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Instant Pneumonia
Citation:   OldPhart. "Instant Pneumonia: An Experience with Yohimbe (exp81841)". Nov 16, 2016.

  buccal Yohimbe (dried)
Viagra is a bit too much. It leaves me ready to go long after every other part of me has worn down and wants to sleep, so its effects are pretty much annoying after it's served its purpose. I'd heard about the Yohimbe effect, and wanted to give my wife a little something special. This turned out to be a pretty bad idea.

I'm a cautious kind of guy, so I read a great deal, slowly built up the amounts of Yohimbe bark I used, and noted any reactions or the lack thereof. Aside from the following, all I ever noticed was a little bit of fuzziness in my thinking, and the inability to eat.

Over the course of about 4 hours, I chewed on toothpick sized bits of bark until the nasty flavor faded. Id wait a bit to see if anything popped up (sorry), then shave off another chunk and do it over again. (50 mg is an estimate - in terms of volume, it was probably about 1 teaspoon total if it had been powdered, if even that much.)

I started getting the 'speed chills', that kind of electric tingling along the spine and in the hands and feet that goes along with stimulants in my experience. Cool, o.k., maybe something was going to happen this time. I wrapped up my work, and made ready to go home. The chills were coming on pretty strong now, in fact, it felt like I just couldn't get warm all of a sudden. Odd.

I hopped into the car, turned up the heat and seat heater all the way, and finally felt o.k. When I left the car to get my wife and daughter, wow, it was f*ing cold outside of the car. When we got home, I skipped dinner and went straight into a hot bath. The water couldn't get hot enough, it seemed, though my skin pain level told me differently. Also quite weird.

I told my wife I wasn't feeling well, and seemed to be coming down with a cold or fever. I jumped into bed, and things just got worse and worse. Coughing and gurgling were the order of the night (there were absolutely NO rumblings from the little guy, so Yohimbe didn't do the job there). Sleep was impossible, given the wired feeling and the fact that it seemed I was about to turn myself inside out with coughing.

About 3:00 in the morning, one particularly violent cough made something pop inside, and I quieted down, finally. I slept, sort of. When I awoke, I had my wife drive me to urgent care, as I couldn't stand for more than 10 seconds, all my limbs were pretty much numb, and my coughing brought up undesirable colors (blood was prevalent).

After a couple days of feeling crappy, and 3 visits to the urgent care, the doc finally determined that I had pneumonia (pulmonary edema was probably another choice, but they don't really look for that in someone who isn't using opium based drugs, and no, I didn't mention the Yohimbe use either, 50 mg didn't seem to be enough of a dose to even talk about, according to the literature).

I won't be trying Yohimbe again. Granted, I'd just gone through some pretty stressful experiences, moving, the weather sucked for a very long time, lack of sleep, abnormal work stress, so I was prime for something to hit me - sinusitis, a cold, etc. However, the timing seemed much too coincidental.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81841
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 46
Published: Nov 16, 2016Views: 3,104
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