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DPT Disaster
by armurr
Citation:   armurr. "DPT Disaster: An Experience with DPT (exp8228)". Jul 21, 2001.

50 mg insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


I'm writing this report because I wish there had been one like it for me to read before I tried DPT. My friends and I acquired 500mg of pure DPT powder and decided to insufflate 50mg each. There were 5 of us at S's apartment. S, A, and I were about equally experienced with LSD (50-70 times), MDMA (20-50), mushrooms (3-5), ketamine (1-5), and various other drugs (meth, dxm, cocaine once each). M was far more experienced than any of us with the aforementioned drugs and was at one time addicted to heroin for a period of maybe 3 months. D was less experienced and was not going to use DPT. We went in two-person shifts so that there would always be 3 (relatively) sober sitters for the 2 trippers. This turned out to be a very good idea.

A and I went first. We weighed out our doses on an electronic scale and up our noses the powder went. It tasted like chlorine in the back of my throat. The drip wasn't nearly as bad as K or MDMA in my opinion. We had prepared a glass of cherry pepsi and a glass of ice water for each of us. The other three began to play playstation (tekken, i believe) while A and I prepared for our trip. By about 10 minutes there was a great rush. DPT is classically psychedelic -- it feels like it picks up where acid leaves off (if it can be said that acid ever truly leaves off). The interesting thing is that it feels like it has to take you to a much higher level before it can work its magic. I felt as though instead of just taking off on a plane (acid), I had to first be rocketed up a couple thousand miles to the runway from which I could take off. And even though I went from sober to 5+ hit acid trip in a minute or so, I was scared by the come-up. It just seemed to transport me there rather than shoot me from a cannon to that higher level. The visuals were similar to strong acid visuals, but the feelings in my body were what was truly amazing. DPT seemed to show me that it could do anything it wanted -- it would give me a peak at the most true joy that could be experienced, then turn around and take me to the point of ultimate bone snapping tendon tearing pain, then turn away again. It never actually hurt my, but showed me that it could if it was so inclined. I felt that I had to use all the 'trip tricks' I'd learned from all my prior experience every second. My mind's abilities (learned from acid and other psychedelics) to slip past some feelings, push through other ones, or act on still other ones were used constantly on the DPT trip. By about 1 hr 15 min A and I were up (I was in fact able to move and talk throughout the trip, by I made little effort to) and talking about our trips and by 1:30 or 1:45 we decided we were good enough to let M and S take their turns.

Everything was going smoothly (S hates snorting things and was very uncomfortable from the beginning -- I thought it was him we would have to worry about) until about 20 min after M and S had dosed. M said to me 'come here and talk some sense into me'. I came over and proceeded to talk to him the best way I knew how (I've had a relatively large amount of experience talking people through bad trips -- I always seem to be the one that takes charge of those kinds of situations), telling him it's just the drug, he'd be through it in an hour, not to self-analyze -- just remember what problems you find with yourself and solve them later when you're sober, it does no good to try to find a solution in an intoxicated state -- etc. I gave him water, took his shirt off, turned the fan up, asked if he wanted different (or no) music, turned on a light. He told me he couldn't see me (or a number of objects I asked about on the table) and he grabbed onto my hand with increasing strength. Suddenly, he dropped his head and stopped talking, then threw his head back over his right shoulder, eyes turned up inside his head, complete stretched-out full-body muscle tension, face so red it was purple, eyes bugged out, looking like he would explode. He began kicking and shaking, then calmed again. Throughout this seizure, there was the expected 'do we call 911, no we can't, we have to'. It was decided when his lips turned blue. The paramedics were called and A and I were trying to explain who we were to him (we had to hold him down so he didn't hurt himself or anyone else, but he must have thought we were bad entities touching him, not friends). Finally we convinced him it was us and he was calming down (though he was still very very out of it and scared). Someone actually asked D to cancel the paramedics (as if you can do that), and, ironically, just as we thought he was calm enough to take care of him ourselves, the paramedics came through the door, complete with uniforms, flashlights in M's eyes, blaring walky-talkies, etc. So, of course, that sent him back over the edge. It took me a few minutes of talking to him to get him to understand that everyone who would be touching him next was trying to help him.

Then the cops came busting in. We told the medics that he was on DPT, and they asked me to help them get him downstairs (he was calling my name and wouldn't leave without me). As I was helping him out the door of the apartment house, the cop threatened to charge me with obstruction and forced me to leave M. The medics took M away and 2 cops (one complete asshole and one very nice guy) proceeded to search the place. Amazingly, there was no weed in the apartment (we'd completely run out). The cops ended up leaving the place with 250 mg of 2CT7, the rest of the DPT, 120 g of Syrian Rue seed powder, and a couple of pipes and bongs. We weren't charged with anything and no families were called (D was a minor, the rest 18+). We went to the hospital and instead of sending out a nurse, M's father came out. He said 'He's in intensive care. Whatever that hallucinogen was, they said it was worse than cocaine. He could have had a heart attack. Thank you very much.' He then walked out the doors and the whole of the emergency waiting room heard him yell 'Stupid!'

M called me 2 days later. He's ok. They told him that his pulse was 155 and that he should have had a heart attack. They also said that something in the drug completely sapped out his potassium, so he was on a potassium drip. He's still in the hospital, but should be out in a couple of days.

I just wanted to let everyone know that DPT, it seems, is in fact a dangerous drug. M has had no previous heart, seizure, anything condition, and only snorted 50mg. It is a very strong stimulant (I, too, felt my heart going way too fast during the trip, but I didn't let it worry me) and a very very strong psychedelic. Please be careful.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8228
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 21, 2001Views: 39,906
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DPT (21) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Health Problems (27), Bad Trips (6)

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