A Fascinating Journey to the 'Other Place'
by Callum
Citation:   Callum. "A Fascinating Journey to the 'Other Place': An Experience with DMT (exp83189)". Erowid.org. Apr 19, 2021. erowid.org/exp/83189

  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
    oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
    smoked DMT  
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)


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I've not had much experience with psychedelic drugs. I've tried ketamine in the past, but not in large doses and had no real hallucinations or out of body experiences. I've always been curious about them but was worried I wouldn't be able to handle it. My friend had recently acquired some DMT and told me how amazing it was. Over the past year or so I had become more interested in spirituality so felt I might like to try DMT as Iíve heard a lot of peoples experiences are quite spiritual.

It was around 10.00pm. I was in a positive, relaxed mood. I had drank a couple of glasses of wine and a few whiskeys. I expected myself to be more nervous about the prospect of taking what I have been told is the most powerful psychedelic substance around. I guess the fact I didnít feel that nervous spurred me on to try it. I thought I should take advantage of my relaxed mood.

I agreed to have a small amount of DMT and expected to have nothing more than some strange visual effects that would be quite manageable and wouldn't last long if I did panic or freak out. My friend who has taken DMT before on a couple of occasions, measured out what she thought was a small dose by eye (I couldn't estimate what sort of amount in mg this was) and mixed it with some cannabis in a bong.

We both agree now that what I experienced greatly exceeded what we anticipated given that we thought it was only a small amount. Imp not sure if this is because the dose I was given was not a small dose after all or whether I was just sensitive to it, or perhaps it was because I had not eaten in about 12 hours. Whatever the reason, I had no idea of what I was about to experience and was not prepared in the slightest for what followed.

In hindsight, I'm glad I didnít have a grasp of the sheer power and intensity of the DMT experience because I think I probably would have been too scared to try it. I have tried to remember everything I experienced but I know there are large chunks that I can't recall now. I'm also not 100% sure of the order of events. I have tried to use analogies with familiar situations to try and convey the types of feelings I had which hopefully are common feelings with whoever reads this. However, no superlatives will do justice to the feelings I experienced.

I took a hit on the bong and lay back onto the bed. Then there was nothing. I didnít know where I was or whether I was asleep or awake, dead or alive, or dreaming. I then saw vivid gold/yellow diamond shapes with smooth points and thick edges which filled my field of vision. I then felt the sensation of moving through a tunnel which was alive with energy, organically bubbling and blinking like a cauldron of light and sound all around me. I didnít panic at all, which I find surprising now, I think I was just too overwhelmed with amazement at what I was experiencing.

I remember realizing this was a completely new state of being and I could feel my brain trying to make sense of what was going on. I was rapidly trying to remember what had led to me being in this state but I couldnít remember that I had taken DMT. I had no perception of how long I had been in this state, it could have been 30 seconds, it could have been forever. Time no longer existed. I then sat up and opened my eyes and looked down at my knees and the dresser in front of me except all I saw was the most vivid landscape of colours that looked like a cartoon. Everything was composed of blocks of perfect primary colours. The dresser wasnít there. There was just colour. I looked around towards my friend who's movement just seemed to be a disturbance in a pattern of colour that filled my vision. I realized I had no control over what was happening to me and did not feel the urge the fight it. So I lay back down and closed my eyes and completely surrendered to the situation.

This time I felt the sensation of being completely detached from my body, and literally being whisked away through space to another dimension above everything I had previously experienced. This was the most sensational thing I have probably ever experienced. I fully realized at that time that there is another level of reality that normally we are just not aware of and I was being shown it! At that time I 100% knew that this was the true nature of reality. It felt like all the jigsaw pieces had fallen into place and every question Iíve ever had about life made sense.

Its interesting now afterwards that I am left full of questions, but at the time, I knew the answer to every question I had ever wanted to know. It was like having the biggest secret ever revealed to me. There WAS somewhere else. Another realm or dimension or whatever. It was like I'd hacked into life, like people do with computer games.

I felt as though my spirit had expanded to fill the universe and I was completely free and at one with it. It was the most intense feeling of euphoria Iíve ever had.

I can draw a lot of parallels to Plato's cave story, in so much as I have been living in ignorance of such a large
Portion of reality. During that experience I had been taken out the cave and shown the sun and the real world. Its like living my life looking though a key hole, then having the door thrown wide open and walking through it. I also realized that I can never do justice in describing this place. I knew when I was there I would never be able to describe it fully. It has to be experienced. By putting this experience into words, I have lost the essence and sheer vastness of it.

I was then on a platform looking down onto a landscape of blue and green light and was communicating with possibly 3 other beings. They didnít look human and I remember one of them was completely red and looked like a character out of star wars. I don't remember specific words that I was being told, I'm not even sure how we were communicating but they were giving me information about the true nature of reality. This was so overwhelmingly amazing, I started laughing. I just kept thinking to myself, 'there really is somewhere else after all, and I'm seeing it!'. Reality as I had known it up until then had just been a small fragment of the big picture. It was like when you are finally given the solution to a puzzle you have been struggling with for a while but couldn't get the answer. I found it funny that I had been struggling with it. It seemed so obvious, like I had this knowledge in me all along but just couldn't see it. My friend told me afterwards I looked like I was going to cry.

Its possible that I had been at this place before but could not recall it throughout my 'normal life'. Thinking back now I feel as though it was not my first visit there, this could be my mind playing tricks on me however. I am writing this 3 days after I had the experience.

I felt this experience cut like a knife through the foundations of all my previous thoughts and ideas about reality and life. I also remember thinking to myself ' how can I go back to 'normal life' after witnessing this?'

We had some music playing and I became aware that the sound seemed to be merging into the forms as though they were one and the same, like the landscape was sound and light at the same time.

I then sat up again and opened my eyes. Now the effects were obviously starting wear off and so I could see my friend and make out her face except the whole room appeared as though I was looking at it in 4D. As though there is a whole other dimension we are normally unable to tap into. My friend appeared to be surrounded by a transparent shell. I lay back down on the bed and felt my consciousness gradually returning to my body. I started to shake, it felt like the entire universe was being crammed into my tiny body except I was losing vast quantities of information about what I had just experienced. They were being shed as they could not be transferred back to my body and brain. Now they had become memories in my brain which were like damaged negatives of a photograph of the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. They wouldn't do justice to what I had experienced. To me they might help me remember the feeling of the experience, but given to someone else they wouldn't make sense.

The following day I had a strange experience. I was looking at my friends cat and I could feel a link between them and the place I had been. I could feel something connecting them to me and to what I had experienced the previous night, like our roots are in the same place. We both originated there and we will both go back there after this life. I'm not suggesting there is a link between me and just that specific cat, I mean life in general. I felt the same thing with my aunties dog later in the day

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 83189
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Apr 19, 2021Views: 134
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