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I Must Be Crazy
Brugmansia (Tree Datura)
Citation:   Goony. "I Must Be Crazy: An Experience with Brugmansia (Tree Datura) (exp82210)". Jul 19, 2010.

3 flowers oral Brugmansia (tea)
Every report I read about datura ends in tears... mine is no different, but I do have a strong urge to use it again, and did not find my experience overly unpleasant. Unfortunately, my friends and family didn't have the same sense of euphoria upon realising that I had become, in essence a complete raving looney.

Since childhood I have had a fascination with psychedelic substances. The idea of being in an entirely different world, apparent only in my own head, excites me greatly. After taking numerous acid tabs, eating many shrooms and taking ecstasy pills in extremely high doses I decided it was time to take it to the next level - datura.

After a little research and a few months of keeping my eyes peeled for the telltale signs of this incredible deliriant, I discovered a brugsmansia tree (commonly known as Tree Datura) growing out the front of a house a few suburbs away from home. I sneakily picked a number of flowers, and, full of excitement and elation, took them home for use. My father asked me what I was doing with 5 big flowers (since i had never been overly interested in any plant that doesn't get you high) and my response that they simply smelled very nice was accepted, but not without suspicion.

My experience starts at about 8:30pm when I was preparing for a night at a friends house (we'll call her Cindy), where we were to be watching a movie or two then going to bed. I consider Cindy to be one of my closest friends. We live quite nearby and often sleep at each others houses, generally sharing a bed. On arrival at Cindy's house I discovered that I needed to return home to fetch something I had forgotten. When I walked through my front door the sweet scent hit me, called out to me, enticed me closer then sucked me right in. 'I'll quickly make a tea, and head back to Cindy's house for a crazy movie experience' is what I told myself.

Three flowers went into the tea (note: when I say flowers, I am also including the three inches or so of stem that connects the flower to the branch). I had chopped all the plant matter into pieces as small as I could with a pair of scissors, using the same process you might use to chop weed. I put the chopped flowers into a large coffee mug, adding boiling water to the brim. Stirred intensely for about 2 minutes, then strained the mixture into a separate coffee mug, using a coffee filter (the type you would use in a percolator) and added a tablespoon of sugar. I allowed this to cool in the freezer for about 2 minutes, chucked in some ice (not the type you smoke...) and gulped it down as quick as I could. I would not describe the taste as 'pleasant', but it is quite bearable, my tip is to drink it fast, get it over with quickly - like shooting tequila.

It was a short drive back to Cindy's house, and on arrival my excitement showed as I heartily announced that I had consumed datura tea. Now, while Cindy is no stranger to the drug scene, she had never heard of datura until that day, and really had no idea what I, or she for that matter, was in for... and now I think of it, neither did I. You will notice that I am not publishing what time things may have happened to me, the reason for this is that my perception of time (and reality in general) where not quite realistic.

We decided that we would watch the movie (Revenge of the nerds) in Cindy's bedroom. Before I go any further, I should note that Cindy is a boarder, she lives with a family that simply saw a chance to make some extra cash renting a room to her in their house. After lying down in her bed to watch the movie, things started to get a bit strange, I found it very difficult to focus on the television, and the characters were speaking complete nonsense, at some point the movie finished and I needed to go to the toilet. I vaguely remember that the time was after midnight and everyone except us was asleep.

On my way to the bathroom i ran into the television, a desk, a few walls, and I kicked my shin on the toilet bowl. All this was done very noisily (in my head at least) and I remember feeling bad that I might wake every one up, but it didn't stop me from repeating this process at least three times. I felt as if I was thinking completely clearly, as though I had simply lost my depth perception and clarity of vision, I believed that they were the only effects I was experiencing for most of the trip. It wasn't until later that I discovered that there were much greater effects at play.

After talking to Cindy for a while I noticed her getting angry but for the life of me couldn't figure out what I was saying that was so bad, nor do I remember what I was saying. Eventually Cindy snapped and drove me home, where she loaded me up with Seroquel (an antipsychotic / antidepressant with strong sedative qualities) and put me to bed. I have no memory of this. After having conversations with a few people that weren't there, and still believing that I was acting completely normally, I woke my father up (who had to leave for work at 4am and was extremely annoyed to be woken).

