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Addiction, Medical Issues
Citation:   marie vee. "Addiction, Medical Issues: An Experience with Ketamine (exp81450)". Jul 15, 2011.

    Ketamine (daily)
I started using k when I was 16 socially at parties then proceeded to use with just a few friends. I began by sniffing tiny bumps finding myself in a state of euphoria, otherwise known as a k hole. At this point my tolerance was very low. The sealed vial the ketamine came in were either yellow, blue, red or green labeled. Pure and straight from the vet.

Bumps turned into lines and then bigger rails! As my tolerance heightened some of the mental vision or hallucination would entail feelings of floating, rising, and sinking. If I were watching tv or a movie I would actually feel as if I was inside the program. Seeming as though I entered into another realm or netherworld literally! I'm assuming I liked this because the experience is fantasy dominated unlike any other. Through the years of going through these phases of psychological addiction I would travel or move away, living my life normally without partying with ketamine. I always associated this drug with people, places and things. But I must admit it is amazing and I really do enjoy doing it.

It's unfortunate that my habit did become a serious substance abuse over time. At 22 moving back into the same environment I remember one evening there not being a microwave to cook the lick of k and I experimented with a needle into the muscle. To this day my use escalated to intramuscular injection from 1cc to 2 cc at a time usually 10 to 20 cc a day which equally two full licks a day with the use of a 1/2 inch diabetic insulin needle. Either in my butt check which isn't as effective as injecting into my arm muscle. I was never trained in this field and I'm certainly not a certified nurse or doctor so obviously there is a lot wrong with this picture. Thank goodness I never wanted to go into the vein AND I NEVER WILL! I find that to be one of the worst and most dangerous things I could do to myself. This is all very CRAZY of course.

The feeling of injection from k is much more intense then sniffing. If I could describe it I would probably compare it more to a sort of blackout or temporary lose of time. My mind is somewhat cloudy and certain things are enhanced. Slow motion will happen and I must be very careful to do this in the safety of my own home never driving on it because vision will be impaired and never doing it around people I don't know or an unfamiliar place. I could embarrass myself, possibly fall, or could get taken advantage of by a complete stranger if not cautious. Also I could get arrested if caught by the law! Family and friends have had serious concerns for me getting hurt or jeopardizing my health… Thank goodness I never went to the streets to buy any of this stuff and it always came from someone I knew and felt comfortable with otherwise I wouldn't go out of my way. This may not seem typical of a drug user but everyone is different.

Which brings me to why I am writing this document right now. I'm presently 26 and still do kay nearly every day. It seems to always be in the back of my mind at the times. By the way a word of advise sometimes the friends you may think are your friends really aren't they are just out for themselves in the long run either to get high or make some $$$. Money, Sex and Drugs the root of all evil!

Medical issues that have occurred something described as a k pain for me is when my organs feel as if they may be squeezing together then I see spots, get very hot, either throw up and/or pass out for a couple seconds to a minute. Very Scary! I wish I would never do it again. I don't want to move it almost comes in contractions… comes and goes away for 5-10 minutes then comes back. When I vomit it is mostly clear bile. This will make me feel a lot better. An antacid such as zantac maalox or a doctor prescribed prevasid antacid will help a lot. In this case I stay away from acidic foods such as tomatoes, orange juice, etc. It will eventually go away and not happen again for months even longer maybe depending on my usage.

Another symptom I recently experienced is a urinary tract infection (UTI). This is a very uncomfortable burning sensation when I urinate caused from bacteria collected on the walls of your urethra. I'm trying to find out how ketamine can cause this. It is imperative to be extremely aware of symptoms because I don't want anything to spread to my kidneys possibly my brain or any other organs.

I am not untouchable IN THIS LIFE even if I may think I am or want to be. This is not a physical addicting drug only mental and if I want to get help or change my lifestyle I have to want to make a difference badly enough. I don't believe you can be forced into going to rehab. In some cases I've heard of people going away spending thousand of dollars and getting out and putting themselves right back into the same vicious cycle all over again! Hopefully I will soon learn from all my personal mistakes and grow out of this without having to run away from my problems and face the true reality of the meaning of existence, helping others and eliminating the selfishness that most human beings tend to get caught up in. Temptation and loss of self control are key factors that contribute to this whole addiction process. I hope to grow wiser and better myself and my health in due time.

[Reported Dose: '10-20 cc daily']

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81450
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Jul 15, 2011Views: 14,144
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