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My Father, Myself, and Everything else
Brugmansia & Valium
by Drew
Citation:   Drew. "My Father, Myself, and Everything else: An Experience with Brugmansia & Valium (exp82537)". Jul 17, 2010.

T+ 0:00
0.5 flowers oral Brugmansia (flowers)
  T+ 0:00 1 leaf oral Brugmansia (leaves)
  T+ 0:00 0.5 flowers oral Brugmansia (flowers)
  T+ 14:00   IM Pharms - Diazepam (liquid)
It was a normal summer day; I was riding my bike to my friendís house and rode by the apartment complex a couple blocks from my street. I noticed a young yellow flowered brugmansia in front of the apartment nearest the street. I was ecstatic; I've read reports and always wanted to try a dissociative. [Erowid Note: Brugmansia can cause dissociation, but is classified as a deliriant, not a dissociative.] So... I plucked a flower and continued the ride to my bud's. I got there and he asked why I had the flower. I told him it was a powerful drug. Of course he didn't believe me, he probably thought I was going to coax him into eating some shitty tasting plant for kicks, so I took him to a computer, and showed him the experiences. He was still skeptical and wouldn't eat it- so I munched on it for about 15 minutes.

I had eaten about half of the flower by the time I left, and wasn't feeling any effects. The taste was moderately bitter, but definitely not comparable to Yage brews I have tried. On my way home I figured I would pluck a leaf and see if it would kick it in, and believe you me, it did. As soon as I got home I made some green tea, and added some honey to chase the bitterness. I consumed the entire leaf within 3 minutes, and then I pulled out the rest of the flower and chomped it in one bite.

T-30 minutes. I don't remember if the onset was sudden, but it was definitely present. I was upstairs in the bonus room doing my work online, well, trying. It seemed about 10 minutes after I sat in the chair, I had to scoot back to read the keys. I stood up and felt completely wasted. I told my mother I wasn't feeling well and went to my closet. I have a 55 square foot closet, and I sleep in there. I lied down and tried to sleep, but the CEV swirling patterns were to bold to rest at all. I would say I spent at least 30 minutes in my closet.

T-1.2 hrs. I opened the door to my closet, and looked to the Dark Side of the moon poster on my wall; the entire poster was shimmering in glittery blues, greens, and pinks. I was astonished. I had experienced such a real OEV in my life, although there are much more astounding hallucinations to come. I went into the bonus room where my mom was on the computer, and sat on the couch. I started talking about completely random things, and she asked me what I had taken. I told her about 6 different times I had eaten different quantities and parts of the Brugmansia plant. But then I would start ranting about buying DXM from the grocery store, and how it was safe because it was the sole active ingredient in the brand I purchased. I remember her looking at me like I was stupid, and I also remember telling her about the DXM, but I remember it being relevant to the conversation, although obviously it wasn't.

The next thing I remember is going into my room, and seeing the huge Colorado portrait leaned up against the wall. My Father committed suicide 2 years ago. He was an avid skier and kayaker. I saw him descending the mountain on his kayak, floating on some sort of magic carpet made of water. I remember this was the first sight where the things in the picture actually started moving.

T- 2.2-6 hrs. I was delusional. I remember being in my closet for most of the trip. I sensed my friendís entities in the closet. I knew they were there, but they were hiding. The sleeping bags on the floor had beastly faces, but it was the wrinkles in the bags, and looked so real, not cartoonish or anything. I knew they were under the sleeping bags. I would pounce on one, look over and pounce on the next face. They were toying with me, continuing to make faces and hide under them, but slipping away before I could pounce. I became frustrated, but not violent. I crawled through my closet, searching through suitcases and clothes, when I finally realized the t-shirts were them. I went back to my mattress. Their t-shirts hanging next to me were part of them. They were connected and could hear me and see me. The shirts were a part of their body that they could sense from anywhere. I became embarrassed; I started talking to the shirts. Explaining why I thought they were in the bags. It was like they were with me the whole time. It should be noted that I remembered eating the vegetation, but thought all of this was real and normal and didn't think me eating it had anything to do with what I was experiencing.

I continued to talk to the extension of their senses for some time. And I would also feel them in the corner of my closet, and would start directing my speech towards there. When the talking became less frequent, I would have my cell phone in my hand, look down and see the blinding white screen, look up, look back down and feel the phone, not see the screen, then it would vanish, me feeling the sensation of it disappearing from my palm, the air rushing into the place where the phone had been, so real. I do smoke cigarettes, though I never experienced phantom smoking, the phantom phone taking its place. I talked to my father. I don't know what we said to each other, but I remember him sitting in front of me, laughing, and crying. My mother insists she lay in the closet with me for a couple hours, although I don't remember her being with me at all.

