My 36 hour Trip
Citation:   Trendal. "My 36 hour Trip: An Experience with DXM (exp8285)". Nov 20, 2007.

200 mg oral DXM (liquid)
t+0:00 - I mixed a bottle of Life Brand Cough syrup with a bottle of orange juice. The mix contains 300mg of DXM. I weigh about 50kg, so I decide to drink the whole bottle for a dose of 6mg/kg. Luckily, I only made it through 2/3 of the bottle before I couldn't stumach the taste anymore. I threw out the rest. This is at about 8:30pm. I'm sitting on my friend's front porch with him and one other friend (both sober). I'll call them P and R.

t+0:30 - I'm starting to giggle and laugh at odd things. I can still think perfectly straight. Legs feel a little tingly. I'm also talking a lot.

t+1:00 - I still can't notice any mental effects, but my body feels like it's in a different world. I stand up and try hopping up and down, but I've forgotten how to jump. My friends are laughing. I finally get hopping and fall over laughing. My whole body feels like jelly.

t+1:30 - We decide to go visit some friends of ours, call them K and N. My friend, call him P, is driving. I'm riding shotgun. As soon as we pull onto the main street, the streetlights and neon signs start flickering at me. Some of them are rushing into the car through the windshield. The music that my friend has on sounds amazing, like I'm in a concert hall. I still don't notice any mental effects.

t+2:00 - We arrive at our friend's house. I ask how long it took us to get here, because it seems like days to me. It only took 20 minutes. Now I feel like I'm tripping. I'm extremely paranoid now. It's dark out, and I don't want to leave the car. I tell my friends to go inside and get our friend, I'll call her N, because she can help me. She Trips, so she should know what to do. My friends leave me in the car, and I somehow find myself in the fetal position under the dash board. I realize what I'm doing and manage to force myself back onto the seat, but still crouched down low. I poke my head up and look out the windshield. The night is alive with moving shadows and forms. I can hear animal sounds, some of them screams, coming through the door. I can also hear children whispering to me, but I don't know what they are saying. Finally P and R come back to the car and rescue me. K and N weren't home. I'm feeling better now that they are in the car with me.

t+2:30 - We are now driving down the 'strip' in our city, looking at the girls outside the bars. My mind is getting a little better, but my vision has split into double images of everything. I feel a lot better. Somehow we run into my brother, who is standing on the sidewalk. P pulls over and I talk to my brother for a few seconds. Seeing him made me feel a lot better for some reason. I almost came back down to ground level. So we (P, R, and myself) decide to go to an ice cream place. I'm feeling better and better all the time now. I think I must be coming down, but I can't figure out why. It's only been two and a half hours. We get to the ice cream place and I get out of the car. I'm having some trouble walking, my legs still feel like jelly. I'm not worried though, I still think I must be coming down.

While P and R get some ice cream, I go to the bathroom. I turn on the bathroom lights, and all hell breaks loose. The walls of the bathroom are striped, and the stripes are moving up and down all over the place. There's a fan in the ceiling, and the noise is making my vision pulse. Somehow I make it over to the toilet, but it's on an angle. I start to pee, but I'm having a hard time hitting the toilet. I notice that I'm leaning against the wall. After standing up straight I can aim fine. When I'm done I go out to where P and R are sitting and sit down across from them. I tell them that I'm tripping hardcore and don't know what to do. They ask if they can help, but I tell them no. I'll be fine.

t+3:00 - We are back in the car driving around now. The visuals are starting to slow down, but my mind is getting increasingly blurry. At times I find myself doing things that I don't remember starting to do. I keep banging on the dashboard like I'm playing the drums. My friends tell me that I'm singing, but not saying any words. I just scream wordlessly to the music. I laugh, and tell them I'm OK. They laugh at me. We drop R off at his house, and P and I decide to go back and see if K and N are home yet. I feel like I'm coming down again. I can think straight. We get to N's house, and I'm paranoid again. So I tell P to go check if they are home. He's gone for too long and I get scared, so I get out of the car and go to the door. P is there, waiting. He says he thinks they're home, but 'busy'. We get back in the car and leave. By now I'm thinking straight again, so I decide to go home.

t+3:30 - We get to my house. Everyone is still awake. Nobody notices that I'm tripping. So me and P go downstairs. My brother is there watching TV, so we sit down. P and my brother are talking, but I just curl up in a ball at the end of the couch. My head is spinning really bad. We turn on Bloodsport and watch that.

t+6:00 - Bloodsport is over. It's 3am. P leaves and I go to bed. My head is still spinning.

t+12:00 - I wake up. I'm seeing everything in double. After a few minutes of staring at the ceiling, my vision fixes itself. My head is still spinning, and now my stumach is doing summersaults. I get out of bed, but I'm still having trouble walking. I manage to eat breakfast, and go downstairs to the basement. I spend the day watching TV.

t+21:00 - It's dinner time. My head is still spinning. I can walk straight now. Luckily my family doesn't notice anything. I can only eat one slice of pizza. I don't feel sick, but I have no appetite at all.

t+26:00 - It's 11pm and I decide to go to bed. My head is still spinning. When I close my eyes to go to sleep, I get visuals. I can see what looks like the surface of an ocean. There are waves and swells. Except the surface is a pattern of black and white triangles. The image is almost fractal at times. Very cool. Now I can feel a pressure on my face. I open my eyes and the pressure goes away. I close them again and it comes back. I still see the waves, but now there are figures lunging at me. Robots with hideous faces. The pressure increases every time one of the robots comes at me. Finally the visuals subside, and I get to sleep.

t+37:00 - I woke up this morning at 9am. My vision is finally normal again. As I write this, my head isn't spinning anymore but it still feels a little light.

If there's one thing I've learned from this experience, it is obviously that DXM isn't for everyone. Especially not for me. All in all it was a good trip. Great trip, actually. I had a great time the whole night. Even so, all the fun wasn't worth what I went through the next day.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8285
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 20, 2007Views: 58,622
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DXM (22) : Hangover / Days After (46), General (1), Various (28)

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