Peaceful Beauty
Bromo-Dragonfly (Sold as 2C-B-Fly)
Citation:   Mr. Tambourine Man. "Peaceful Beauty: An Experience with Bromo-Dragonfly (Sold as 2C-B-Fly) (exp82403)". Jan 2, 2010.

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300 ug oral Bromo-Dragonfly (liquid)
  T+ 0:45 50 ug oral Bromo-Dragonfly (liquid)
Recently on various online forums for drug discussion and harm reduction there was a good deal of coverage regarding the notorious batch of what proved to be 95% pure Bromo-Dragonfly sold as 2c-b-FLY, leading to the death of a RC purveyor and several hospitalizations. Having obtained a portion of the B1 batch a few days before the first reports of death and hospitalizations came out, I held on to it until it was determined that the product was, indeed merely mislabeled, at which point my curiosity became aroused as to its psychedelic potential.

Having known of Bromo-Dragonfly prior to this event, I had always wanted an opportunity to try it, but considered it unlikely to ever be given the opportunity. Therefore, I was very grateful to have a chance to both help spread awareness about the possible effects of this drug in small doses and gain a personal insight into the effects on myself. After having read a report of safe ingestion of 250 mcg, I decided to give it a trial at a dose of 350 mcg. I prepared for this by getting plenty of sleep in order to wake up relatively early, thus dose at a reasonable time and hopefully avoid having my sleep cycle massively altered by the drugs long duration. The only other chemicals in my system in the days following were numerous doses of vitamin C, as I was fighting off a cold, and daily ginkgo supplements, as well as 240 mg aspirin on the day of the experience.

When I woke up the morning of, I almost immediately measured and dosed 300 micrograms which I measured with an oral syringe from a carefully measured and well-sealed solution in distilled water and ethanol. After approximately 45 minutes I took a booster dose of 50 micrograms, in order to ensure that I would still be able to have a noticeable, well rounded feel of the substance while still being within safe parameters for this substanceís dosage guidelines.

I spent the first couple of hours in taking a shower, cleaning my apartment, and reading some experience reports, while waiting for the drug to take effect. After about 90 minutes, I thought that I had noticed some positive mood enhancement, and the slightest feeling of increased energy, but was not sure whether it was an effect or not, at such an early duration. While talking online to some friends and family, I began to notice the first unmistakable effects; a mild initial body load reminiscent of a small dose of methylphenidate, an increase in energy and talkativeness, as well as some distortions of objects around me. At this point, I also noticed some symptoms of vasoconstriction, such as a faint feeling of chilliness and mild tightness in the calf muscles, which would be noticed on and off throughout the experience.

During the next half hour, the body load decreased, while both my mood and energy levels increased exponentially; also, at this point, my appetite left, although I had not eaten since last night, and did not return until some twelve hours later. A mild body buzz began which increased with the other effects and, although rather mild, felt very pleasant throughout the experience. By around the 3 hour mark, the effects were quite unmistakable, a solid ++ on the Shulgin scale, sometimes drifting in between a ++ and a ++ 1/2, particularly when standing still and observing any object for a long period of time.

With the eyes open, objects seemed outlined and coated in a fine, almost fuzzy psychedelic veneer, and the relative sizes of objects would move and distort slowly after staring at them for a period. Colors seemed more saturated, and the appreciation for both color and texture was markedly increased, as was musical appreciation. With the eyes closed, few CEVís were noted, and those that were seemed to be largely diamond or crystalline motifs. When staring at complex objects, particularly the popcorn ceiling or the dappled linoleum floor, they would immediately begin to swirl and blur, with outlines and shapes forming for a mere moment and transforming or dissipating before they could be recognized. A fair bit of trailing was also noted, and was one of the first effects to be noticed during the come up.

Mentally, although I seemed to get distracted and lose my train of thought more easily when writing, I was able to talk quite eloquently. This drug seemed to sharpen my cognitive abilities, particularly with language, as puns and plays on words seemed to be more spontaneous when in this state. I also felt the desire to talk much increased, and became quite chatty for the duration of the effects. Also, throughout the entirety of this experience I felt very positive and upbeat in a calm but definite way, as though nothing could bother me. This was a particularly pleasant effect, because it allowed me a greater degree of freedom in interacting with environments that might have otherwise been frightening or irritating on another psychedelic, such as crossing a busy intersection.

