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Good Mixer
Leonotis leonurus, Cannabis & Alcohol
by northcorner
Citation:   northcorner. "Good Mixer: An Experience with Leonotis leonurus, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp81434)". Sep 6, 2019.

  repeated smoked Leonotis leonurus (flowers)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
    repeated oral Alcohol  


I have tried and tested numerous psychoactive substances namely - Mescaline, Brugmansia, LSA/morning glory/baby woodrose, LSD (much many times), mushrooms etc etc...

Of late I have been yearning once again to explore some entheogens and tried ‘lions tale’ or wild dagga purely because it grows in my area (South Africa) and I assumed it would be easy to find – (it was, I have two in my garden). It was early spring here (September) and the Leonotis leonurus in my garden were not flowering, I assume it is because my garden is South facing. I found a flowering bush on the north side of the mountain - the flowers were not yet fully open and I picked a shopping packet full that I took to a friend’s beach-house out of town. It was a public holiday here and I had hoped to pick up some weed for the weekend away but had not found the time and thought I’d play around with the flowers instead.

After cleaning the flowers from the leaves we dried them in a fan oven very slowly with the door open as I did not have the time to dry them naturally. We filled a tea cup with the flowers while they were still a little wet but dry enough to smoke, chopped them up with a pair of scissors and smoked them in buckets, at first, (2l plastic bottle with the bottom cut off in a basin of water and a tinfoil bowl placed over the neck – we call ‘em buckets?) with a large size bowl. The flowers smoked rather well but had an extremely bitter aftertaste. The weight was difficult to estimate because the flowers are very light but I think approx. 0.5g per bowl – with no mix.

We were both completely sober (at first) and started smoking at around 6pm.
6pm - 1x bowl each:
The effect was immediate but mild. There was a light feeling of euphoria, slightly high – but nothing special. At this stage it was not clear that the effect was anything more than having smoked any old plant...

6:15pm ...another 3 bowls each:
Started feeling notably high with a pleasant euphoria but very clear head with very mild ‘tweaking’ of visual perception – light and colours slightly enhanced, the effects wore off very quickly.

7pm ....
The effects had completely worn off after a less than impressive high considering the effort involved (and the bitterness)
Made a bong with a large bowl... smoked two each and had a stiff drink... The effect was a lot better, very pleasant (but mild) euphoria, relaxed, a little spaced out but clear headed.
Ate dinner.

8:30pm – 4:30 am
Got some really awful, bad quality weed, mixed it with the flowers and booze and ended up having a really great experience – the addition of the flowers to the old faithful booze and weed mix was significant. The lions tail made otherwise terrible weed into a really good quality high
The lions tail made otherwise terrible weed into a really good quality high
and kept us clear headed and even tempered, with a great sense of euphoria – music sounded better and we drank a lot without ever feeling ‘drunk’ and smoked a dime bag of weed without getting tired or coming down. Music sounded better and everything looked crisp and fresh and felt that way too. We smoked two full cups of chopped dried flowers throughout the night.

The experience was similar to a very mild dose of mushrooms without the psychological effect and was a very fun ‘clean’ high.
Altogether very enjoyable and I am looking forward to smoking it with weed again (not necessarily skunk – as I think this might be pointless).

I am curing/ slow drying a batch now hoping to see if I can reduce the bitter taste and looking forward to trying the flowers when they are in full bloom to see if it affects the strength.

This plant is certainly not an awe-inducing psychedelic and hardly an experience but mixed in large quantities with weed and a few drinks a really fun high albeit not even remotely mentally challenging – which may appeal to some... or not....

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81434
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Sep 6, 2019Views: 1,459
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