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Psychoactive Productized Drug & Cannabis
Citation:   Hedgeclipper. "Celebration!: An Experience with Psychoactive Productized Drug & Cannabis (exp81787)". May 5, 2021.

T+ 0:00
90 - 110 mg oral Products - Other (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:15 90 - 110 mg oral Products - Other (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 190 - 210 mg oral Products - Other (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:45 90 - 110 mg oral Products - Other (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:15   vaporized Cannabis  
  T+ 8:35   smoked Tobacco  
  T+ 9:15   smoked Cannabis  
I was going out to buy my partying supplies last night and, after buying my beer and such, with money left to buy and eighth, I went to my friendly local headshop to buy some blunt wraps. Being that I know the headshop guy pretty well, I have access to some of their more interesting products, most of which are legal drugs made by some sort of botanist-chemist type guy for them. Intrigued, I decided to continue on my brief tolerance break from weed and, instead, spent the money on what he promised to be a very powerful and safe stimulant, something new from the botanist guy.

Since I was with a group of people I didn't know too well, none of whom were into much other than weed, I decided not to take it last night, so I've still got what I was told is around 2-3 doses, taken orally, mixed into a drink. It came in a little vial, with some sort of orange-crystal stuff at the top, which I was told doesn't do anything and a small amount of off-white powder at the bottom. It is a light brown-grey colour, with some little bits of bleach white powder mixed in. I believe the orange coloured crystal-powder stuff on the top was just something to change the taste, for its ingredients as listed in excruciatingly small print on the vial are: sugar, citric acid, arabic gum, ethyl malto, absorbic acid, skim milk powder, natural lemon oil and flavour, tricalcium phosphate, colour. So I don't believe the top part of the vial is anything but a flavour to change the taste of the stuff.

The list of ingredients for the off-white powder, however, is more interesting, the primary active chemical probably being 1,3 dimethylamylamine. I don't know much about the other chemicals, except that the first is saffron, the second is kanna, hydroxy-L-tryptophan, and the rest are energy drink herbs that don't do much.

So, after waking up bright and early at 9:00am, drinking a latte and eating a bowl of delicious dark chocolate and granola cereal, I decided to check this stuff out. I had around 800-1000mg of the stuff, in total left at the bottom of the vial once I removed the useless orange crystal stuff and I used around 400-450mg in total today. First I took 100mg, or around 1/10 of the powder, mixed with water, as instructed. This was exactly 11:45am. I weighed it out with my relatively accurate (to 10mg) mechanical scale.

11:45am - first dose (~100mg)
11:55am - not much of a noticeable effect. I feel as if I'd had an espresso, maybe
12:00pm - taking another 100mg of the powder, orally, mixed with water
12:10pm - reminiscent of that time I didn't sleep for two days, then drank four lattes to stay awake, but I really feel like it might just be placebo. I haven't felt any 'rush' of any sort
12:15pm - 200mg dose, orally, mixed with water
- ~50mg dose, directly on the tongue, chased with water. It tastes very bitter, except a bit citrus. The orange stuff concealing the powder was probably tang!
- ~50mg dose on the tongue. Around half the powder is gone
12:16pm - Shaking a little, but not feeling at all uncomfortable
12:30pm - 100mg dose, mixed with a glass of water (last dose). A little less than half the original powder is left, and to be saved for later (around 400mg)
12:35pm - have no appetite, but forced myself to eat a bit of bread, to keep up the energy
1:45pm - I've been drawing on my wall since I ate, and chatting with people on webcam. I've painted some large surfaces with very small brushes, very quickly. My wall is very full of wonderful illustrations. Although I haven't felt any rush, I've been feeling very stimulated for the last while. I've also felt like I was very happy and had a lot of mental clarity. Everything looks beautiful and great. There is a slightly pleasurable fuzzy feeling all over my body.

7:00pm - crashing! I feel the same wonderful fuzziness I described earlier, but much more. My body feels like it weighs double its normal weight, but it's actually not so bad lying on a bed relaxing.
8:00pm - I've heard weed is good for the comedown from stimulants and have used it to great success coming down from MDMA, so I smoke some of my bad leftover weed, as I'm dry to deal with the comedown. Feels better, but don't really feel very high. I vapourized it with a whip vape, and some with an iolite.
8:20pm - smoke some shisha. Very relaxing, blow nice smoke rings. After a long cycle of practicing smoke rings, I notice how I feel and sink miles into my bed.
9:00pm - Was feeling fine, but another wave of weight and tiredness falls upon me. Fortunately my friend arrives, with some very good ak-47, I believe, 2 grams of which we smoked out of a good bong with ash-catcher for extra filtration.

I'd say this made my day a lot of fun, although I was incredible irritable. I just had a lot of energy and euphoria, and there was often this great 'fuzzy' feeling associated with the happiness. It felt really great, but it never had any sort of rush. It was definitely not very powerful, compared to many stimulants out there, though. I wouldn't buy I again, at least not unless I buy it in 1,3 dimethylamylamine's (aka geranamine) pure form online, but it was a good experience and I definitely had a fun day, with an amazing mess in my room to prove it. I also noticed that I was very sweaty and, although I did not monitor it, my heart rate seemed very elevated throughout the experience. I tended to mumble on and on whenever I'd talk, never really stopping, but maybe that's just because I'm weird. I also had a lot of energy for sports and stuff; running up and down a hill several times was a lot of fun.

All in all I'd say this was cool, but not really worth it in its herbal legal marketed form. I would, however, be interested in trying higher doses of pure geranamine. It wasn't all that powerful, but it was definitely a lot more than placebo effect. It was a really fun few hours and I big wall full of drawings to prove it.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81787
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: May 5, 2021Views: 808
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