Dad asked me a few questions to which i gave completely logical responses, but he just stared back at me confused, asking things like 'What the hell is wrong with you?' 'What are you on?' and making statements like 'Your are making no sense whatsoever!' Naturally these responses baffled me, as I was making complete sense, dad must have been on something. After the third time I had woken him, my father coaxed out of me the fact that I had used datura.

Sleeping was extremely difficult due to the driest mouth i have ever experienced, which was tough to deal with, and I woke myself up numerous times with violent twitches and loud exclamations that were forgotten as quickly as they arrived. Then I woke up, feeling fairly close to normal with only the mildest of 'hangover' symptoms. Overall I had really enjoyed my experience. My memories are of extreme euphoria and a couple of odd events such as smoking non existent cigarettes, and talking to people who later turned out not to exist. I must stress that even on discovering that I was talking to someone that wasn't there, I still believed that my brain was functioning perfectly normally.

I called Cindy to find out a little more about my night, not expecting to hear a lot, as I believed that I could remember most things. When she answered I was in for a rude shock, her first words being 'DONT YOU EVER TAKE THAT SHIT AROUND ME AGAIN! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THE KIND OF HELL YOU PUT ME THROUGH LAST NIGHT? I'VE PROBABLY LOST MY JOB AND MY ROOM AND ITS ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT!'

f***, not what I expected, my obvious reply 'What did I do?' For such a short question i received an extremely long and painful answer. 'You pissed on my bedroom wall, my hallway wall, the bathroom wall, your pants, and just about anything else you could get your penis close to. You then proceeded to lay in my landlords bed, wet pants and all, got bored with that, went into the bathroom and ran a hot shower...never got in it, the water ran cold, moved back over to the toilet and attempted to shove multiple rolls of toilet paper down the 'S' bend, then sat in the bath talking gibberish to no one in particular. You were convinced that light is actually a form of sound that had re-wired itself into our hands and if you know how to drink it properly you'll turn blue' (she backed up this statement with a recording, it was undeniably my voice) this is when i started to realise that this really wasn't a joke, and that my memory of the nights adventures and activities was completely unreliable. I had heard enough from Cindy, and felt sufficiently ashamed with my actions to shed a tear. I didn't call my father, scared of the response I would receive.

My phone rang - Jack, a good mate. 'Hey Jack. How's things?'...'Thanks for calling this morning at 1 am, 2:30 AND 3 o'clock. I only answered the first time. Your an f-ing idiot. What's this shit your were carrying on about? Something about lasers and confregilations...WHAT THE HELL IS A CONFREGILATION?' I simply apologized, explained what I had taken, and hung up the phone, feeling even worse.

Eventually I had to face the music and go home. Dad didn't say much aside from 'If you do anything like this again, your out for good.' The horrible feeling in my gut intensifying further.

The worst side affect of this drug is the embarrassment and shame I felt when told of my actions on the drug. Not too different from an alcohol blackout- but undeniably worse.

The moral of the story? Most of the undesirable side affects of tree datura were suffered not by me using the drug, but by the people around me. My advice when using datura is as follows:

1)Avoid leaving the house you are in, as you will be guaranteed to embarrass yourself, extremely likely to hurt yourself, and you would probably end up in a psych ward or in jail.

2)Tell someone who has an understanding of the drug, exactly what you are doing, and ask them to be a sitter for you - STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

3)Be aware that each flower and each plant has a different toxicity level, experiment with small doses first.

This last tip is not essential, but may be fun- Place a video camera somewhere in the room you are in, choosing carefully a place that would be difficult to access, so as not to break the camera during the coarse of the trip. Or preferably have the camera manned by your sitter. I am yet to do this, but I assume that the video you watch in the morning will be very different from the night you remember.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82210
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jul 19, 2010Views: 19,096
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