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Tripping in the Park
by Marls
Citation:   Marls. "Tripping in the Park: An Experience with LSD (exp83253)". Erowid.org. Feb 26, 2012. erowid.org/exp/83253

T+ 0:00
1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)


Second acid trip, first effective
Substance: LSD-25
Dosage: Two hits, high potency
When: 1/9/10
1st tab 1:30 pm
2nd tab 2:30 pm
Where: California
Why: Self exploration and recreation

Background info: I am 16 years old, and I had gone to visit my friends in LA, I had gone up before this and tried some acid but it barely worked and I heard later from the guys that dropped it that it was DOI. So returning the second time I was offered a second chance to get some lsd. I gave him the money, we drove a couple miles and then he returned with 8 hits of what was reportedly high quality blotter. He quickly transferred it to tinfoil, I screamed like a little girl and we drove off. I brought it back home with me; the intention being me, my two friends at home and my friend from LA could all trip off of two hits some time. Well my friend from LA didn’t end up coming with us. We scoped out this huge park in the center of town the day before, at night. We ended up talking to some crazy kids waiting for their ecstasy dealer and we blazed them out. We returned the next day with subway sandwiches and high hopes.

Trip: We dosed the first hit around 1:25, left the three other hits in the car and set off walking. We walked a lap around the entire park with the hits still on our tongues, made it back to the car about 30 minutes later and swallowed the tabs. Sitting in the car under the shade structure, I began to notice colors intensifying, but nothing very strong yet. My friends remarked that they indeed felt odd. Being under the shade structure began to feel like I had somehow shrunken down and was in a toy car under the floorboards of a room. I was not hallucinating yet or even near full effects but I knew the acid was working. We went for another walk and felt the effects intensify, colors seemed amazing and I felt euphoric. Gazing around at all the wonderful, beautiful people and children playing and laughing I felt a sense of connectedness to them on a base human level. After an hour or so we returned to the car, still not fully tripping, and since we did not feel any increasing effects, we dosed the second tab at about 2:30 and began walking towards the street fair half a mile away.

On the way there we walked through the college, this is when the acid really took hold. We all started giggling and laughing out loud as we walked through the hallways which bent and breathed and contained within them swirling colors. We first looked at the out printed words on a wall proclaiming “Science”, me and my friend both started at it as we walked past and it changed colors and began to spring off of the wall, we both seemed to see this and busted out laughing. It was going really great and I was tripping just as much as I wanted to be because I was in a very public place. We took a break on a bench and tried to relieve some of the come up anxiety, which was not helped when I suddenly realized that I was playing with a little bit of paper in my mouth. “Oh shit” I said, “we just took another hit, and your face is already scintillating around and changing colors.” And older man walked by us lounging on the bench and remarked “You guys look ambitious!” we all laughed. We decided to continue on to the street fair but when we arrived I was tripping even harder and we could not tell if they were setting up or shutting down.

My friend decided that they were shutting down as he exclaimed “They are putting things into boxes, not taking them out!” joyous with his discovery. We left the street fair and began walking back through the college. We all began getting calls on our phones, me from my mom and sister and my friend from his father asking why no one was answering and to please call. I look down at my phone and the keys are swirling around in amazing, galaxy like spirals. Somehow I answered my mom, said a few words, then my sister called, and both calls failed. I was a little confused to say the least, but we ended up handling everything perfectly and received almost no more interruptions.
The trip progressed quickly in the next hour. We walked back through the park, a park filled with families and small children all playing and biking and running around. I felt their life energy coursing through me and felt a low drone of cosmic power permeating every atom around me.

The visuals were becoming very intense, I could no longer discern people in the distance from the grass around them and their pixels flew together and swirled around. We completely lost ourselves, but amazingly ended up on a bench in a secluded tree circle on the edge of the park, just close enough to be with the hordes of life forms, but not close enough to interact with them. We must have sat there for at least an hour or more, tripping way beyond my capacity to handle anything but sitting and mumbling the beginnings of my thoughts. “Why don’t we walk to the other bench” became “why doo, why dooo, why…”. I was sensing the essence of reality and life in that reality. I felt the insane complexity of DNA and could feel the overwhelming universal drive to promote information, the formation of information, I saw that through life is just a distilled version of the underlying force of energy that permeates everything in the universe and drives entropy forwards and backwards, that the piecing together of vast, complex and beautiful information was the opposite of chaos. I felt all of this moving together through time, I felt the grass swirling out of the dirt, and changing as it too moves through time with me and the reality around me.

