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It's a Bit Relaxing and Somewhat Euphoric
Citation:   Saris. "It's a Bit Relaxing and Somewhat Euphoric: An Experience with Damiana (exp81719)". Jun 28, 2021.

10 - 15 g oral Damiana (tea)
Damiana for the Win!

I drink it as tea, it's a bit relaxing and somewhat even euphoric if I'm in the right mood, it feels a little like being drunk, but without the crazy/DRUNK feeling.

A very effective way to make tea/drink of Damiana is to make tea of 10-15 grams of dried Damiana leaves mixed with two cups of water. I boil it up, and let the Damiana soak until I can see a yellowish/greenish/orange (almost like really bad morning urine) color instead of the water. I remove the Damiana and let it cool down a little. This I can drink divided in 2 cups with 3 teaspoons of sugar in each. It's not really nicely tasting. Bitter as hell!

I realized there must be an even BETTER way to drink it (since I really like the relaxation of Damiana): I drink it COLD instead, like ice-tea - or even a little bit like absinthe.

I cool down the tea (but with less sugar, maybe half as much) to room temperature, then drip a tiny drop of a favorite natural oil in it (I personally think that Eucalyptus or Ginger suits pretty well) and put in the refrigerator for about a week. (NB! The Damiana tea/drink-container must be clean, or mold/yeast could appear.) Now, I've got a brew that's much stronger than the warm tea - and actually easier to drink. I put an ice-cube in a regular glass and pour the cold Damiana brew on it, get a big spoon of honey and sip from the spoon with honey... It hits me very light but also very nice and soothing and FAST.

Drinking too much Damiana brew at the same time will cause me nausea.

I can also smoke it (in joints), since I can identify the feeling I'm looking for. Damiana has helped me pretty much, as I am a very nervous/anxious sober alcoholic with social phobia.

It's not a 'Holy-shit-I-am-stoned-drug', it's a relaxing and underestimated herb.

Exp Year: 2008-2009ExpID: 81719
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Jun 28, 2021Views: 1,283
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