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by MrPRiM8
Citation:   MrPRiM8. "aMT + 5MeO-DIPT OVERDOSE WARNING: An Experience with AMT & 5-MeO-DIPT (exp8274)". Jul 22, 2001.

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:00 50 mg oral 5-MeO-DiPT (powder / crystals)


[erowid note: We're requesting some confirming details for this experience and will post any further info as we get it.]



Several days ago, several friends and I took aMT for the first time. We didn't have a milligram scale at the time, so we measured the white powder using a 00 capsule. We filled up four capsules to a little under a third each, loosly packed. I estimate that we took between 40 and 60mg of aMT. We dosed at 4:00PM. The first group of us to dose was myself (19/M), my room-mate (19/M), a lady friend of ours (she took a bit less, slightly less body weight), and another friend of ours (21/M). Coming up was a bit naseuous, and two of us (me and my 19 year old room-mate), vomited. Vomiting made us feel much better, and the nausea was gone within the first hour and a half. Later we discovered we felt a lot better if we mixed the aMT in orange juice and stirred it up, as several other people dosed around 9:00PM (5 hours later). Everybody was having a great trip several hours later (about midnight), and we built a rope swing from a large tree behind the house. The aMT trip is very mellow and relaxed, but it also seems to increase your heartbeat and give you a bit of energy. We had a good time dancing and playing on the rope swing (we used a cone as a seat and threw the rope over a branch about 30 feet up).

Don't try this at home!

About this time (just after midnight), we decided to try a bit of 5MeO-DIPT (Foxy Methoxy) in addition to the aMT. This was a stupid idea, but we thought we wouldn't be too bad off, though possibly sick and disoriented. The Foxy Methoxy tastes horrible in juice, it tasted like we were drinking pool chemicals, so we poured the glass out and my room-mate and I each took a capsule. He packed himself a cap that was about a third full, and handed it to me. I told him it was too much and that I wouldn't eat it. I told him to be careful, but I allowed him to eat it. I ate a capsule a bit less than a quarter full.

The craziest walk of my life...

Half an hour later, we walked down to the gas station (the stupidest thing you can do is drive around on psychedelics, especially ones you are not very familiar with). The gas station was about 10 minutes away on foot, and the trip became overwhelmingly interesting. The sky looked amazing, the trees, and the whole neighborhood seemed to encompass us. The sounds around us were amplified, and everything seemed nutty. We were sweating quite a bit by the time we got to the gas station. The visuals were kicking good, and we were in an all-around good mood. I noted that we had been smiling quite a bit over the course of the night, and we gave the aMT two thumbs up. On the way back from the gas station, however, things took a turn for the worse. It became hard to figure out where we were, the hallucinations were getting really intense, and my friend wasn't very responsive to conversation.

I had mentioned that I was seeing tons of power lines above us (15 or 20 in one spot, and they looked like thin wire cutting through the sky), there weren't actually power lines in that area, as the cable is buried underground in that part of the neighborhood. I also noticed that I would see what appeared to be fences in front of me as we turned down several streets. Just as I was mentioning this to my friend, he walked right into a fence, hit it hard even. It was a bit funny, but he wasn't talking much and I was getting worried. I tried to crack some cheap jokes, but he didn't seem to understand. He began to say over and over again, 'You guys got me... You guys got me GOOD!'.

After a while I was getting worried, this is about all he was saying, and I was having trouble deciding which road we were on and where we were supposed to go to get back to the house. We walked right by the house at one point, and the others were standing out front calling us. I told them about his condition, and we went inside. He just grinned at everybody and stated 'YOU GUYS GOT ME! YOU GOT ME GOOD!'. We took him out back onto the porch and tried to calm him down with some water and conversation. He began repeating 'Take me back to the house!', and he had a very sinister grin on him, I was afraid he had snapped, and we'd have to watch him for a while until he came down. I told everbody to watch for him choking, and to make sure to clean his mouth out if he vomited. He stumbled around outside for a while until his condition got worse. After a few minutes, he fell over and began making the most horrible noises, like a bear almost, and was choking on the air that he was breathing. We decided he might need medical attention. He was making the most awful noises and it appeared that he could not breath properly.

Time to call the paramedics :(

I called 911 immediately. They took several minutes to get to the house, and we were trying to figure out how to help him breath. When the hospital arrived, he was still in the same condition, only he looked much worse. I have never seen anybody overdose before, but we could tell his body was in some serious trauma. I brought the EMT people to the porch where he was, and they strapped him up to some machines to check his heart out and help him breath.

