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Nobody's Lying... This Stuff Is STRONG
Citation:   SpickNSpack. "Nobody's Lying... This Stuff Is STRONG: An Experience with Oxymorphone (exp82231)". Feb 8, 2018.

15 mg insufflated Pharms - Oxymorphone (ground / crushed)
Last year I had surgery on a very tender spot. I struggled an unusual amount of time afterward with the pain, much longer than normal postoperative care. Eventually I ended up seeing a pain management specialist because the medications the surgeon was prescribing weren't helping much (mostly percocet, but after I had been taking them for so long the tylenol started to make me feel sick so we switched to plain oxycodone IR 15mg 4-6x a day, not a combination pill.)

First the pain management doctor had me on morphine, then fentanyl, and oxycontin. Allow me to note that despite my penchant for drug use, I had been taking all of these as directed. I had plenty of experiences with opiates before (prescription opiates, I had never done smack or anything like that) and honestly didn't really have the urge to abuse them because I was in so much pain that I dreaded being without. My body has this weird ability to absorb opiates very quickly when I take them for legitimate pain. Pretty quickly I was up to 40mg of oxycontin every 12 hours and doc said he was worried how much I had been on the past 6 weeks or so (including the oxycodone from the surgeon). He recommended switching me to Opana, oxymorphone, which has a roughly 2:1 ratio to oxycodone. I said fine, whatever works. Took the Opana as directed. Made me VERY sick. Went back to doc next day and requested to go back on Oxycontin. Approved.

He had given me little more than a week's worth of oxymorphone. Now I was curious. I had heard what people said about it: the champagne of opiates, as good or better than heroin etc. I knew that the only good way to do it was to snort it. All of my pills were 30mg Opana Extended Release.

I skipped my oxycontin that morning because honestly, despite how long I had been on the painkillers before that and how high both my natural tolerance and built up tolerance was, I wanted my system to be at least a tiny bit cleared before I tried the oxymorphone. I was a little nervous to tell you the truth. I knew it would gel when exposed to liquid, but I carefully stuck one of the 30mg tabs in my mouth and tried not to soak it too badly, then took it out and scraped off as much of the time release coating as I could. (Much harder than getting the coating of oxycontin... it's like they want you to snort that shit.)

I cut the pill in half to have two 15 mg chunks, then crushed one with a dollar bill and a lighter. It looked like such a tiny line once all was said and done, but I knew I could always do more if I needed. Better safe than sorry. I rolled up the bill and sniffed it up... went up very easy; I could hardly feel it. I have to say I didn't feel quite the rush some users report but I did get some. I got in bed and waited for it to kick in.

Man, did it kick in. It wasn't that intense at first, probably because of my tolerance, and it never got ALL that strong... but I knew if I had taken just a little but more I would have been high as a kite... and I was shocked at what 15mg could do for a long time (clinical) user. If I had been opiate naive I might have died.

For me, the dose was perfect. I didn't feel out of control. It was unlike any other opiate high I had ever had. It had all the great qualities of any opiate: incredible warmth, tingly all over (actually, the itching wasn't that bad in my case) and my face was a little numb. What I loved about it is it didn't make me feel as sluggish as OC and the others do sometimes. It slowed me down some but I felt clear headed. Not alert, but not foggy. I hadn't planned on doing anything during my high and stuck to it. I had turned my two sided comforter fuzzy-soft-fleece side up and was immensely enjoying the feel of it against my legs. I started to get a full body high, very pleasant and very noticeable but not out-of-control. It was almost like instead of making my head swim, it made my body 'swim' instead.

I decided not to do anymore just then, but I've done some since in varying doses. I've heard your tolerance for oxymorphone can raise VERY quickly so I intentionally leave 4 or more days in between doing it and try not to do too much at once. The highest I've done was about 25mg (estimate) and I was GONE.

All in all, very pleasant experience. Moderation is key... but I'm incredibly happy to have tried it out. In retrospect, at least for me, the other really nice thing is it didn't ruin OC for me. They're very different highs. Almost like non-identical twins. You know they're from the same batch but each have their own defining qualities.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 82231
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Feb 8, 2018Views: 3,840
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