The Worst Experience Imaginable
LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   Anonymous. "The Worst Experience Imaginable: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp82764)". Sep 12, 2018.

  oral Cannabis (edible / food)
  1 tablet oral LSD (blotter / tab)
It was late July and a couple of my friends and myself were on our way to see a concert not far from our hometown. It was extremely hot out that day and seemed like it would be the perfect day to see an outdoor concert. To make the situation even better, I received some tickets for the event that morning completely out of the blue. Prior to that I thought that I was going to have to buy from a scalper.

I've seen a number of concerts at the venue that we were going to, so I knew what to expect. Before the concert starts, tons of people hang out in the parking lot and drink, grill, sell food, walk around etc. The type of music that we were going to listen to also basically turns the parking lot into a pharmacy; drugs are being sold everywhere and people are using drugs everywhere. My friends and I knew this and planned on ingesting some mind altering substances upon our arrival.

When we arrived at the venue we walked around for a little and sat under some trees to cool down because it was so hot out. A bunch of our other friends drove down separately and they joined us as we sat and cooled down. We had about two hours or so before the concert so the plan was to relax, eat some LSD, and get ready for a great night. If I recall correctly, everyone in our group including myself had several experiences with LSD.

I'd taken acid approximately ten times up to that point and every experience was wonderful. I had a few instances in previous experiences where I would get a little paranoid, but nothing I would call a bad trip. On one occasion (coincidentally at the same venue) I had to undergo a sobriety test during the peak of my trip. I was escorted to a police trailer along with a friend and a couple of other people we didn't know. Even though it was a very stressful situation being taken away from my friends by cops while I'm well into an acid trip, and I was quite paranoid, I held myself together and performed the sobriety test perfectly. The only thing that the officers said was peculiar was that my pupils very large (so large that they exceeded the largest diameter pupil measuring device) and that there was a 'relapse' or something when light was shined in my eyes. Although this is another story, I thought I'd mention it because I believed if I could go through that experience I could go through any.

I knew LSD was very powerful drug, but I didn't realize how powerful until that day in June. With a number of experiences under my belt, I believed I knew what it was about and what to expect. So here I am sitting in this field with bunch of my friends under a tree, and one of my friends that joined us had just baked a fresh batch of cannabis brownies. I received a brownie and ate it quickly. The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30 and I ate the brownie at about 4:00-4:30. Having eaten cannabis a number of times before, I knew I would be feeling the brownie before I went into the concert.

Right before the cannabis brownie started to take effect, I took one dose of white paper acid. With two doses, the plan was to take one and then take the other in the show when the effects from the first began to wear off. I have taken up to eight hits in one sitting, so I thought one would be nothing to worry about. I couldn't have been more wrong. As the effects of the brownie started to settle in (about a half an hour after I ate it), I started becoming paranoid. It had been a while since I had last eaten cannabis, so I didn't remember how strong its effects can be. The combination of the heat and the unsettling feeling that I had from the brownie was making me uncomfortable. I felt tired, paranoid, fidgety, and very anxious.

The friends that joined me had also ingested some acid at this point and everyone was kind of silent as we waited for it to take its course. We decided to return to my friends car and lock up our belongings so we wouldn't need to worry about it later. Sitting in the car is the last thing I can remember before things started getting out of hand.

The first thing that I remember bothering me was the intense heat. I must have been at least 95 degrees that day so I felt like I was melting. Now, I don't know if I was just destined to have a bad experience that day, but I think the heat and the brownie had something to do with it. In any case, I was in a delicate situation. I then made the worst mistake I think one can make while taking LSD or any psychedelic: I forgot that I took the LSD. It was at this point that I was in for the most terrifying experience I've ever had in my entire life.

The bad experience lasted for about two hours, but it seemed like a million lifetimes. While most of my memories of it are blurry, there were some very vivid moments that I don't believe I can ever forget. As the acid took effect, I became extremely confused and I didn't want to be in that parking lot. The two friends that I was with were just starting feel the effects of their LSD as I stumbled around aimlessly and they followed me.

They noticed that I was having some trouble after they tried to get me to follow them to our other friends but I refused. I feared that my two friends had turned against me and were bringing me to the police who would then search me and throw me in jail for the rest of my life because I had more acid in my pocket. There was a small hill in the field and behind it was supposedly where our friends were. Every time that I would finally give in and start to follow them I would envision the police waiting for me on the other side to take me away.

I'm not quite sure if the order of the next sequence of events is correct, but as we were walking around I noticed words from conversations that people were having were meshing together into offensive sentences in my head. All that I heard were people's voices taunting me and making fun of me. I believed that everything I was experiencing was real life as I forgot that I ate LSD. People's faces were terrifying me as they melted and twisted around. I thought I had done something terrible and I was about to be given some sort of trial to see if I would be thrown into hell for eternity. I am not a very religious person, I'm agnostic, so what happened next really freaked me out. For some reason I knew that everything I thought was true. I could see into the future and it was horrifying. The scariest part of my trip was when god and the devil became involved. I realized that all of the horrible things that I was hearing actually was god speaking to me telepathically. One of my friends then said something to me, I don't remember what it was because I was in such fear that god had actually stopped time and begun talking to me through my friends body. He told me something along the lines of that I was a failure and I was damned for eternity.

I then believed that I was the anti-christ and that all of the horrible things that were happening to me were all planned my whole life. I saw hints everywhere that I was the devil and I was crushed by it. I could see nothing but horrible things happening to me. At probably the worst part of the trip I asked my friend if I was the anti-chirst. They laughed at me because of how ridiculous the statement was and I perceived their laughter as negative. I thought that they knew very well that I was indeed the anti-christ and they were going to lead me to where I would be killed by god himself.

I eventually forgot that I thought I was the anti-christ and as we finally reached the hill that we were trying to get to earlier (I was with other friends at this time as the other ones decided to let someone else deal with me). On the other side, my thoughts from before about bad things on the other side of the hill were somewhat true. Two of my friends were being searched by policemen right upon my arrival and I thought the whole parking lot just got busted and we were all screwed forever. I very slowly began to come back to my senses in short increments. I actually experienced some of the most vivid and extraordinary hallucinations I've ever experienced during this period in the trip.

I had become so used to the bad trip I guess that I didn't really even care anymore and I started to think positively at times. Finally I sat down in a chair and I remember thinking that I could just blast off from the Earth and go anywhere. I closed my eyes and saw the most unbelievable fractals and geometric designs I've ever seen. It was like I was painting in the backs of my eyelids. I felt a great deal of creativity. But the bad side wasn't over yet. I was still very confused as I floated along with my friends' faces in the air. All of our heads were flying together (bodies were not there) which was cool but frightening at the same time. One friend had mirror sunglasses on that I thought contained another world of some sort.

At this point in my experience, it was time to go into the concert. As we waited outside the entry gates for our other friends it hit me that I had just had a horrible trip, and I didn't even realize it until then. Though I was still hallucinating for several hours, I pulled myself out of it after indulging in two hours of complete chaos and hell. I confirmed with one of my friends that I just 'freaked out' and was completely stunned as to how it happened. I was fine the rest of the trip, but I felt very strange and couldn't stop thinking about why it happened.

I took a break from doing LSD for a while and I've only done it one time since my bad experience. My last experience was wonderful, but I don't know if I'll ever do it again. I wanted to end my experiences on a good note. But I've now realized just how powerful LSD really is. I only took one hit and one brownie and I was done for. I'm thankful that I didn't eat anymore that day because it could've been 100 times worse.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82764
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Sep 12, 2018Views: 3,254
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