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Nice Trip, Bad Side Effects
H.B. Woodrose
by Charleysez
Citation:   Charleysez. "Nice Trip, Bad Side Effects: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (exp83094)". Aug 26, 2018.

6 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (ground / crushed)
    oral Chocolate (edible / food)


I had a mixed experience with HBW, I have done acid a few times (which has made me feel sick at times) and mushrooms and I had done the Trip-E capsules once before which contain HBW mixed with some other ingredients (these also gave me mild nausea).

I decided to try HBW as I have stopped taking chemicals in favour of natural highs. I read up on them thoroughly before taking them as I was aware they contain toxic substances. I cannot have alcohol so the traditional Hawaiian method of soaking them in alcohol was out of the question. I also could not get any coffee filters so soaking them and drinking the water was not an option. I decided the best option was to scrape the coating off the seeds as thoroughly as possible and to smash them up with a mortar and pestle and put them in capsules. This was a method I had read on a website which seemed to be pretty well informed.

My boyfriend and I took them when we were in the queue outside the new year's eve party (I did 2 capsules he did 1 to start with). We started to feel a bit queasy by the time we got in to the party which must have been about 40 mins, this passed fairly quickly and I felt very positive about taking them. The party was excellent and had a friendly crowd and good atmosphere for a hallucinogenic experience.

The seeds were a nice gentle ascent up unlike acid which tends to just hit all of a sudden and can be quite aggressive. I began to feel very euphoric and danced for a while and got some mild visual effects. So far so good! My partner wasn't feeling much so he took another one.

I made the mistake of eating a square of dark chocolate which did not go down well and gave me stomach ache. This was not too bad and after a bit we went into another room - I started getting more trippy visuals and felt very peaceful and free and couldn't stop smiling. Then my body started feeling more and more weak and floppy until I thought I was going to pass out. I lay on the floor before I collapsed and felt very heavy and relaxed - so much so I was struggling to remember to breathe and kept closing my eyes. I managed to tell my boyfriend how I felt and he was wonderful and kept talking to me to make sure I stayed awake. After a while I managed to get up but all night after that I kept getting weak and sleepy and passing out
I kept getting weak and sleepy and passing out
, I couldn't stand up for a lot of the night and started feeling sick and getting stomach cramps.

I hadn't eaten for about 4 hours before taking them because I heard it was best to take them on an empty stomach. This made being sick impossible as there was nothing in my stomach. I did throw up some acidy stuff but still felt bad. My stomach bloated up and my hands and legs felt achey and tingly all night. Despite this I still felt in a relaxed and happy mood and did not panic. I am grateful I was in good hands though because if it wasn't for my partner looking after me constantly I may have lost consciousness and people may not have realised.

I felt like I needed the toilet but couldn't go and the sickness and fainting feelings kept alternating and in the end I decided it was best to go home. I knew it could be potentially bad news but I did not feel scared or paranoid. I was feeling in control mentally although still a bit trippy and I managed to get home (half asleep all the way!).

When we got in I went to the toilet and was a bit constipated but managed to go - as soon as I managed to get it all out of my system my stomach felt instantly better, I felt dizzy and weak still but was able to breathe properly now and had a gingko biloba tea and went to bed to sleep it off. I slept on and off all day and felt a lot better after especially once I'd eaten something. I had a large spaghetti bolognese and some biscuits as I felt the need for something sweet.

I knew HBW could cause vascular constriction but I only found this out after purchasing them. In hind site I really shouldn't have done them as I already suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome
I already suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome
and poor circulation, but I had decided the chances of this was probably fairly unlikely - wrong! I did have some unpleasant feelings in my hands, legs and feet all night and all the next day. Once the vascular constriction wore off I had the opposite problem and my hands, legs and feet swelled up really big and got bright red and really hot! To counter this I smoked a joint which instantly took it back down. My nose was running and eyes watering and I felt like my body was trying to expel the poisons in every way possible.

My boyfriend was fine all night and he does have a stronger stomach than me so I guess it really depends on the person. I really enjoyed the high but will not be doing them again in a hurry. I would advise anyone thinking of taking them to try a small dose first, wait a few hours and see how you feel before doing more - they are slow to take effect. They brought my new years eve to a halt far too early.

Exp Year: 2009-2010ExpID: 83094
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Aug 26, 2018Views: 2,089
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