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Spiritual Medicine
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
Citation:   David. "Spiritual Medicine: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp82233)". Nov 8, 2019.

5 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
I had my first Salvia experience last night and it was nothing short of incredible. I will attempt to explain it as best I can, but as others have said its virtually impossible to put into words and only small bits of the entire experience are able to be explained.

I'm a 31yr old male who has had experience with several drugs in my past. LSD, Cocaine, Marijuana, Amphetamines, Nitrous, etc. And always felt I wasn't reaching my goal spiritually. I came close when using LSD but its effects on me were more on my body and not my mind. I was also much more nervous/anxious as a teenager and my friend had been beaten up at a party by 10 idiots 30 minutes before the LSD trip started. Obviously not a good thing.

I have always felt the need for spiritual experience in life, music has always brought me a type of trance and visions ever since I was a child. Nothing visual just thoughts and feelings, pictures in my mind. I have wanted to explore this ever since I can remember.

Ok, to the Salvia experience. I prepared a small amount of 5x extract I purchased online in a tobacco pipe while my wife was there as a sitter and comfort in case of any problem. She has always been fascinated by my visions brought upon by music and is very interested in Salvia. She is South American and has the upmost respect for spiritual plants.

I flicked the lighter and took a hit. The smell is nice, its similar to marijuana and tobacco but much more smooth. It was a bit hard to keep in my lungs, I personally think its because the smoke was so hot being I'm using a tobacco pipe. I did manage to hold it and let out a nice poof.

I suddenly felt the gravitational pull described by others. It was in the center of my chest, pulling down. It was not unpleasant, I enjoyed it. I was explaining to my wife about it when the room started to become a red barn with white outline. My tv became the window in the barn and my wife was just a smiling head in the other window. It was not too strong as to not know and see normal consciousness, more like a transparent overlay. It was quite cool actually, I was explaining it to my wife again and found it hard to talk. She told me the day after I never sounded strange but to me I was slurring and not saying words properly. I also noticed with my eyes closed a very faint beautiful pattern of spinning pinwheels, not unlike what I see before falling asleep but much more organized and beautiful. I got slightly dissapointed when it did not get stronger.

The effects stayed this way for about 3 minutes then the gravity pull was the only effect I was feeling. I told my wife she could go to bed (I work nights) and she made sure I was ok and then went upstairs. I was thinking I might have gotten too weak of an extract for my body and decided I would enjoy what I could see again as it was nice but not spiritually enhancing. Boy, did I not realize I was as wrong as it gets.

I packed about double what I used before, and took as big of a hit as I possibly could hold in. Boooff the smoke filled my room, I promptly put the pipe and lighter down and before I had time to sit back BAM!

I've BEEN HERE BEFORE. Where? When? How? I couldnt figure it out at first, it's so beautiful.
I've BEEN HERE BEFORE. Where? When? How? I couldnt figure it out at first, it's so beautiful.
I got it! I am a newborn again, I'm seeing the world exactly as a newborn baby does. This excited/inspired/amazed me, how beautiful is this? Before I knew it...

My vision was flooded with two large spinning wheels on each side, with a third wheel facing me in the middle spinning right at me. 'woah' was all I was able to get out before it completely took over my being altogether. Normal reality, normal consciousness became a frame on a reel of film. It would bounce and shake like a projected image does. I somehow was not in the frame, I was outside actually in the triangular shape on the metal reel of film (I hope that makes sense, the metal frame of a reel of film has those three triangular shapes). I looked at who was actually using the projector, a toy soldier. Beautiful yet stern, more like a christmas nutcracker, standing watching me. He did not feel threatening, but he never spoke to me. I was not able to speak I just smiled at him in awe. I felt as though he was my protector or guide, he was making sure I didnt do anything stupid.

Once he turned on the projector the image of reality was gone, up in the reel and millions of new realities were projected in my mind at once. It was way too fast to process, although I do remember one of them. It was a neon green field, with millions of small squares inside it buzzing and spinning. Wow.

At this point I admit I felt a bit of fear, as though I somehow couldnt find the frame of reality to go back. Why? Why are you afraid? I told myself this, and realized I am blessed to be able to see what I am seeing and to relax. I then realized I had run up the stairs into the kitchen. At least I think I did. I ran up looking for the frame of reality, stupid me. I actually got a little mad at myself as I swore I wouldnt get out of my chair, I did not want to wake my children or frighten them somehow I would not forgive myself.

Flash, I'm back in my chair. Did I even go up to the kitchen? I honestly dont know, my wife is gone, what? Where is she? I couldnt remember.

Next thing I knew I was back in the projector room with the soldier, realities still flashing SO quick. I put my hand on the reel to slow it down and was able to manipulate it to find my frame. Success! I found it, I'm back. I smiled and was back in my chair, my body. I didn't experience anymore dissociative effects after that, just nice color visuals and I was able to think of listening to music. Music would have been completely worthless during most of this experience, I was not here and would not have even heard it. I truely see what is meant by out of body, I literally had no body, no physical being.

Music was nice on the come down, it was still difficult to manipulate the mp3 player in my hand at first but I was able to do it.

This experience was spiritual medicine for me, that's the only way I can describe it.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82233
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Nov 8, 2019Views: 853
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Various (28), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2)

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