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Citation:   desox. "DX-Men: An Experience with DXM (exp8330)". Erowid.org. Oct 22, 2020. erowid.org/exp/8330

15 tablets oral DXM (pill / tablet)
One evening in summer 2000 me and a few friends decided to go to the movie 'X-Men' which had just launched here in Germany. We met at a friends apartment at 8pm and while the others were going to take a few - or a lot - hits from the bong I decided to take some DXM. I recently had taken 600mg and had have a great time, but I thought for the cinema 450mg would be safer.

The movie would start at 11pm and we left the apartment at 9:45pm and went to a park near the cinema. While the others were smoking some more joints I washed down 15 of those 30mg pills with some coke. We were sitting in that park for about an hour, the others getting heavily stoned, me waiting for the effects to set in.

At about 10:45pm we went to cinema and bought our tickets. Only two of my friends had have a 300mg experience with DXM to the others that drug was completely unknown, so they were asking 'How are you?' and stuff like that. At that time I was feeling quite normal, but I felt that the DXM had started to work.

We sat down in the cinema where still some ads were running. Now I definitely felt the DXM. Surroundings became a bit dream-like, hard to describe. Then the movie started. About 5mins after the start of the film the effects set in heavily and I felt nausea. The last time I tripped I had nearly puked so I became a bit nervous what would happen if I had to puke here. Would I make it fast enough to the toilet? To my left was sitting a complete stranger, what if I would puke directly to his feet? There was no real panic, but I felt very uncomfortable, while the other had lots of fun being stoned.

About 10mins later the effects of the DXM had increased and I forgot thinking about the nausea. I felt great, sometimes the ceiling seemed to become the dark sky, like we were sitting outside. My legs felt like moving around, the right leg went up, then the left, like the floor was raising and lowering. Of course that didn't happen for real, but it felt like it. That was very interesting, when I closed my eyes I felt like my leg had to touch my breast, since it had gone that high. I knew all the time that wasn't real, so I could enjoy those effects.

The movie was gone in no time, suddenly it was over, what I realized when my friends stood up and the lights went on. I was a bit disappointed about this since I had felt so comfortable just sitting in my chair, watching the dark sky above me. Must have been a funny look for others, me sitting there not watching the movie but staring at the ceiling... :)

I can't remember anything from the movie, when my friends asked how I liked it, I had to say 'don't know...'. I think I will watch this movie on video, perhaps I'll remember some scenes, may be an interesting thing.

We have been there by bike and the way home was cool, too. Riding on my bike felt like flying. Very great. When I finally arrived at home at about 1am I felt very hungry but very calm and comfortable. I always get this effect when coming down from DXM. I ate something and went to bed at about 2pm fell asleep immediately and slept very well during the whole night, awaking next day still feeling good.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 8330
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 22, 2020Views: 1,065
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DXM (22) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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