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The Flower Wheel
Salvia divinorum (80x extract)
by Como
Citation:   Como. "The Flower Wheel: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (80x extract) (exp81574)". Erowid.org. Nov 11, 2022. erowid.org/exp/81574

1 hit smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
Let me start off by saying that I am rather well versed in drugs, throughout my life I have enjoyed Pot, Mushrooms, Acid, MDMA/MDA, Opiates, and many types of prescription medication, and finally,and most recently DMT. I long ago outgrew the stage of taking substances in order to get “Messed up”. I now take substances to expand my consciousness and experience things beyond my normal life. To elaborate a bit more on my situation in life, I am a standard white-collar worker who does IT for a branch of the federal goverment. For all intensive purposes I lead a normal life, including a 9-5 job. This interferes with the uses of substances for me because I must be fully mentally aware during my time at work, leaving only Friday and Saturday for experiences.

I have taken salvia four times before this. The first time was 3 years ago, an unknown brand and strength mixed with pot. It was termed “butt-fuck marajauna” by our group. These experiences were generally very mild, with much more pot than salvia and little to no effect from it. More recently I have had three other trips, one inside in the same location as this trip, but during the day, that was rather mild, but very interesting. One experience out in the forest where I felt very much at one with nature. And one more where I smoked some salvia given to me by a friend, brand and strength unknown and felt very “Stoned”, similar to pot, and was very physically impaired (stumbling, walking into doors, etc).

To note, my experiences with mushrooms and acid have been interesting, but they have always seemed to be additions to reality. I was still part of the normal world; it just had additions made to it. This salvia experience was not like that. For a while I was totally disconnected from the real world, with the exception of the music. I did not understand what people had meant when they said it was not a hallucinogen, that it took you to another place. After this experience I do.

Now, on to the experience.

Time: Approximately 11pm

Location: Bedroom, lying in a queen sized bed. The other members of my family are asleep in other portions of the house.

I turn on the TV and put on a playlist, mostly of the Beatles and starting with the song “Lucy in the sky with Diamonds” off of “Sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band” at a low volume . The TV is at the far end of the room, and at 60” it fills the majority of my view. I put on a pleasing visualization to go with the music and turn off the lights. I paused the music and plan to start it when I am finished smoking the salvia.

I am sitting cross legged in my bed. I smoke one large hit of the saliva through a bubbler. I hold for approx 20 seconds and then release. I attempt to take another hit but as soon as I breathe in the first wisp of smoke I realize that it is unnecessary . I set the bubbler down and fall back hard into my pillows, reaching for and fumbling with the remote to start the music because I cannot seem to remember how it works. By luck I hit the play button and the music begins. As I lie back into the pillows I feel the “Salvia Gravity” that many people seem to experience when taking the drug. I do not remember if I close my eyes but I feel myself sinking into the bed my eyes lose focus, when they regain it appears as if I am on a yellow surface, it looks as though sunflower petals are growing everywhere, not the whole flower, just the yellow petal.

The sky is a vibrant light blue without clouds. As I look forward I see a shadow pass over my head, it continues until I am picked up on what appears to be a giant rolling sunflower, although somewhat abstract in its appearance. As I am picked up by this flower I see the yellow surface pulled up with it in a line as the flower rolls, exposing a brown surface that looks somewhat like an abstract form of dirt beneath it. As the giant flower rolled I went with it, very slowly but feeling in my body the force that one feels during takeoff and landing of an airplane. As the flower continued to rotate I remember seeing some form of similar flowers, off across an endless land of yellow, rolling slowly just as my flower was.

As my flower neared its full rotation and I was headed back towards the ground I had a moment of consciousness, of a sort. I wondered what would happen if someone were to come in right now. Normally I can snap myself out of most drug experiences if I need to. I felt that with the saliva I would not be able to. It is odd, I am normally a very paranoid and cautious person, but this was not a scared feeling, just a thought. As if someone had told me that their flowers were beginning to sprout for the spring.

As the flower continued it appeared that a person was reaching out to me from the ground in the salvia world, as the flower rolled over them they too were pulled up onto the rotating flower. The figure appeared to be a brown skinned male and friendly.
As the flower continued it appeared that a person was reaching out to me from the ground in the salvia world, as the flower rolled over them they too were pulled up onto the rotating flower. The figure appeared to be a brown skinned male and friendly.
The flower continued to rotate for what seemed like half an hour of real world time, as the flower completed its second rotation, and I passed by the ground and continued upwards on the rotation I felt my body rising back to the surface as one does in a swimming pool, not a rush, but a gentle motion that pulled me back into reality. As I got “closer” to the 3 o’clock position(moving counterclockwise) I could see the darkness of my room above me, as if I was being lifted out of a hole in the ground. Once I was back into my bed I sat up slowly, said “wow, that was really weird” and lay back down. At this point the song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds was coming to an end, meaning my experience had only been around 3 minutes of real world time.

I lay in bed for another few minutes before sitting up and becoming entranced with the windows media player visualizations playing through my xbox 360 on my tv with the music. I watched the visualizations for a short while before becoming bored with it. As I flipped through the visualizations I found one that I liked and watched it for a while, eventually figuring out I can control the visualization with the xbox 360 controller, controlling speed and direction, and well as twisting. I was entranced with varying visualizations for another 20 or 30 minutes before I began to get tired. I turned off the tv and turned over to go to sleep.

I slept very soundly, with no dreams. The next day I felt perfectly normal, with no noticeable after effects from the salvia. The day after however I was sitting on a desk in an office at work, as two of my coworkers were talking I zoned out completely for a minute or two, staring off blankly towards where the corner of the room met the carpet. I have had a few moments in the three days since then where I have felt very “different”, and slightly clouded in my mind.

All in all I would consider my experience very positive. I would like to experiment with salvia more and am growing my own plant to connect more with the substance. The experience was amazing, and I would like to duplicate it, but I know that trying too hard will only lessen the experience and the reason I enjoyed this so much was because I just let the salvia take hold of me completely. When the time feels right again I will take more of the salvia, and see what else the plant wants to show me.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81574
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 11, 2022Views: 862
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