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Brown Boy - the Deep Sea of Nodd
Citation:   Clemens. "Brown Boy - the Deep Sea of Nodd: An Experience with Heroin (exp82597)". Nov 18, 2015.

1 line insufflated Heroin (powder / crystals)
Background: I was a more than an experienced drug user before trying heroin. I had smoked herb for a few years, taken LSD, grown and eaten my own mushrooms, tried ecstasy, taken different opiates and benzos. I was not new to the world of high by any means.

About 3 months before I tried heroin I was getting into opiates and benzos pretty hard. I started when I got a really good vicodin connection and realized how good of a high opiates are. Just 35mgs of vicodin was enough for me to be high for hours. Then I moved on to oxycodone which has been my favorite opiate.

Warning: I am writing this for informational use as you already know. I have been addicted to opiates for about a year now, and I strongly advise against even trying them. In my very very honest opinion opiates are the perfect key for our human brains. They do exactly what I want to happen all the time. More so then cocaine, or any other drug. Stay away from opiates, they have nothing to show you! If they did I would have seen it by now.

Set and Setting: It started when one day I had come into about 90 dollars and wanted to buy some roxicodone 30mgs, my drug of choice, so called up this middle man I know to get some. Well he couldn't get any blues (30mg roxicodone) but he said he could get really good brown boy (powder heroin). So I said I would call him after class and we would try it out. Me and my good friend John were both very much attachted to oxycodone and were looking forward to trying heroin.

So during class we both thought about how good heroin was going to be if we already thought oxycodone was the best high ever. After class I get into John's car and call up this middle man, Jeff, and we met up with him at a gas station. I remember asking Jeff how much was it going to be and not getting a satisfying answer. I wanted to know how much powder I was getting, like how much it weighed, but instead all I knew was a bag was 30 bucks. So I was going to get three bags for ninty dollars, which didn't sound good but I was desperate so I gave him the money and he drove off.

When he came back I got out of John's car and walked to his window, putting my hand in the car and trying to act casual as he put three little strips of tin foil in my hand. I walked back to John's car and we drove home. In the car I examined the inside of the tiny tiny powder that was in a folded strip of tin foil, it was a off brownish tan powder that tasted like it could be a crushed pill. So I told John I would take it home and try it first and if it was good he could come over and I would give him some.

So I got home and looked up some pictures of brown powder heroin. It looked very similar. Jeff told me to use 1/3rd of the bag and to snort it, but I thought that would be way too little. The size of the amount of the powder in one bag was VERY small and I couldn't fathom 1/3rd of it being a dose. But I was scared of trying heroin because of the stigma behind the drug and its users so I scraped about 1/3rd of the powder on a CD case and used a razor blade to make a tiny line. I then went to the bathroom and put a few drips of water onto my finger tips and then snorted a tiny bit of water into my nostrils so to get them ready for snorting a powder. I waited maybe 3 minutes for the water to absorb into my nose so I wasn't snorting a powder with too wet of a nose.

Experience: I was sitting in the very desk I am sitting at now and I snorted the tiny tiny line of heroin and then held my head back so no powder fell out. After maybe 15 seconds I could notice the taste in the back of my throat, a very chemical, bitter taste.

It took no longer then 5 minutes for me to start and feel the first effects of the powder. It started with a normal opiate high, very slightly noticing my tempature rising and that opiate-like tingle. About 15 minutes after I snorted the powder I could tell I was in the nodding stage of a opiate high. And in the nodding stage of a opiate high I have learned I can't be sitting at a desk or doing anything or else it takes away from the nodd. So 15 minutes after I snorted the heroin powder I decided I should lie down and try and get some deep nodding going. I turned off the lights, my computer and turned the TV on, slipped into my bed pulling the covers up to my neck.