He was gone in a minute or so, on the way to the hospital. Five ambulances were in front of the house, and EMT people were everywhere. Nobody would talk to me, but I found one of the guys out front in one of the ambulances. I told him I would give him the aMT and the 5MeO-DIPT, and provide any information I could on the substances. The med people had no idea what the substance was or anything about it at all. I told them I could find out information much quicker than them, and provide them links on the Internet to studies and information about the chemical.

The police then told me I had to get on a stretcher and go down to the hospital. I asked the EMTs where my friend was, and if he was doing ok. They only responded with 'He's gone', which sort of irritated me. I said 'I know he's gone, I saw him leave in the ambulance, is he going to be allright?'. 'He's gone'. 'WELL GEE, I KNOW THIS'. I listed off several websites where they could read about the substance, and I mentioned they might be able to find it in the Physician's Desk Reference, under alpha-Methyl-Tryptamine, or IT-290. They didn't bother to write this down or anything. I was taken down to the hospital, all the while trying to tell them anything I could about the substance and the condition of my friend. They wouldn't report anything to me except 'He's gone'.

When we arrived at the hospital, I got lots of bad looks from the medics, which I understand, I know they must have to deal with stupid fools on overdoses all the time. The police were there cracking jokes on me and I was trying to get someone's attention to let them know what I could, and to try to help if possible. I didn't see my friend again that night. They wheeled me into a room with a curtain for a wall, and I spoke to one of the nurses for a few minutes. I begged her to let me know how my friend was doing, and told her some more places she could look up the substance. She said he was now stable, but that he had almost died. Soon a police officer came in the room, and several paramedics.

I was immediately strapped down to the hospital bed, and I asked what was going on. I told them I was fine. I started making some jokes to let them understand I was logical and reasonable. I discussed ethics with them for a moment, when I was told I had to drink charcoal. I told them I didn't need it, that I wouldn't drink it, and that I refused medical attention. I was strapped down, and they tried to pour it in my mouth. I spit it back up on myself (it was the most awful thing I had ever tasted). If you have ever had charcoal before, it tastes like dirt, it's very powdery, like liquid baking powder, and it gets between all your teeth. I spit up several cups of it, and puked some out before they decided to break out the tubes. I told them I wanted to call my lawyer, and I did NOT want them to put the tube in my nose. I have a deviated septum, the bone in my nose is slightly off-center, and leans to the right.

They refused to even stop for a second and consider, they inserted the tube into my nose, which felt like it was going straight up to my brain, and I screamed in pain. The tube then went down my throat, and into my stomach. It felt like I was choking on a knife and chewing on dirt and rocks. I couldn't breath and I was choking for air, and gasping between vomiting out blobs of charcoal. Blood was pouring out of my nose, which didn't quite have room for a large tube. It felt like razor wire was in my nose, throat, and stomach. I vomited charcoal all over the bed, my clothes, socks, shoes, and the medics. At one point, I couldn't breath for almost 30 seconds, and i bent my head down and pulled the tube out of my nose. Blood poured all over me. I could only move my arms about as far as my belly button, and the medics inserted the tube again immediately.

After this was all over, the straps were removed and I told them I was going to use the restroom. They called security, who walked me to the bathroom. My clothing was so stained with charcoal, I had to remove it, and it was freezing in the hospital. After I was back from the bathroom, the security guy told the people I was to be strapped down, and I told them I wanted to leave. Several people around me were 'Baker-Acted' around me, which I am not familiar with (apparently they are strapped down for 72 hours), and I told them I wanted to leave immediately. I signed some papers and got my clothes back on.

At this point, a law enforcement officer entered the room, dressed up like a raver kid. He had some orange glasses on, a ball cap, and a Jose Cuervo shirt. I immediately got the feeling that this is the kind of guy that goes up to the club and gets buddy buddy with some people in order to eventually roll over on them and have them locked up. I am on probation at the time (for posession of marijuana, and I don't care too much for this type of person). The first thing he said to me was that I could be charged with a homicide. I told him that my friend did it on his own free will, as if he had drank bleach, and that he didn't die. (I believe he checked himself out of the hospital at about the same time). I told him we weren't trying to commit suicide, but had taken a bad mixture of some tryptamines we were testing. I discussed aMT with him, it's effects and legality, and Foxy Methoxy as well. He had never heard of the substances, nor had he heard of Psilocybin (or he claimed), or DMT.

