Exploring the Erotic Potential
by Hypersphere
Citation:   Hypersphere. "Exploring the Erotic Potential: An Experience with 2C-B (exp83321)". Erowid.org. Feb 13, 2010. erowid.org/exp/83321

20 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)
    joints/cigs smoked Cannabis  
    smoked Cannabis (daily)
      Yerba Mate (daily)


Background: I am male, at the time of this experience 24 years old and weighing 128 pounds. My partner is female, at the time of this experience 19 years old and weighing around 125-130 pounds. We are both in good mental and physical health. Neither of us are taking any prescription or OTC medications. We both tend to use yerba mate on a daily basis, and I also tend to smoke marijuana on a daily basis (although not constantly ripping bong loads all day like I used to). My partner used to smoke a lot of weed, but nowadays she finds it makes her feel too inward, anxious and socially awkward so she smokes only once in a blue moon.

We have been exploring various psychedelics together for more than a year now, having shared experiences with LSD and mushrooms (sometimes in combination with harmala alkaloids from syrian rue and/or caapi), hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, Trichocereus cacti, 2C-I, 2C-E and MDMA. Suffice to say, both of us are well experienced with psychedelics. This was my second experience with 2C-B, and my partner’s first experience.

Substance: 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromo-phenethylamine (2C-B)
Dosage: 20 milligrams

Mindset: Taking this substance with my partner, with the intention to connect with each other. Given the reputation 2C-B has as a sensual and erotic enhancer, I was excited to be taking it with my partner. How did Shulgin put it? “If there is ever an effective aphrodisiac, it will probably be modelled after 2C-B.” Damn. One of my roommates also glowingly reported having “The best sex ever!” So I was stoked.

Setting: Went for a walk in the park while coming up, then returned home to a comfortable bedroom environment. Dim lighting, downtempo music and fuzzy blankets.

The experience: I had been gifted two 20 milligram doses of 2C-B. Unlike the last time I tried 2C-B, these doses were simply the white powder in the bottom of a gelcap. This is the way I like it, knowing the dose and having nothing but the substance in the gelcap. Last time, I took an unknown (but stupidly large) dose, which was in a full gelcap, the rest being some kind of inert filler substance. I don’t know how much I took last time, but based on my recent 20 mg experience, I would estimate at least 30 milligrams and possibly as high as 40 or 50. Too much, it would have been more comfortable to split that dose than take the whole thing myself. Who loads their capsules so high??? The high dose was pretty comparable to 40 mg of 2C-I in terms of body load. Yesterday’s dose of 20 mg was much more comfortable, in body and mind.

So we stated our intention to connect with each other. I blessed her capsule and she blessed mine, then we swallowed them with a sip of water. It was getting dusky in these lazy, hazy days of early summer. It seemed a nice time to go for a walk, enjoying the sunset colours and allowing for a smooth entry. I find physical activity serves to channel the energization coming up on psychedelics can bring.

I had brought a little doobie and was smoking that when I felt first alerts. My partner mentioned her own alert sensations, a change in her perception of sound. For me, I found a slight rising feeling as well as a brightening of sensations. Visually vivid, saturated colours and I noticed patterns and textures a lot more. The clouds catching the last of the light were delicate oranges, pinks and other pastel shades. The ripples in the clouds captivated my gaze, as did the leafy green trees silhouetted against the sky. This stuff kicks in fast, it was within 20 minutes that we were alerting. Our conversation was stimulated and enthusiastic, I could already feel the empathogenic side to this compound. Not speedy or pushy like MDMA, just conversation flowed smoothly and easily.

There was some stimulation, we walked farther than normal being “in the groove” and having lots of energy for physical activity. It was really beautiful outside. However after recent rainfalls, the mosquitos were out in force. Huge breeding clouds began to swarm us. Retreat! Time to go home. The nice thing about summer, it was dusk when we left and it was still dusk when we got back. Long daylight hours!

When we got home we got comfy, using a salt lamp as our only light source (it cast a warm, welcoming glow). We got naked and cuddled up together. I felt very relaxed, it was nice to just lie comfortably with each other. How really clean MDMA can make me feel, relaxed and mellow, rather than stimulated. Clean feeling, no body load. I found 2C-B to be very dream-like, especially as the trip continued to deepen. This aspect reminded me a lot of 2C-E, the way I could fall into a sort of waking dream state. Completely calm, relaxed and chilled out. Lost in sensations, floating awareness and yet not actually being asleep. Lovely feeling, and without the body load of 2C-E.

For a while we sat cross legged facing each other, meditating and tapping into each other’s energy. In the past we have found spending some time meditating with each other really helps us get synched up with each other and makes later sexual activity much more involving and tantric. We were still definitely coming up. I would say that I felt the 2C-B quickly, but it still takes around two and a half hours to build up to full steam. Pretty similar to 2C-I in terms of length of onset, the main difference being a faster come-up and a faster drop off too. The 2C-B is metabolized quickly, I knew from my last experience as well as other people’s descriptions that the effects would last pretty solid until the fifth or sixth hour, followed by a sharp drop off. We were only at the one hour mark by now, so we still had a ways to go. During this meditation, I felt a lot of energy come into my body. Similar to meditation while coming up on acid or mushrooms, I could feel this sensation of energy inside building and building.

