The Best W/D Reliever
Citation:   PhilBetter. "The Best W/D Reliever: An Experience with Kratom (exp82751)". Jan 18, 2021.

3 tsp oral Kratom
As I lay withering in bed coming off of a 120mg a day vicodin habit I realized I had ordered some of this dirt they call kratom. I second guessed a lot of people who said it relieved all of their W/D's within 15 mins.

So, I'm at the point where I will try anything. Sweating, RLS, body aches, stomach pains, diahrea,...well you get the picture. I was w/ding bad. So I open the new bag of kratom. Let me say that up unto to that moment I had only tried kratom twice as wasn't impressed, though I was trying to get high off it.

With my hands trembling from W/D I scooped out 3 tsp of the Enhanced Bali Kratom, put them in my mouth and washed it down with GF juice. Ahhh, not too bad.

Not expecting a lot, I returned to my throne of couch. Within 10 mins I noticed the sweating had gone away. I then realized my legs stopped kicking. WTF, am I feeling normal? Yep, after a good 45 mins I was off the couch and playing games on my PC in a good mood.

The effects seem very natural and clean. Not like a drug at all. I could focus and think straight, my senses seemed heightened, and my anxiety had completely vanished. Amazed at this plant I began to research and found many other opiate addicts who have found this plant and turned their lives around for the better. I have heard as much as it helping a guy with a 300-400mg oxy a day habit, A guy using a bundle of Heroin a day as well.

Thank God for this plant! Getting off these pills is actually becoming a reality now.
Thank God for this plant! Getting off these pills is actually becoming a reality now.
I never thought I could stop, but with the help of kratom I plan to.

I hope everyone can respect this plant and keep it legal for all of us who greatly benefit from it!

God Bless

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82751
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jan 18, 2021Views: 2,139
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