitude as you come up is so important for defining your trip!

G returns for a few minutes and they all decide they will redose on MDMA. I decide to join them and ask J for an honorary dose, enough to stay in sync with the group. G leaves.

At this point, the bass guy has stopped playing and the next act has just finished setting up. It comes on heavy and I tell J and M that I'm going to go in for a closer view and will be back with a report.

There are three of them, in tuxedos, kicking the crowd's ass. Really loud, distorted, full of harmonics sounds. With a live bassist and drummer. Fire coming out of speakers. As I join the inner crowd there is a period where I am not in control of my body as I dance.

I return after just a song or two, having quite my fill. As I walk back to J and M, who are now wrapped in the blanket huddled close to each other, I realize that it has gotten even MORE COLD. I squeeze myself next to J. It is really cold. At this point, I'm worried about C. J says I don't need to worry, the car is insulated. But what if C is so cold, and she doesn't know where we are and knows nobody at this event.

What would I do? What would I do if I didn't have J and his friends and their blanket to huddle up with. I'm here all night. It is survival-mode cold out. I know C only has her hoodie and a towel in the car to keep warm. This is the end of the train of thought that started with the vibes of avoiding being separated from the group. I myself am afraid of being separated from warmth and being alone in the coldness. I'm afraid if I leave I won't be able to come back.

But I decide I need to go see C and make sure she's okay. In the worst case scenario, I know that the group will be at the smaller stage when G goes on at 5am, so I'll be able to rejoin.

I leave J and M. At this point my eyes are twitching from side to side. Like when you stand at the edge of the tracks and try to keep your eyes focused as a train passes by in front of you. I feel like my vision has TV scanlines. I'm peaking on my 2cb.

It is totally dark out and my sense of direction is already pretty bad. I use a restroom. Shivering, I find an information desk and ask the guy where is the field parking. I mean, where are the signs to the field parking (which are my only landmarks for finding the car). The guy certainly picks up on my anxiety. Tells me best he can where I need to go, that I have a cool shirt.

I walk a bit in a direction, turn around and walk in another direction. Finally I find some familiar landmarks and know that I'm pointed the right way. Now I just need to try every branch at every fork in the path and I know that I will eventually find the car.

There aren't too many people out here. I'm using my blue LED for illumination. I see a girl up ahead by herself in the dark. Hey you need a flashlight? I give her one and we talk about how cold it is and how hard it is to find her camp out here. I realize I'm on the wrong path and tell her I have to go back. She hands back the flashlight but of course I tell her to keep it, I have plenty of these things. I make sure that she is sure she will find where she's going.

And with that I've overcome the fear. I'm not cold anymore. This is a really important moment in, I think, any trip. Overcoming the fear.

I find the car, knock to have C let me in. I talk to her for a bit. She's cold but it's WAY warmer inside the car! She's fine and glad that I'm having a good time.

I go back to the event. As I pass the guy at the information desk I give him a big thumbs up and tell him I found it, it's all good.

Not finding anybody where I left them at the main stage, I go to the smaller stage. Meet up with D from the group and have a nice conversation. Unlike the others, D took acid tonight. He's pretty confused, unable to communicate to the extent that he would like to, which is the way that I get on acid also.

But at this point I'm on top of the world so I entertain D and put out some good thought processes. G eventually goes on stage and the rest of the group eventually arrives and sets up the blanket.

D and I are in the crowd. I dance lightly.

I go back and it seems that a girl in our party has passed out and the others are unable to revive her. We make sure she's breathing. The others are panicked. J has lost his pharmacist cool and doesn't know what to do. There's talk of getting an EMT, which there surely must be at a large event like this, but nobody's quite sure how to do this.

I've been in this situation twice before. If your friend is breathing, she is most likely fine. Too much drugs and stimulation can make a person pass out, even have a seizure. But even if your friend is unconscious, the body takes care of anything necessary for survival. The thing to do is get her to a quiet place with fewer people (we're already in back at the smaller stage so this is taken care of). Blankets are good. So is having people she knows well stay with her, hold her hand.

I decide I'm not much use staying with them so I grab D, who has a map and has been at the event for two days already, and tell him we're going to go on a mission to find an EMT. We do this with not much of a problem, bring the EMT back who checks the girl's vitals and reassures the group that she's fine. We should just stay with her until she wakes up, which she does in an hour.

The sun rises. I go check out a few more performances. Eventually decide I've had enough and go wake C. We say bye to everybody and are on our way.

It is now a week after this experience and I still feel positive effects. I feel loose and anxiety-free. About work, social situations, life in general. I find myself picking up on the worries of others and doing little things to ease them. For example I scooched over to let a lady sit down next to me on the subway and she thanked me as if nobody has every done anything nice for her. Finding myself in these situations surprises me because I'm usually totally oblivious to the feelings of others.

I've taken psychedelics numerous times since my first trip 6 years ago, though not as much these past few years. I've had incredibly interesting experiences and many experiences which have opened my mind wider. But it is only with this last trip that I've experienced reassurance from the experience. Pure positivity. The drug and myself working together symbiotically.

I think it's a result of experience with the drug. Be patient with your psychedelics.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81432
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Jul 26, 2015Views: 3,172
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2C-B (52) : General (1), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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