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Products - Spice (Gold)
by DuDe
Citation:   DuDe. "Spacey: An Experience with Products - Spice (Gold) (exp82264)". Aug 13, 2010.

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75 mg smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (plant material)
  T+ 0:45 50 mg smoked Products - Spice and Synthetic Cannabinoids (plant material)


First experience:

10pm. Had done nothing else that day, no alcohol, or other phycoactives not even caffeine. Mind is clear at this point am very slightly tired but still have some energy left. Smoke a small pinch about 75mg, it is quite harsh to ingest compared to mj. Almost immediately within maybe 15 seconds notice a rush, similar to mj. Mouth feels a little dry shortly after ingesting the smoke.

10.05pm feeling relaxed laying in bed, listening to music in the background, muscles feel a little heavier, but very comfortable, this is also similar to the effect of some mj, but not quite as noticeable as a heavy 'body stone' I have experienced with some varieties mj. For the first 10 minutes I feel a little more physically clumsy, as in not quite used to moving my weight around, also my mind feels likes its working still but a bit numb, its as though even though I feel in touch with myself and my thoughts they are being ordered more slowly.

10.20 Mind functionally almost as if sober, but am a bit buzzed. My mind is clearer than if I had had mj. Noticing increase in energy, both physical and mental, but primarily physical. Mentally feeling a buzz.

10.25 At this point I feel more comfartable with the feeling of the high,im not sure where the high is leading, as I get an odd sensation Iím still coming up. Decide to watch some tv, whilst watching I notice an increased sense of involment and enjoyment with the show I am watching, whilst at the same time not paying complete attention. To be specific moments of the show I would find humorous sober, are greatly enhanced but I would have a little difficulty comprehending the full narrative of the show. I find this similar to mj, but I can pay more attention than if on mj.

10.45 The high has not changed at all at this point, in that I am not really any more high or any more sober, but I decide to do a 2nd pipe, a smaller pinch around 50mg this time. As before an almost instant rush, the rush, felt slightly less noticeable than the hit.

11.15 Am no less high at this point, in fact I feel more so, I feel almost as if something dormant in the spice has suddenly started to react in me. The buzz increases, I begin to feel very high, slightly more than I had planned to be, this is very slightly unnerving, but I am still enjoying myself.

11.55 Very slightly less high than earlier, I find this a relief, I am still more buzzed than I had intended, but now almost completely back at what I would say was my comfort level is. At this point I have finished watching tv.

12.30 Feeling slightly hungry, like munchies but not the same as with mj, as I feel it easier to resist the need to eat. I do however decide to eat some roasted peanuts which luckily where very close to me, as I still feel all my muscles relaxed so had not wanted to move that much throughout the experience. The peanuts taste considerably better than when sober, but not as enjoyable to eat had I had mj. I now feel very thirsty so drink the best part of a litre of water, it takes less then ten minutes to drink.

1.00am Conscious of how late its getting Iíd like to sleep now, but am to aware of the high, which has tapered off now, but still going quite strong. Decide to read a book to rest my mind and body to prepare to sleep.

1.30am Still reading at this point, and still feeling a slight buzz, overall the high has tapered off a bit more, feel quite happy, as if the experience has been pleasant up till now.

1.45am Still Not sober but just about tired enough and have come down enough to try to fall asleep.

Some time a little after 2am

Slowly fall asleep, as I close my eyes, feel a tingle in my arms and around my chest that is subtle and quite pleasant, can still feel a buzzing in my head, but with my eyes closed feels less noticeable. The time from when I close my eyes till the time I fall asleep doesn't feel that long.

Next day about 10.30am Wake up feeling more langorous than usual. Not sober, head buzzing like a hangover, but the only physical symptom being that Iím still a bit clumsier than usual, donít walk quite as straight. Mentally feeling spacey, sometimes would get a similar feeling the next morning after smoking a moderate to large amount of mj. Mouth a little dry, feeling a lot thirstier than usual, have about a pint of water, and a glass of fruit smoothie. I thought this would sober me up a little but it didnít.

11am Had breakfast of waffles, was hungrier than usual still feeling spacey, fortunately it is a sunday and I have nothing paticularly important to do that day.

3pm The spacey feeling continues all day, at 3pm I have 2 pints of beer which not only gets rid of some of the hangover from the spice, but in a way mixes with the spacey feeling. At this point I am relaxed, calm, and although I did not enjoy the hangover this far I feel as though now I have used it to my advantage.

After 6 months useage a summary:

Having experimented with spice for around 6 months now, a lot more so just in the last three months. I feel it is quite good and reliable and very long lasting both in effect and in terms of how long a packet lasts. I still got a tiny bit left of the 3 gram packet of spice gold I bought 6 months ago. To avoid a hangover, or at least lessen it, I find it is best to finish smoking around 8.30pm and not to smoke too much if I am smoking that late.

I would also say Spice is not as good as mj, and I use spice only when mj isnít available. Spice is most enjoyable when I have something to keep my interest such as watching tv, or going for a walk. Personally my hobby is drawing. Iíve found when under the effect of spice Iíve managed to draw for 2 and half hours straight and do some of my finest, most detailed and expressive work. Obviously I donít feel like drawing each time I would use spice, but on rare occassion I have used it as an aid to my drawing. Lastly I would like to say I have not noticed any real long time side effects, so far using spice.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82264
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Aug 13, 2010Views: 10,707
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