Juggling with Grand Canyon Vision
H.B. Woodrose & Selegeline
Citation:   Johnny Appleseed. "Juggling with Grand Canyon Vision: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose & Selegeline (exp82278)". Erowid.org. Jul 10, 2017. erowid.org/exp/82278

7 seeds oral LSA (seeds)
I planned on crushing up the seven seeds and soaking them into a tea to drink Monday morning. However my house was left empty on Saturday night and the biting urge to trip out had me plopping all seven seeds in my mouth. I chewed on them and let my lower gum take in the LSA at 7:00pm. I swallowed the wad 30 minutes later, which triggered my gag reflex.

For the next hour I was reveling in the anticipation of a psychedelic experience. At the hours end I was doubtful it would happen. But I was feeling giddy and a general murky weirdness.

From 8:00 to 9:30 I was not enjoying myself. Being a legal product I began to doubt the seeds recreational potentials and began comparing it to nutmeg (haven’t tried). I felt I was under a deliriant and had a general poisoned feeling. I thought, “this plant prolly doesn’t want me eating its potential offspring so it’s teaching me a lesson to not eat.” I smoked a cig.

I retreated to my room to lie on my bed in the dark. My stomache ached and I wanted to sleep. The taste of the seeds was still in my mouth and it became aggravating, yuck. After only a few minutes on my bed I popped up to brush my teeth (a fun activity while tripping, “brightenin’ the bitin’ bones”) Ahh, relief, much improvement. My stomache relaxed and the poisoned feeling went away. I returned down stairs.

I flipped the TV on and looked over at my dog sleeping in the other room, 20 feet away. His head was confusing to look at. I knew I was looking at the head but I couldn’t differentiate the various sections. I couldn’t tell which was the back and which was the front or where the eyes or ears were. I blinked and tried to shake it off but the illusion wouldn’t subsist. Here we go, now that’s what I’m talking about, I be trippin, not really though. But slowly more psychedelic qualities began building in my head.

While playing Mario Kart Wii I was able to play the game competently with possibly improved performance. What was most interesting while navigating the tracks was my ability to look at any portion of the TV, even at the wall beside the TV, and be able to use my peripheral vision to control my kart. This was the opposite of tunnel vision, I had “Grand Canyon Vision,” with full focus, 1080p. Also I could put thinking about playing the game to the periphery of my thoughts and still maintain performance. It was like I could play the game well, analyze my game playing abilities and reminisce on what I did yesterday, all in complete euphoric control. I wasn’t tripping I was juggling! It seemed very creative the ways I was using my head to concentrate, like I was flexing my brain muscles in ways I never have. I even tried to play the game off the TV’s reflection in the window but it made everything backwards which was too much even for my nimble, savvy, psychedelized head to handle.

I had the stereo playing various albums (The Kinks, Animal Collective, Dan Deacon). Music was good, I was surrounded by it and it was comforting and warm and I was more attuned to the background details of the songs. The lamps around the house had warm feelings also, for some reason I recall the subtle hues of pink and orange being visible.

I wished I wasn’t alone, but wasn’t disappointed about it. I began thinking about my friends and girls and concluded I could easily express and enjoy myself socially in this condition. I would have been funny goofy and bubbly around people. Man, I wanted sex.

I then paced around my house for a bit at 10:30. These seeds have a more natural feeling. I didn’t feel that my thoughts were on razor edge clarity, slicing through endless conceptions like LSD. Mushrooms have a natural feeling, also, but this wasn’t exactly the same, closer to acid, for sure, then shrooms. It felt evident the seeds are not a manufactured substance designed to unleash what’s within. I was craving that synthetic edge of acid, I really wanted to go further and if I had more seeds I certainly would have ate at least three more. A way to describe my condition was a psychedelic feeling but not a psychedelic experience. The potential for a “bad trip” was not possible because I just wasn’t that gone, this was light but very nice. I’d say I peaked at 11:00.

I got real drowsy and went to bed at 12:30 still “tripping.” Falling asleep was sort of bothersome, kind of like when “the spins” from alcohol make concentrating on sleep unbearable. I wished my head would stop tripping and just relax so I could rest. I did fall asleep soon enough though.

Okay, so other experiences with seven seeds have much more dramatic effects and a reputable website lists seven as a common to strong dose. This was not strong and by comparison to other reports barely a common one. Hears the deal, five days prior I stopped taking Selegeline, a selective MAOI. I had been taking 5mg daily for about a week and a half. The effects of the drug last long after ingestion like two weeks I believe. It has been reported Selegeline makes phenethylamines (mescaline,2c-b) more potent. Nothing I can find discusses selegiline and tryptamines (Psilocybin), which I think LSA can be considered. I decided from this experience that effects are diminished. I was expecting to experience far more then what I did even though I enjoyed what did happen.

Months ago I took two grams of mushrooms and truly tripped and I am assuming that 7 seeds should have had a stronger reaction then those 2 grams of shrooms, but that’s not reliably known.

Would I try it again and let my friend in on this? I don’t know, there’s an initial hurdle that I found to last two and a half hours, which are not enjoyable. But then all the murk eventually clears up to experience the cleaner color time. Perhaps I will continue sustaining form selegeline and redose with another seven seeds in the coming weeks and report back.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82278
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Jul 10, 2017Views: 2,689
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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