Not What I Expected at All
Methylphenidate (Concerta) & Sildenafil
by The Boat
Citation:   The Boat. "Not What I Expected at All: An Experience with Methylphenidate (Concerta) & Sildenafil (exp82510)". Jan 10, 2021.

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108 mg oral Pharms - Methylphenidate (pill / tablet)
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  T+ 4:00 50 mg oral Pharms - Sildenafil (pill / tablet)


This report, it seems, is in stark contrast to *most* other reports I have read about this drug. I say most, because I have come across a number of reports that describe exactly what I am experiencing. I feel it is because of the uncommon experience that I feel somewhat obligated to write this report.

Allow me to preface the past evening's events:

This past week was thanksgiving, and all the shenanigans that coincide, including the messed up schedules and free time. As a result of this, I had not seen my girlfriend in nearly a week. Last night I finally got to see her. She had found some Concerta pills her brother never used while she was visiting her family across the state. She informed me that Adderall, Concerta, and Ritalin were all basically the same thing, effects wise at least. She was a long time fan of adderall, but her connection had long since moved out of state, so I just knew of her glowing descriptions of how she liked the drug. I'm always eager to give anything a shot once (provided it doesn't require a needle to consume) so when she told me she had basically acquired a load of adderall-of-a-different-brand I was excited. Add to this that I had become somewhat of a regular pot user (nightly) and it had become routine, and decided to stop using it due to an upcoming job interview, there was a void of brain entertainment that I was looking to fill, so for at least a night this would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

To this point my drug experience has been Marijuana, Vicodin, Darvocet, and a light experience with Diphenhydramine (Uni-som, the sleeping pills.) Save the uni-som, I have come to realize that I seem to have a very high tolerance for prescription pills. For instance, I had to take 5 darvocet of the larger mg dose just to get 30 minutes of a solid 'high' feeling, whereas 4 of the same pills made my girlfriend feel like she was soaring/tripping balls/havin a grand ol' time... whatever you call it. I didnt figure, per se, that this would be the same as all the times before (which is only a handful, I'm very wary of anything I can get addicted to) but if it did turn out that I needed more than her, I wouldnt be surprised. Just to put this in perspective, I am a scrawny dude (6 feet tall and 145 lbs, my gf weighs the same).

We had the option of either the 36 or 54mg pills. After reading reports online of a good dose to get high, he decided to do two 54mg pills. This seemed to me to be a little low, considering the other pharms I'd done I had to take 5x the recommended dosage to get high, so two times the normal prescription seemed odd... but I'm a cautious user so I wasn't about to go against the experiences of other users on my first run.

11:00pm We both pop two 54mg pills, 108mg total each. Both our stomachs are completely empty at this point. I am hungry, having not eaten since around 3-4pm, but I want to maximize our time and not waste time cooking food just yet.

12:00am My g/f announces shes feeling the effects full-on. This surprises me considering I had not noticed anything yet. I had given her a practice lesson for the sake of my practicing and had totally lost track of how long it'd been since we took them. When I stopped too really assess my feeling, I felt like I was in a chipper mood, but nothing close to euphoric or anything like that. I am still hungry, but I still dont want to take 30-45 min to cook and consume anything, so I eat two slices of Kraft cheese to ward off my hunger pangs.

12:30am I continued on with the lesson. My g/f is starting to get bummed that I am not experiencing what she is, so I decide to take a 36mg pill. This puts me at a total of 144mg.

1:00am I begin to notice definite effects, but still not anywhere near what I would consider 'high' or even anything out of the ordinary. I definitely feel good, but not medically-induced good, if that makes sense. My g/f is confused by this, and assures me she is very, very much feeling the effects she expected to feel. I briefly consider, but decide I don't want to push it this first time and that I'll just ride out the night, after which I can decide if I want to go further next time.

2:30am I cut my lesson short. My g/f needs to be up at 11am the next day so she needs to try to sleep. We both make our way to the bedroom and get into bed. Neither of us are tired or anywhere close to ready to sleep. Since its been a while since we have had sex, we get into it.

3:00am Excuse the graphic nature of this next paragraph, as I will try to keep the descriptions to a minimum and let your mind do the work, but I feel the events at this point in the night are worth including in this report. I sneak a 50mg Sildenifil (generic viagra) while in the bathroom to make this event one to remember, and return. I give her oral sex while I let the effects of that kick in. Usually takes around 15 min, and around that time, maybe a little longer, I let her give me oral sex to see how the Sildenifil is working. Seems to be working ok, but not like expected. Usually a half pill of the stuff is sufficient, so it is curious to me that the whole thing (which I only did once before and it was almost obnoxious) was having so little an effect. But whatever, its beyond worry at this point, we are both having a great time. I move to regular intercourse and about 30 seconds into it and much to my dismay and confusion, I completely go soft. This is *highly* irregular, let me assure you, as I assume this has something to do with either my state of mind, or the Concerta themselves. She doesnt know I took the first 50mg, so I suggest I take a viagra (which would put me at 100mg, which is the biggest dose they make in one pill) in an attempt to rectify/salvage the situation and she agrees. I do, and return. We hang out for 15 min and let that settle in, and by this time I am CERTAIN I should have no problem attaining an erection. This however, is not the case.
I am CERTAIN I should have no problem attaining an erection. This however, is not the case.
Not even a hint of excitement. Now I know something is very wrong, because I am super turned on. Its like by brain just disconnected completely from my crotch, and no amount of coaxing would help.

4:30am I finally admit defeat. We again settle into bed, still wide awake. She is well past her time to go to sleep and we are fast approaching my time to need to get to sleep. We just chat and chat and chat while laying with one another. Admittedly, this feels very good, but again nothing I would describe as euphoric. Neither of us want to sleep anyway, and this is a combination of the good feeling, the inability to sleep, the fact we hadn't seen each other much in the past two weeks, and at all in the past 6 days, and the quality/depth of conversation.

7:00am We are still taking with no signs of running out of steam. My roommate is up and getting ready for work, clueless as to our situation.

7:30am We decide we have both screwed ourselves for the day, and that we were going to be miserable on what little sleep we could get. I begin to notice very slight feelings of nausea and a headache, but they are easily ignorable at this point.

10:00am Our conversation has began to wind down, and we are both wondering if we will get any sleep at all. At this point I have a full on headache and the definite feeling of a sour stomach, however I know it's completely empty except for the periodic ingestion of water throughout the evening/morning. I very much want to be close to her, but any pressure on my stomach is very uncomfortable. This frustrates me. We both notice our pupils are very dilated. I take some Excedrin to help my headache.

11:00am My g/f needs to leave for class. Our pupils are still very obviously dilated, and she has mentioned she's beginning to feel nauseated as well. I have been laying on my back, or sitting upright trying to mentally settle my stomach for the past hour.

11:30am My g/f leaves my house. I have work in a few hours and realize I have no idea how the rest of the day will play out and attempt to find someone who will cover my shift, to no avail.

12:00pm I begin reading experience reports looking for anyone who has had similar experiences to mine and find only a few. Most reports are glowing, but a few describe exactly what I'm feelings.

1:00pm I am finishing up writing this report. I have not slept a wink, nor feel the need to. I still feel very strange, and I cannot tell at this point if its due to the Concerta alone, or the now cocktail of drugs in my veins, but this feeling is nothing close to what I know of the drugs separately, so I can only assume it's still playing a large role.

I will say this: I can see how it can be of benefit for concentration and maintaining positive feelings, however my personal experience of the after-effects make this particular drug one that I do not intend to take recreationally again.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 82510
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jan 10, 2021Views: 385
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