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My First Two Lines; Effective But Not Amazing
by notuserfriendly
Citation:   notuserfriendly. "My First Two Lines; Effective But Not Amazing: An Experience with Heroin (exp81909)". Nov 28, 2017.

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1 line insufflated Heroin (powder / crystals)
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So I have never used Heroin, strongest drug ever used was few lines of cocaine, never did it again, definitely not for me.
Ironically, my boyfriend just left for drug rehab a few weeks ago and I took his last bag of Heroin (I told him I'd dispose of it for him as he had already taken his last shot and didn't want to be too doped going through airport security). I was going to sell it, but decided I might give it a taste, seen as it would be a new experience.

So after hearing my boyfriend say this bundle he got was a pretty standard grade, and I have no clue as to my tolerance, I cut the bag to three lines, snorted the first, got the medicinal taste in the back of my throat, took about 6 minutes to get get a warmth spreading through my body, waited 10 minutes when the feeling plateaued and took the second line.

This time, it feels quite strange, I feel as though I am having an extreme sugar or caffeine crash, I am all shaky and my peripheral vision is slightly blotchy, body is very weak and I am lacking motor function, typing is quite the effort right now, so I decided to take a break from writing and lie down with my eyes closed, fully conscious, aware of sounds all around, body feels weak, but mentally there is a contentedness and relieving feeling.

15 minutes, or five songs on itunes later and I'm still weak, my breathing is very depressed, I keep sighing, so I make a cup of sweet tea and watch the sunrise, best damn tea I've tasted, damn good sunrise I've seen and I feel so relaxed to face the day ahead, whereas usually I'm anxious and planning my actions for the day ahead and stressing over shit that has to be done and all the obstacles that get in my way, but right now, I;m just taking in the sunrise and knowing whatever has to be done will be done.

I do feel a little nauseous, but I don't think I'll throw up, I just need to keep breathing deeply, so, in summary, my first experience of snorting Heroin was:

First Line:
Physical: warm and light tingly feeling throughout body, muscles relaxed, depressed breathing
Mental: just relaxed

Second Line:
Physical: lack of motor function, nausea, depressed breathing, very relaxed muscles, weak and difficulty focusing visually, very dry mouth
Mental: very relaxed, content, happy

I'll save the last line for later, I think 2/3 was too much for me to take but the physical effects were not extremely displeasing, just uncomfortable, as long as I lay down and kept deep breaths, I felt fine, but I really wanted to write this as I was feeling it.

I wouldn't do heroin on a regular basis, maybe every few months take a bag, just to relax, might try IV the next time but I won't plan on it, It's not the best thing I've ever felt, I certainly get a high off it, but there's other,better highs I get from just living and not ingesting drugs

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 81909
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Nov 28, 2017Views: 1,857
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Heroin (27) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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