At this time I could easily tell this drug was a strong one. It had been no longer then 18 minutes and I could tell that if I tried to walk around I would be sick (a good sign of strong opiates) and the rush was really a 'in your face' kind of rush. By 'in your face' I mean for the most part opiates are a weak and sensitive high. I bet most daily marijuana smokers can take a normal dose of oxycodone and not notice the high much at all. Like I said I really need to lie down and almost try and sleep to get the most out of my opiate high. I can quickly forget I ever took the drug if I am active and doing things.

But now, 20 minutes, the rush was really warm and in your face. I was quickly climbing to the peak of a very strong, possibly the strongest, opiate high I have ever had. At about 20 minutes in I knew it was time to do my little opiate ritual in order to slip in and out of the deep sea of nod. So I changed my focus from the TV to sleeping. That's right, to catch the best nodds I need to try and go to sleep, if I took a strong enough opiate I won't just pass out.

I flip over on my stomach, sorta pull myself into the fetal position with a pillow in my arms pressing tightly against my chest. My face pressing deep into a pillow, I find this position the most comfortable. I close my eyes and try not to move, not to think, as I slowly melt away into the deep sea of nod.

25 minutes after I had snorted the powder, and about five minutes after I started my opiate ritual, I was no longer conscious and I was not asleep. This my friends is the state of mind that is opiate land. I am not asleep cause I am still aware of the room I am in, and I can get up at anytime and take myself out of this trance. But I am not aware of what is happening around me. I lay completely content, I want nothing because everything I could possibly want is being recreated in my mind.

30 minutes in I am starting to have vivid dreams, and I mean VIVID. Dreams of me holding a girl I care deeply about instead of a pillow. Dreams of me being in a hamock hanging over an infinitely deep gorge. Great, vivid, dreams. This is truly everything I could even want existing as relivable memory.

40 minutes in I start to reach states of nodding I never knew were possible. I would be having a very vivid dream that was ever so pleasing and then I woke up and decide to put on some music. Listening to a very mellow Boards of Canada song I was starting to nodd off in my chair at the desk where I am now. But instead of slipping off into a dream I awoke in my bed realizing I had never actually turned on any music and I had just dreamed all of it. I was blown away that I was actually having false awakenings and at this point I fucking loved heroin. I couldn't believe how cheap it was! 30 bucks for a bag that 1/3rd of its powder had me in one of the deepest nodds I have ever been in. This means that I was getting more high off 10 bucks with heroin then 30 bucks would get me with oxycodone.

This deep ride lasted for about 5 hours, and in this time I had more false awakenings, lucid dreams, and moments where I literally felt like I was having a wet dream. After several hours when I started to come down I called my friend John and told him how amazing it was. He came over and bought one bag from me, I told him to use 1/3rd of the bag and to just lay down. He later told he it was the single most amazing nodd of his life and he couldn't believe how cheap it was compared to other opiates.

My friend Joe called me up for a reason I have forgotten, possibly for weed, and I told him he must come over quickly and that I had a present for him. Joe had very very little experience with opiates and had no tolerance unlike me, so I thought maybe 1/4th of the bag would be good for him.

He came over and we talked and I closed the door to my bedroom (I didn't leave my room for the rest of the night after I snorted the first tiny line) and showed him the tiny line ready to be snorted. He was scared at first of course but he saw the look in my eye and later told me I singlehandedly convinced him by the look in my eye. He snorted the powder and we talked for a bit and he set off. The next day he raved to me about how amazing that little bit of powder was and how I should never do it again because it was too good. Boy was he right, wish I had listened.

I would later keep using heroin for about a month, sometimes doing it for 4-5 days straight and stopping immediately without withdrawal. It has almost been 9 months since then. I wish I had never started using opiates. Opiates were my biggest mistake. I never became a typical heroin addict, never had withdrawal from it. I did later start go get bad withdrawal from oxycodone. But that was after months and months of using it.

Moral of the story here, heroin is way too good, don't even try it because you can't feel that good all the time and it is depressing because it is exactly how I want to feel all the time.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82597
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 18, 2015Views: 3,997
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Heroin (27) : Addiction & Habituation (10), Hospital (36)

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