About four hours after dosing, I went with my friend and roommate R, who was sober but knew I had dosed on a walk through town. I was feeling very energetic and positive, and felt as though I was viewing everything in a humorous or tolerant attitude. We began by walking to a nearby park, and through a number of neighborhoods, commenting on the styles of architecture of each house, and discussing the plants and the layout of the neighborhoods. Conversation flowed very well and was very satisfying. The autumn leaves, houses, and the sky seemed much more detailed and aesthetically pleasing, so the effect of walking through town was extremely interesting. Also, I felt far less self conscious walking in public than I would have on some other psychedelics, which added to the peace of mind I was already feeling.

An interesting effed at this dosage was that, when walking, I seemed almost sober, barring my altered vision and unusually good mood, until I stood still, when the feeling crept up upon me and embraced me in the pleasant body sensations. I feel that at this dose, this drug would have been the perfect enhancement to walking through an art gallery, or as we were doing, exploring the outdoors. While we talked, we arrived on the campus we both attend, which was his destination as he had choir performance to attend, and spent some more time walking through the arboretum. After a time, we sat on a small dock on a lake in the arboretum, and watched what I thought was one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen. The details and textures of the clouds were magnified and enhanced to a stunning degree as were the contrasts of color in burning pink streaks of cloud and the light blue sky. The water had a very sensuous quality to it, which I have noticed before on other psychedelics, but found especially pronounced with the Bromo, and the reflections of the sunset seemed to magnify the intensity of the colors and textures in the sky.

After a time, our talk turned to discussions of cultural values, science and religion. I found this to be particularly interesting, as my friend and I are apt to get into long debates on the topic of religion (he is Catholic, while I am non-religious). We are almost always able to find points of consensus somewhere, and so our debates really approximate more an exercise in trying to parse out ideas until we reach a point of commonality or disagreement. In my state, I found presenting my points and assembling my thoughts easier than when sober, and the conversation was very enjoyable, ending with a common agreement that we both disliked the many of the tactics used by overly self-assured individuals who seek to spread their point of view, regardless of their beliefs.

As night fell, we walked back into to town, where I bought my friend and I some food, and then dropped him off at his choir performance. The visual effects had, by this time, decreased only slightly, and the mental and physical effects had not decreased by any degree. I still felt extremely cheerful, verging on exuberant, and was walking so fast that I had to take off my jacket to keep from getting too hot, despite it being a rather cold evening. My mindset was very pleasantly upbeat and contemplative, and I recalled numerous small insights I had had throughout the day regarding myself, my lifestyle, and my relationships with others. When contemplating myself, I was able to avoid falling into the pitfall of being overly judgmental, and instead felt that my assessment of myself was more healthier and balanced on this chemical than others in my experience.

Once I arrived at my apartment, I spent some time talking online about my experience, and writing up some cursory notes for the report. I also noticed that I felt colder sitting still and trying to write than I did walking outdoors in a colder temperature, which I assume must have been an effect of vasoconstriction, which I remedied with a hot shower. After 12 hours, I felt the effects beginning to fade gradually, although I as by no means near baseline; I still had a very good mood, felt very talkative, and generally content to lie down and read, or think about the days experience. When my roommate and another friend arrived after the performance, I was still very talkative, and we spent several hours watching PSAís from the 1940ís and 50ís, marveling and commenting on the amusing degree of bigotry ad stupidity contained therein. One of my friends contented that I seemed quite a bit more cheerful than content than usual, which I was, leading me to realize that this drug not only acts a long term mood enhancer but also provide a moderate feeling of well being that makes up much of the character of the comedown/afterglow.

It was at least fourteen hours after ingestion that I felt my appetite return, and felt the psychedelic Energy-Bunny effect Iíd been experiences transition into a feeling of sleepiness. I took 2mg melatonin, and, although my quality of sleep felt very poor, much like falling asleep after a high dose of amphetamines, I awoke feeling quite well rested.

Overall, Iíd say this substance was extremely enjoyable, and worthy of many future trials at lower and higher doses. it could be best described as a sort of 'psychedelic champagne', light, and bubbly, without any distinct negative side effects. I also feel that, at this or a slightly lower dose, this drug could have potential as an addition to another psychedelic with fewer cardiovascular interactions, such as mushrooms or morning glories, and that it could ensure appositive mood throughout the duration of a more conventional psychedelic experience. I also feel that this drug would synergize well with nitrous oxide and enhance recall of the experience, which is something that I mean to try in the near future. Overall, this substance is definitely anew favorite of mine, and I intend to use it to great effect when hiking in the sierras for extended periods, and as an enhancer of natural beauty and conversation. Also, Iím glad this shows that the B1 batch is not the deadly poison it was originally believed to be, and has excellent potential in small doses for many positive, uplifting experiences.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82403
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 2, 2010Views: 29,908
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