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I Still Remember It Like It Was Yesterday
by md
Citation:   md. "I Still Remember It Like It Was Yesterday: An Experience with MDMA (exp81796)". Nov 19, 2020.

1 tablet oral MDMA


This trip happened many years ago but I still remember it like it was yesterday..ahhhh....

A trusted friend procured for us some 'very pure' ecstasy from some raver friends whom she knew very well. Together with the ravers we all piled into the car and went to the rave. It was going to be my first time to take MDMA and I was a little nervous only because this drug is manufactured in the lab and I was, at that time, in the habit of only taking substances that occurred naturally upon the planet (but had, in the past, taken LSD many well as amphetamines, etc.). So after a couple of hours of tentative dancing and 'not feeling it', I decided to just say 'fuck it' and dance. I figured I was at a rave and why not dance, whether or not this drug was going to work.

HOWEVER! It was only shortly after I decided to forget about the X that the X came on..STRONG! It was a complete rush of excitement and energy that made me REALLY start to let go of my inhibitions. I've always loved to dance, but kind of kept it to myself, not really letting go. And that's one of the reasons this experience was so amazing and important in my life, because for what seemed like the first time EVER in my life, I TRULY let go. I could have cared less what anyone thought of me, and in turn my dancing was absolutely tribal and erratic and felt great!! I was jumping as high as I could, communicating telepathically with the DJs (to an uncanny degree), and feeling absolutely free on all levels. I could see that humans radiate out from their chests, from their hearts, and I began to see everyone as a sort of starfish. Lights and skin seemed to glitter with pure love and bliss. My friend and I touched each other's palms for what seemed an eternity and it seemed BY FAR (at the time) better than any sexual experience (due to the fact that it occurred on levels 'higher' than the physical).

We had a great time. When it was time to go we (my friend and I, at least) were still very high and full of psychic energy (our physical energy was waning). So when we returned to the 'burbs we wandered the streets----bowing in full prostration to the crystal blue moon, bathing in sprinklers, and just generally feeling ecstatic. I hallucinated visions of 'cats' and other shapes in the darkness. All of which were very entertaining. When we finally returned home and layed down for 'sleep', VERY interesting things began to happen. Whenever I would close my eyes, the sound of the air conditioner would change into the most perfect hallucination of angelic, beat-driven music. And when I'd open my eyes again, it was gone! It truly staggered my mind! I also was being shown the most HILARIOUS situations by what can only be described as elves, or gnomes. They were truly the most funny jokes I've ever heard/seen in my life, with an undercurrent of wisdom.

I've asked others subsequently if they've seen elves while on MDMA and I've yet to find anyone. Anyway, it was an amazing night.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 81796
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Nov 19, 2020Views: 203
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MDMA (3) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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