A Positive Experience, a Drug with Some Uses
Citation:   HelsingTheDog. "A Positive Experience, a Drug with Some Uses: An Experience with MDPV (exp83271)". Erowid.org. Aug 31, 2010. erowid.org/exp/83271

7 mg insufflated MDPV (powder / crystals)
This report details a first time experience based upon a single 7mg dose (insufflated) of Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV). I feel that there isn't enough information on the Internet about MDPV so I am adding this report. I hope that someone finds it useful.


I am 33 years old, I weigh in at 149lbs and have been using and abusing substances regularly for 3 years now. I used to swear by lots and lots Cocaine, MDMA, Ketamine and party biscuits but since being introduced to 4-Methylmethcathinone (Mephedrone) by the neighbor five months ago, I have developed quite an appetite for it, consuming between 1.5g - 2g EVERY weekend. However, I got greedy 2 weekends ago and woofed down 2.7g of Mephedrone in 20 hours - I felt fine but I spotted the early signs of vasoconstriction (poor circulation) so Iíve vowed to never exceed 2g in future.


Whilst ordering some more Mephedrone (2g only), I spotted that the website I use was selling another substance called Methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV), after a nose around Google, I was satisfied I knew what it was (roughly) and purely because Iím a curious little chap, I added one gram at a cost of £30 to my order.


I got in from work at about 5pm (how else do you think I can afford this stuff?), and there was a small Jiffy bag waiting for me on the doormat. Inside were two small re-sealable bags, both clearly labeled and with the usual 'NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION' which I ignored. Soon after, my housemate had also got home from work and had joined me on the sofa in the lounge. We all had a pint of lager each and I had an Indian Takeaway. After dinner, I got out my scales and other 'drug' paraphernalia to make life easier.


This was an unplanned experience as I had been planning to try MDPV on Friday night - however the temptation proved to be too great. On top of the lack of preparation, only 48 hours had passed since I had been shoveling in the Mephedrone (consuming 2g in 24 hours, starting at 6pm on Saturday), although thanks to my super powers (or pure luck) I didn't suffer from nasty comedowns. That said my body wasn't quite back to 100%. You get the picture! Usual preparations for any planned drug use are almost ongoing really (for me) and they include very simple things:

Getting plenty of sleep

Eating really healthily

Drinking lots of water (3 liters per day)

I think of my body as if it were a car - if I don't put the correct fuel in, never have it serviced and yet I drive it flat out everywhere - I'll break it! To prevent or at the very least, lessen the side effect of grinding your teeth, I take a Calcium & Magnesium supplement, twice a day or as directed on the label - but only 2 days prior and on the day I start. To ease any comedown effects, I take just two 5-HTP caplets on the morning after.


I had a single 7mg dose, which was Insufflated @ 5.25pm. I weighed this dose and EVERY single dose I administer using scales - even though I probably could get it correct by eye, why risk it?


Snorting the MDPV seemed the simplest way to administer the drug. I am also pleased to report that it wasn't unpleasant. It had the faintest of odors, which I liken to mint - if anything at all.

T+30 mins - I couldn't 'feel' any buzz/rush effects yet (as with Mephedrone) but my mouth had dried up. I also noticed that I was getting chatty!

T+60 mins - I was experiencing what is probably the main effect of MDPV - a high level of concentration and focus, I had become transfixed with the laptop and was flat out on Facebook! Occasionally, I would interact with my housemate, but I was super focused and this would last for HOURS!!

T+120 mins - I was finally off of Facebook, but now I was writing an email. Writing and re-writing, I was meticulous, continually reading it through, editing it, reading it through again, editing it some more. I spend the next 4 hours writing an essay, when the reply only required a couple of lines.

T+360 mins - It's now 11.25pm. Six hours after administering the dose, and there is no let up. Iím not having a bad time, but I will admit that I was aware that I was typing far too much and ultimately it was all unnecessary, but I couldn't stop myself. I leave the lounge and head for bed... upon entering my room however, I spot my iPhone and discover another email in my inbox. I can't put it down...

T+480 mins - At 1.30am, and following two whole hours of finger tapping, I am just finishing off my reply to the email on my iPhone. It's another unnecessary essay.

T+500 mins - At 1.50am I call my boss and say I won't be in work tomorrow. My boss wasn't delighted. I then remove every possible distraction, turn the light out and go to bed but can still feel the MDPV being pumped around my system, I calls this the Encore!!


What the hell is the encore?? It's the nice sensation I experience (hopefully) between going to bed and falling asleep. It's the feeling I get when I've been going hard at it for 24-36 hours but eventually I accept that I really should go to bed. This is when the encore kicks in, I get comfy under the duvet and I just want to sleep forever, but my body hasn't finished yet and my heart is still doing 150bpm with my system full of drugs - welcome to my encore - it can be frustrating coz Iím tired, but it's really a positive sensation, it's warm and fuzzy and tingly and maybe lasts for another hour or so until I finally drop off. It always brings a grin to my face in an 'I got away with that again' kind of way.'

T+530 mins - It's 2.20am now and this is the last time I remember looking at the clock.


Well, there wasn't really a comedown. I did have a very mild headache that only affected the area around my eyes (similar to an alcohol induced headache - but much milder) HOWEVER, I think that this was more likely to have been brought on by 6-7 hours of typing (including 3 on my iPhone) WITHOUT wearing my reading glasses!!! Iím an idiot.


All the usual 'Research Drug' effects are to be expected.

I experienced the following effects in a very mild way... Dehydration, gurning/Bruxism, insomnia, euphoria, dilated pupils, raised blood pressure, increased heart rate.

The big effect of MDPV... Concentration/focus levels go off the scale Ė I can only concentrate on one thing a time.


I count this as a positive experience. Next time I would want to try re-dosing and also hide my laptop and iPhone so that I don't just spend 8 hours typing!!

Mephedrone remains unthreatened, but then the two drugs are like chalk and cheese and not in competition. I believe that MDPV should be considered more of a study aid. So if I've got a pile of emails to write, or a CD collection to re-organize, I might use MDPV.

MDPV represent good value for money too. With potentially 200 doses from each gram (costing £30). Also as the dose is so small it should last a long time too!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83271
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33
Published: Aug 31, 2010Views: 31,423
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