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I Have Never Blacked Out in My Life
Salvia divinorum (20x)
by Frodo
Citation:   Frodo. "I Have Never Blacked Out in My Life: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (20x) (exp81698)". Erowid.org. Mar 12, 2018. erowid.org/exp/81698

0.3 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Word of Warning

I recently purchased my single gram of Salvia, although reasonably nervous about the first time experience, I felt comfortable as I had done a lot of research on it, assessed how I should proceed and took the plunge.

I need to tell you that I am a reasonably responsible adult. Although I haven’t a tendency to try these things by myself, I am quite neurotic about it and do very low…minimal doses. There is no reason to be dangerous and plenty of reason to be cautious when using these types of substances. If you, like me insist on doing things by yourself for the first time… remember this submission.

Coming home from work, I make sure to lock all the doors. We have safety doors that must be opened with a key from both the inside and out. After dividing my single gram into thirds, I took one of them and put it in my bowl. I walked around, lit some candles, turned off the stereo, turned out the light and drank a big glass of water.

It is approximately 12:51 am. I made sure it was safely out of reach from the area I was sitting, sat down and smoked most of the bowl in that shot. I held it in for about fifteen seconds or though and then tried to finish what was left of the bowl. The store where I purchased it instructed me to literally fill up my bowl, smoke, hold it, etc. I was being slightly more responsible I thought. It wasn’t long before I started to see the “meltdown” of the walls. Expecting something similar with the closed eye experience, I did just that and sat back in my couch preparing to slowly roll into a light experience. This is the last thing I remember! From this point, all that I can report is my first memories occurring after sitting back on my couch, preparing to enjoy myself.
From this point, all that I can report is my first memories occurring after sitting back on my couch, preparing to enjoy myself.
I was comfortable and reasonably calm.

Someone is grabbing my wrist and pulling me down to the ground. My vision feels like it is coming to me from the back of head, or rather I’m coming back into me from behind and above and I’m seeing all of those perspectives. Everything I see is like a wavy web and it is all pointed at and from me as I am guided down. It took me what seemed like a very long time to understand that I was no longer standing. Once “realizing” that, I become locked on me knees and hands, determined not to move from that space. Gradually the web starts to lessen a bit and I begin to see after “catching up” with the trails that I am in different room than the room I started in. I was very conscious, but still caught in the web and locked in my position. I felt like I was in a trapezoidal corner.

“Where am I? I kept asking. As I begin to discover, I am in my roommate’s room. Downstairs, past the kitchen, living room, separate office room and finally her room. I only know this though because she keeps telling me where I am and asking if I’m ok. Once I gather that I am safe, I explain to her that I smoked, sat down, etc. From this point on I begin to orient myself and gradually the web and trails wear to off to a light body high. My roommate speculates that the entire event took at most 10 to 15 min., and it was now 1:35 am. She explained to me that I walked into her room asking her for help. As she tells me, I was confused because someone was talking to me but I didn’t understand him. This is when she grabbed my arm and pulled me down to the floor. Also she says, that when I did get down to the floor, I could not understand that I was not standing. “Am I standing right now? What’s going on? Am I standing up right now? Where am I?”

Just to not confuse anyone, I have no idea of what happened within 5 minutes of me smoking. 20 to 30 minutes passed before I made it to my roommate’s floor. I have never blacked out in my life and I take my doses very conservatively with new substances. In short, I got very lucky. Nothing in my house appears to be broken, all the animals were calm during the entire event, and I managed to safely return from some place I cannot even fathom to remember.

Although I cannot confirm whether or not I will take more of this stuff, I suspect I will try growing my own plant and chewing the leaves instead with some trusted allies and ask someone to watch me.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 81698
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32 
Published: Mar 12, 2018Views: 928
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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