Sex with the Universe
Citation:   Atonal Persona. "Sex with the Universe: An Experience with Cannabis (exp81763)". Dec 23, 2017.

2 oz oral Cannabis (edible / food)
Sex With the Universe - Nova

I was visiting a friend for the evening and he mentioned he had made a batch of “pot brownies”. After recently encountering cannabis for the first time two weeks prior ( by smoking) I was eager to repeat the experience. I was curious as to the differences oral ingestion would produce. He carved a small square, no larger then 3 inches on each side. We spent another 2 hours together playing games, and I felt no perceivable alteration to my state of being. At 2 a.m. we finally called it a night.

I walked back to my apartment and sat down at the computer. At approximately 2:30 a.m., it happened. I exclaimed out-loud to myself, “ something just hit me, and hit me hard.” My entire body was bombarded by a cyclical energy that enveloped me. This was similar to the high I had experienced from previously smoking, only far more intense. I sat there, grinning, as the waves of energy poured over me, always circular. The force of the energy contained immense pressure that bore down upon me with increasing power.

Gradually, after siting incapacitated for approximately 20 minutes, my eyes wandered to a drawing I had been working on. It seemed as though waves of energy were pouring forth from my drawing, undulating, clear waves that beckoned me. I was suddenly compelled, both through my own volition and as though some outside force willed it, to go to my drawing and examine it. As I sat hunched over my work I began to fixate upon certain sections, perceiving aspects of the visuals that had heretofore eluded me.

I gently fell backward onto some conveniently placed pillows and lay there, staring up at the ceiling. Suddenly a warm sensation sprang from my penis. This had happened before during my first experience, and at the time I was frantic that I may have peed myself, but discovered that not to be the case. (Thank God) Although in this second instance there was no doubt that this sensation was a sexual member, not my physical penis, but rather an ethereal form, composed of energy or spirit. It was then that “she” appeared. She was a Goddess, not entirely formed from my visual field, but more accurately half seen, half “felt”. I immediately knew that this was my spiritual wife and lover, and the name “Nova” popped into my head.

Nova and I proceed to have intercourse for about 30 minutes or so. During this time I was acutely aware of a spiritual power caressing my body, although the sensations were both physical and also in the form of energy. It was so intense, equal to any sexual experience I have had in “base reality” either by myself or with a woman.
It was so intense, equal to any sexual experience I have had in “base reality” either by myself or with a woman.
During the experience my whole world dissolved into Nova, and She and I were all there was. I was flooded with visuals, not vivid, but more perceived as clear waves of energy. It was pure, undiluted, orgasmic ecstasy.

As we continued, it became quite clear that Nova was the embodiment of the Feminine Principle of the Universe, she was the very foundation of Feminine. It was also made clear to me that she was my Muse, and any and every female character I had every drawn in my artwork was Her. All my art was imbued with Her Spirit.

I had a great many spiritual orgasms, where no fluid was involved, but rather shafts of light. It may sound insane, but at the time I was utterly convinced that Nova was real, more real then real, and she was there with me. Then suddenly I jolted upright, gasping, and exclaimed, “holy shit!”

But wait, this gets even crazier. My ego and identity as a man was about to be seriously shaken. At some point after this, I became aware that I was a woman and man simultaneously. I laid down again and realized that as I was making love to the Feminine Nova, a Masculine presence was penetrating me, and I was enjoying it... immensely. I was both the Masculine and Feminine Principles at once, “giving it” and “taking it” from the entire Universe. I seemed to have both a penis and vagina simultaneously, thrusting and being penetrated all at once. An even greater cosmic orgasm overcame me, and as I contorted in ecstasy I saw a series of geometric, patterned waves engulf me.

Gradually I woke from this fevered and exquisite state and became rapidly drowsy. I slept well that night and into the next day, and Nova gradually faded away from my perception. However, I vowed that each piece of artwork I craft from now until I breathe my last will be dedicated to Her glory- my Muse, my Lover, all Women, the Great Mother.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81763
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Dec 23, 2017Views: 3,095
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