T- 6-13 hrs. This was the segment of my trip out of the closet. I took a shower. There were dozens of tiny bubbles forming and popping around my feet from the shampoo. But the skin of the bubbles touching each other turned into skinny, stringy, stiff lines that would appear and grow as the bubbles formed, and quickly recede when they popped. There were tiny bugs, moving in the fashion of an ant trail, along all of the baseboards in the house. They stayed with me the rest of my trip. And so did the stiff crooked growing lines. They emitted from select objects, always the same ones, all of the time. I was told that I kept trying to shower and recall coming to a realization that I was naked in my bathroom, with my step-dad next to me saying 'Put that thing away' I was dumbfounded and humiliated. How did I come to be nude? So it took me a minute to get some undergarments on. I attempted to brush my teeth. But seeing a person staring at you and copying your every move down to the exact moment was shocking and unexpected. It was me, but not in a mirror, it was another me, standing in front of me. I tried my best to outsmart him, but failed.

My mother became worried because I wouldn't come down, and brought me to the E.R. I was fine. I was cooperative, but random. The doctor would ask me questions and I would blurt something wayyy out there. I remember him looking at me with a concerned and wierded out look on his face. I thought to myself 'Woops I said something stupid, oh well I'm embarrassed and awkward... I don't give a damn'. I could not close my eyes. The nurse brought in a shot of Valium to calm me down, F.U.C.K V.A.L.I.U.M. She shot me in my ass; I thought it was the H1-N1 vaccine. I remember my butt hurting. Then nothing else until I was back from the hospital for some time. Valium did exactly the opposite of what was intended.

T- 21-35 hrs. I was downstairs the rest of the trip. Everything was alive... breathing. Nothing except the walls, furniture, and floor were inanimate. I was in the kitchen, sitting at the table next to the window. A fake blue flower in a vase 13 feet away on the counter was waving exactly like sea anemone, like it was happening, like for real. No light trail or halos or any of the ordinary. Just waving pedals, no distortion. Every time I looked at it, it was doing the same thing. No matter what perspective I looked from, the light, nothing. It was motor operated.

I was starting to come down, and was verbally abusing my mom. She said she called the police to calm me down. It made it worse. I was pissed. I asked her how she could do that to me. I was going to jail... in my mind. But it seemed as if she was jokin'. It was like when mom tells me Iím grounded for a week because I mouthed off to her, but I know she's bluffing, but still get upset because I need to trick her into thinking my gullible reaction is genuine.

I couldn't tell how long it had been. The officer showed up, and it was the doctor from the E.R. I knew it was him. In a policeman's uniform. I figured he took the roll of authority figures. He was Like Agent Smith in the Matrix, except this was a good guy. I remember swearing the cop a few times. Going out on the deck and looking at the stars. They were balls of fire, not little specks. And again it was real, no distortion... Sober eyes. My mother later told me I had two long conversations with the officer. I don't recall either. I just remember insulting him and giving him the finger as he walked out the door, probably because it's all I want to remember.

I went back to the chair in the kitchen. 20 feet away, across the counter on the other side of the living room on a nightstand by the couch, was a Tupperware container filled with miniature fake pumpkins. They turned into a scarecrow, laying down, methodically and robotically waving his arms, legs, and moving his head. But very smoothly. He was bathing. I was walking the downstairs; I looked at the pictures on the refrigerator. If there was a person in it, they were moving or talking as they would be before the picture being snapped. And again, this was the only sight in the room at the time, no distortion, sober eyes, real. I remember seeing a translucent interactive buddy looking character on the counter next to the blue flower. There was another a few inches from him, but he wasn't clearly visible. He shot him with a machine gun that shoots grey balls at a slow speed. I laughed.

The last hallucination I remember is sitting on the auto man, or however it's spelt.. that big thing you put your feet on. And the dot at colony was fading. They were becoming fewer, and some were trailing off course off of the baseboard and on to the wall. There were a few white spots on the ground close to the baseboard that were kinda moving. I wasn't positive if they were alive, I would pick one up and it would confusingly be inanimate and alive. I no longer cared. There was definitely a bug on the ground. A true bug, but on its back extracting its web and molding it with its legs. It would do this for a few seconds, then push the web my way, and inch from the ground it turned into white translucent granddaddy long legís legs. It took about 1.5 seconds to get to my face; I would dodge it and watch it float on to become stuck on the ceiling. It did this about a dozen times. And every so often a screen of translucent white dots would come flying along with the legs; it took extra effort to dodge this.

Throughout the night, sights became fewer, until there was little movement of anything at all. I slept. I had not slept in 36 hours. I slept for only 14 hours. Woke up knowing what happening. Feeling completely normal, no tracers, not the slightest movement of anything. Like it never happened, and have felt so since. Throughout the entire experience there was no nausea or cramps at all. No side effects.

It was insane. Be careful dear friends.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82537
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Jul 17, 2010Views: 20,423
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