After a few minutes he told me that I could leave, and that they would keep the chemicals for analysis. At the time I didn't even realize I had given the guy the wrong bag, he was in posession of the 5MeO-DIPT and the 5MeO-DMT. At the time the medics were here I was not exactly in the best of mind. He also showed me a paper which he had confiscated from my house. It was a photocopy of a bag that I had received 5MeO-DIPT in several months ago, and I noticed that the bag had 250mg listed on it, the same amount I had purchased at the time. I wasn't sure that he had taken it from the house (he didn't mention that), until I got home and discovered the house had been searched, and my papers had all been gone through.

The Aftermath

The next afternoon, we got a call from the Channel Six news station here in town. They wanted to discuss the details of the overdose, and that they were doing a story on it. This was not my intent and I feel very bad about having this come into public awareness, however I could not change the past, and I was glad that my friend had came out allright. I told her I would tell her information about the chemical, (not the supplier), and give her information on where to research it. I told her it was very important to be truthful in her report, and that I would not like my name mentioned during the broadcast. She said that was fine. I provided her information on
where she could read about the substance, and told her this was the first overdose I had heard of on either of these chemicals. I told her I also believed that the mixture was what had caused the overdose. Later a news van appeared by the house, but nobody called us up or came to the door.

Don't you just love the media?

I went outside to see what was going on, and it was raining heavily. I told her more information about the substance, and I said I would allow her to interview me if my face was blacked out and that she would promise to be as accurate as possible, and not use my name, images of the house, or the home address. She told me she gave me her word. I then brought a paper outside to her, and asked her to sign it. The paper stated that her station nor it's affiliates would use my name, images of the house, or the home address in the news report. The lady then changed her mind, got very angry, and told the camera guy to start filming the house immediately. I held my hands in front of the camera to block the shot, and asked them to leave. They told me they wouldn't leave and would call the police. I told them to go ahead. They stated that they were on public property (the sidewalk across the street), and I said I was as well.

I talked a bit to the camera, with my hands in front of it, and the woman was screaming at me about being a drug addict. She said that the camera was not public property, and I told her I wouldn't touch it, but not to touch me with it or I might lose my balance in the rain and slip. She eventually left and I got a tape to tape the news with. I will also mention now that I was on aMT at the time. The news tape I recorded is a great laugh, I'm sorry about possibly ruining aMT for everyone, but I do believe it is relatively safe. During the course of that night, myself and two friends ate well over 120mg (well over a full 00 capsule, and it tastes great in orange juice!). We took probably 5 times as much aMT over the course of the night, and the DEA and the Orange County Police Department called up several times. I discussed ethics with the guy from the hospital, and had a few jokes for him also.

At one point I asked him how he got into the business, and informed him that he could buy aMT for me if he had trouble finding it. I told him I do not sell it for people to eat, only for analysis, and I also mentioned that I didn't approve of his method of policing. I said to him 'Come on now, narcy narc, what do you got to say about the funky bunch?' He told me that since he could not arrest me, he would try to make the drug illegal if possible, and I told him that he shouldn't waste his time, that it only costs tax payers money, lands people in jail, and stops the spread of information. He knows tons of kids die being stupid every year, not knowing about what they take, what they mix, and what is DANGEROUS.

This will continue to happen until people are well informed, treated well by the law enforcement community, and provided help and recovery when necessary. People would greatly benefit from programs that could be funded using the money that is spent on the war on drugs. Although my opinion here is not related to the overdose, I did get a chance to talk for a while with some of the law enforcement community, who sometimes disgust me, and the media, who did a horrible job of producing their story. People were misled by the news story, the information provided was inaccurate and false, and they gave no warning to anybody about what chemical the aMT had been mixed with which caused the overdose. I believe I was taken to the hospital against my will, the house was searched without a warrant or permission, and we were harrassed by the media as well as the police.

Spread the word!

I left out many very important details, but I first wanted to warn people about the dangers of mixing aMT and 5MeO-DIPT. Please share this information with anybody interested in the chemicals mentioned within, on newsgroups, to people who may distribute either of these substances, and to any sites which contain information about these substances.

Remember, be careful what you do, watch out for your friends, and don't TAKE AMT WITH 5MeO-DIPT!

Thanks to the medical community for the help.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8274
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 22, 2001Views: 48,612
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5-MeO-DiPT (57), AMT (7) : Hospital (36), Overdose (29), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Health Problems (27), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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