After the trip had eased off somewhat we attempted to walk to the car to get our sandwiches. We made it after a very long time of wandering through the park and weaving in and out of children who I felt were perhaps in a similar state of mind as I. Eating the sandwich proved to be ridiculous; I could feel the taste in my mouth and was sensing the molecular makeup of the food. It was overwhelming and also very messy so I ended up only eating a few big bites. We spent the rest of the day and long into the night there and walking around the surrounding city, saw the kids that we smoked out the day before around 6:30, apparently they had gotten their drugs and had just taken them. They asked us if we “saw anything”, “oh indeed” I replied as his face multiplied and swayed within itself. Later I returned home where my parents were discussing set and setting of hallucinogenic drugs and how they would never understand taking a high dosage of mushrooms or acid in public places. What a coincidence! I spent the rest of the night with them making delicious breads and cheeses and eating fruit and chocolate, and reviewing my research paper request for a study on the efficacy of intravenous tPA.

I then sat with my mom as she recounted some of the lessons she has learned from her experiences in the last couple of years, she told me and read me many of the things I had realized that day but in words written far better than my own. She told me that “There is no control, you can’t control anything, but you can create, you can create everything.” I hugged her goodnight at 2:30 am and took a shower and went to bed after a long time.

Reflections: Amazing. I tapped into the underlying forces of reality, my own perceived reality. I meshed with a greater power. I felt the drone of life, living or not. I understood that my actions did not matter, that I was the same as all of these humans around me, as all the life around me, as everything I perceive, I was the same. I was a piece of the larger continuum of meaningful meaninglessness.

To quote my mother: “Its finding God…. only through this will you end your suffering. Truth lives in you. There is only truth. And you aren’t sure there is a god, you want god to exist, you may think or believe there is no god, but there is. How do you find god? First, you have to vanquish all images and forms that you were raised with, taught, blanketed in old notions from people and institutions that had an agenda. God is formless, god is not a belief, or made in a gender or form. When you redefine and begin to reconceive god, begin by trying to use other words and images, as you do you come closer to finding god. When finding god becomes an action, similar to finding and redefining love, use this action to explore opening pathways and conduits to your inner being. Because god is never separate from you to begin with. God is not someone you meet when you die. Heaven is not a place reserved for the departed. God is the Creator. And what are we humans filled and overflowing with? Creativity! 'This is god, the creator. And whenever you see, feel, hear, taste, or experience anything with the senses, something that is monumental, stunning, grand, unique, clever, artful, playful, phenomenal, head-scratching, mysterious, beautiful, or profound, that is god working within you,

'Either as the human creator of something or as an appreciator of it. God is Creation. The creator lives within all of us. We have god in us. And when we create anything, a child, a project, a home, a service, we are allowing our god energy to flow unimpeded. When we are open, truthful, grateful, and aware, we begin to know this truth. This is the truth. Not my truth, the truth. And I know it because god told me… not my god, the god, the one, the one that exists in each and every one of us, whether we acknowledge the presence or not. You will begin to find and know god when you begin a dialogue with god. I spoke to my creator tonight, and she told me to keep my channels open, that whenever doubt crept into my thoughts, that these were only words not truths, these were just other thoughts, clouding vision… mental, emotional, past baggage that is associated with fear and doubt. Dispel them as soon as they come. Don’t allow them to stay, swirl them around inside and flush them out with the breath. Exhale. Unclog the toilet. My essence remains unaffected. Who I am unaltered by words, beliefs, or other’s beliefs or opinions, But, HEED THE DOUBT, because that is a powerful signal to remove that obstacle from the path, to sweep it aside, to keep channels open and flowing like the river that I am, like the god energy that is flowing through me at all times, Breaking the dams as they form … that is the passion I am feeling, it’s the creator’s energy, the active love, and the act of love, the action of god’s movement within every cell of me.”

–Dr. D, 2008

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83253
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 26, 2012Views: 8,061
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LSD (2) : Families (41), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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