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First encounter with the police
Cannabis & Cops
Citation:   Conan. "First encounter with the police: An Experience with Cannabis & Cops (exp8319)". Jul 24, 2001.

2 bowls smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I was a Junior in high school, and had been smoking weed since 7th grade. I still got straight A's, my parents didn't know yet, and before this I had no experiences with cops. I had never tried any drugs other than bud, and haven't since.

It was a Friday, and I was glad to have a couple days off from school. My friend (let's call him H) called me up and told me to go to his house. I rode there on my bike, and there was another of our buddies already there (R). H told me that he had some kind bud (I had only done KB once before, and really enjoyed it!). I left my bike at his house, then we walked into the forest about 1/2 mile from his house. He then asked if I brought a pipe by any chance. I said 'no, sorry' then he told me it was ok, we would just have to use a pop can. There was a hole in the forest where he kept the pop can pipe we had used months ago (we usually used headshop pipes). This hole was great for hiding stuff. Once you put leaves and stuff on it, it would completely conceal anything as big as a football.

He pulled out the sack, and only had about 2 bowls. We loaded them and smoked them and got really baked. We put the pipe back into the hole, and also the lighter and the empty baggie. Then we all sat around having a stoner conversation, talking for about 1/2 hour when this dude walked up behind us and asked what we were doing. We looked back, and saw that it was a cop with a flashlight.

'oh crap, my life is ruined' I thought. The cop then asked what we were doing in the forest so late (it was 8pm, but dark). R said 'we're just hanging out.' Then the cop told us 'oh, that's what you call it, well I received a call from someone living over here, saying that there have been 3 kids going into the forest to smoke dope.'

H then said 'hey man, you can search us if you want, we don't have anything.' The cop shined the flashlight into our eyes and told us that our eyes were red and we smelled like smoke. I thought of running, thinking 'maybe he won't chase after me, he'll just concentrate on my 2 friends' or 'my friends might run too, and in separate directions, we can make it!' I thought and planned out how and where I would run. Then another cop came so my plans got screwed. 'cop1' told 'cop2' that we already gave permission to search us. I looked down at my legs, and they were really shaking. I kept thinking whether it was from the weed, the cold, the fear, or all of it combined. 'cop2' then searched us one by one, and didn't find crap. Then he shined the light around the ground looking, but didn't find anything. He asked us to open our mouths and stick our tongues out. He told us we had white tongues with blisters in the back, and 'that only happens to someone who is addicted to pot.'

'cop1' asked us if we were smoking dope, and if we took a drug test, would it show up positive. 'cop2' then said 'be honest, we won't give you a ticket.' I thought about that for a long time, thinking 'even if they say that, can they legally give us a ticket??' We all said 'no' then he asked for some info (name, address, phone number, etc). He called my 2 friends first to tell the parents to pick their kids up, they had to walk to the forest and bring them back to their house. 'cop2' went with H to his house, and left me alone with 'cop1'. I was getting even more nervous, and shaking even more. 'cop1' tried to contact my parents, but the phone was busy. He asked when they would get off the phone lines, I told him I had no clue. He tried for 10 minutes or so, then 'cop2' came back. 'cop2' said 'Hey kid, H already admitted and told his parents, so why did you lie to me??' I just sat there silent, not being able to think of a decent answer. He said 'on a scale of 1 to 10 how stoned are you?' I said 'uhhh, 1/2?' then he tried calling one more time, then drive me home.

When we got there, he told me to open the door. I opened the door, and looked towards the living room, and saw my dad looking at internet porn. I had never caught him before, but suspected it, and this made me even more uncomfortable than I already was. He tried to close out, disconnect, and zip up his pants when he saw me and the cops. The cop pretended not to see, I guess, because he didn't say anything and kept a straight face. He said 'Mr, your child was smoking dope in the forest with 2 other kids. I haven't given him a ticket or anything, but you should make sure he never does this again.' The cops left, and I was now left alone with my dad at my house. He said 'listen, I didn't see anything if you didn't see anything.' I said OK, then went to my room.

What started out as a great high turned out to be a terrible nightmare. I didn't get a ticket, but my dad found out I toked, and never looked at me the same since. I still smoke weed, but my dad thinks that I stopped. I just hope it stays that way, but one day I will get caught again. Ever since that experience, my highs make me way more paranoid than I ever was before, and I seem to have an extremely low tolerance now. ALL MARIJUANA SMOKERS BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU SMOKE. FIND A PLACE WHERE YOU WON'T GET CAUGHT.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 8319
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 24, 2001Views: 23,036
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