Hospital Gurney Ride Into Heaven
Morphine & Benzodiazepine
Citation:   OneMinusZero. "Hospital Gurney Ride Into Heaven: An Experience with Morphine & Benzodiazepine (exp82354)". Nov 13, 2017.

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5 mg IV Benzodiazepines (liquid)
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I found out recently from my mother that my first experience with morphine (and I firmly believe 'God's Own Medicine' is a oompletely appropriate name for this heavenly manna) was at birth. Apparently (in 1969 at least), doctor's sometimes gave pregnant women morphine during delivery--especially if it was the woman's first birth. So I was born high, in a manner of speaking.

Maybe that's why my 'first experience' (or so I thought at the time) was so pleasurable. My body had been looking to repeat 'the golden feeling', as I have come to call it, for years, I just didn't know WHAT I was searching for! Maybe that's why babies cry so much..?

Anyway, when I was 21 I had to have my tonsils removed. I was very nervous about going under the knife. So much so that my father (who was personal friends with the medical director of the hospital) asked the doctor to 'give me something to calm me down and help soothe my excessive fears.'

Oh, the doc gave me something that cured my fears (and pretty much everything else). A smiling nurse came in with a needle and gave me 5mg of IV Valium to relax me. To be specific, she said it was 'like Valium' so I suppose it could have been another benzo. I couldn't read the name when she charted it, but I saw the '5mg' part.

A couple moments later she returned (still smiling that incandescent smile) with ANOTHER needle.
'The doctor said to give you this, too!' she said, full of good cheer. Either this was the most chipper nurse on the planet or she knew something I didn't.

'Uhm, what is it?' I asked.


It seemed like as soon as she pushed in the plunger I had an orgasm. To this day, that is the most pleasure I have ever felt.
I call it the 'golden feeling' because when describing it to the nurse (which I felt absolutely COMPELLED to do; all she did is laugh and nod), I told her it felt like liquid, molten gold was spreading across my body in waves. It started in my legs (even though the IV was in my left arm) and when it got to my head I swear it was orgasmic times a thousand. She left, chuckling, but returned with an orderly or male nurse in a minute or two to take me to the OR. I BEGGED them (and though they laughed and thought I was kidding, I had tears in my eyes) to take me on a quick ride through the hospital on the gurney.

The male nurse/orderly remarked: 'He thinks he's on a ride at Disney! How much did you give him?' But before the smiling wondernurse could respond I told them I knew exactly where I was.

'I know they'll put me to sleep when you wheel me into the OR,' I told them, matter-of-fact. 'PLEASE, please just wheel me around a little. I want to feel this for as long as I can!'

Of course, they thought that was funny, too, but the truth is I was almost crying, and another minute and I swear I would have offered them a cash bribe.

I've had opiates since then (and quite a few of them) but NOTHING has ever come as close to that first (err...second, I guess) experience. Long live God's Favorite Dope!

Exp Year: 1991ExpID: 82354
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Nov 13, 2017Views: 1,913
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