Being nicely synched up with ourselves and each other, it was now time to explore the erotic potential of this compound. 2C-B definitely has amazing sensory enhancement. Touches and kisses felt really nice. I found it a very sensual drug, very touchy-feely oriented. It was very easy to become aroused. Honestly though, it wasn’t my favourite substance for love making. We made love for a long time, but I found it very difficult to reach orgasm. For me, all phenethylamines increase sensation but inhibit orgasm. I can go for a long time without getting off. LSD is definitely my favourite substance for making love, because I find it keeps me at a constant level of arousal and sexual excitement. On LSD, I can make love for hours and orgasm is never inhibited. Mushrooms are really nice to make love on also, towards the latter stages of the trip so body load isn’t a concern. Mushrooms to me feels the most natural, just an enhancement of what I feel normally, and again mushrooms do not inhibit orgasm. Cactus is a really nice substance for making love, after the first few hours have passed. It is a very in-my-body feeling, aware of every little movement. Cactus can sometimes inhibit orgasm, since it is a phenethylamine.

Once we had tired ourselves out, I really enjoyed the sensuality of the 2C-B. When lying together it felt very melty, flowing and merging with my partner. Our energies seemed to expand out from our bodies, gently touching and cuddling each other. We exchanged massages, and I had lots of energy to put into the massage as well as seeing lots of nice visual patternings when getting my own. We were warm and comfy and I found it easy to relax all my muscles. Deep, deep relaxation. I think being warm on 2C-substances is critical, to feel relaxed. Getting cold I feel would make me tense and shivery. The first time I had taken 2C-B, I had been outside on a windy day. The cold made all my muscles tense up uncomfortably, and muscle tension was a major downfall of that trip. Today, being inside and comfortably warm was a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

The visual patternings I was seeing with my eyes shut reminded me a lot of LSD visuals. I kept seeing this warm, glowing ball of sunny energy in the center of my vision. The glowing ball would fractalize and spread patterns out from around its edges. It was like taking a little piece of the sun and holding it within my heart center. This is a difference between 2C-B and 2C-I, the visuals I get from 2C-I are much more geometric and perceptual akin to cactus.

There was definitely an aphrodisiac push to the 2C-B. Despite having tired ourselves out and rubbed penis and vagina a little raw, we still both wanted to do each other. It was just really easy to get turned on, due to the enhancement of touch and other sensations, and a really wonderful feeling to hold each other close. That dream-like quality was getting really prominent. We could just lay together and drift into psychedelic mindscapes. It was like the feeling, when your mind has let go and you are drifting right on the edge of sleep. Thought patterns change in curious ways.

Overall, I found 20 mg of 2C-B to be very similar to hitting the sweet spot on a candy flip. Not enough acid to make you socially awkward, not so much MDMA that your eyes wiggle. That sweet spot where each substance fuels the other, having the warm, serene and empathogenic qualities of the MDMA along with the visuals and meditative quality of the LSD. For me, candy flipping is pretty variable, I’ve had good experiences as well as brutal ones, and others which are just surface level, not too deep. The 2C-B was like the one-in-five times candy flipping would turn out beautifully. Online it describes 2C-B as “like a cross between LSD and MDMA, but not really like either.” Now this makes sense to me.

The effects were pleasantly involving and rich for the first three hours. Around the third hour we began to come off the peak a little. Reintegration was pretty easy, our conversation became more lucid again. During the peak times we had not spoken a whole lot, being more involved in sensation, but now conversation flowed easily again. We chatted about what we had experienced so far. The 2C-B trip was pretty clear-headed throughout, but now we were totally functional. At this time, had it been necessary, we could have interacted with other people normally and not have them catch on that we were tripping. The warmth empathogenic effects continued, as well as rainbow sparkles seen everywhere. The only negative effect noticed by both of us was some dehydration, my partner said her throat and nose felt dry.

Around four hours in we went down to the kitchen to have a snack and make some tea. The tea was a mix of blue lotus, labrador tea and coca. Simultaneously stimulating and relaxing (as with most good things in life). We hoped the coca would clear out a little phlegmy feeling we had in the back of our throats. As with other 2C-compounds and cactus, I found that 2C-B was easy to eat on, taste was enhanced and appetite not really suppressed.

By five hours we were tired and lay down just to cuddle. By six hours we were asleep, the transition was very smooth and easy to make. Again, the dream-like quality seemed to allow that smooth transition. Not like mushrooms, where I can’t sleep until eight or nine hours after taking them. The next day I felt pretty refreshed after seven hours of sleep, and was in a really cheerful and talkative mood all day. I noticed no emotional or physical drain. All in all this was a great trip, a very clean and enjoyable substance at this dose level. I feel I could comfortably explore deeper with this substance. 20 mg was a really nice dose but if I tried it again I would probably go for 25-30 mg to reach a higher level.

Although my partner also enjoyed the experience, she was not quite so glowing about it as I was. She said that she preferred 2C-I over 2C-B, because of the longer duration of 2C-I but more importantly she felt that 2C-I took her mind much farther out perceptually than the 2C-B. Both of us find 2C-I to have amazing effects on music and sound, and also it seems to take whatever is in our minds and project it out onto the world around us. The effects of 2C-I, though somewhat subtle, are also very playful and intricate. The effects of 2C-I are also steadier for us than 2C-B, which tends more towards having waves of effect (sometimes feeling it strongly and sometimes feeling almost clear of effect). With 2C-B, my partner felt (and I agree to some extent) that the experience was a very surface-level trip, very clear headed and nothing too deep or meaningful. It was enjoyable, but not particularly profound. She did not find this experience with 2C-B compelling enough to warrant further exploration of this compound.

We have found in the past with LSD, that the experience can often be a surface-level trip unless we make some effort to fully engage and dive into the effects. Perhaps 2C-B is similar in this way, it doesn’t become profound unless more effort is made to fully engage. The main things I enjoyed about this trip was the sensual nature, with all-round enhancement of the senses, particularly touch and taste. The visuals from this compound were rich and colourful in a manner similar to LSD. Compared to tryptamines like mushrooms or LSD, the effect of 2C-B was much more clear headed, and also there was a warm, fuzzy feeling that accompanies most phenethylamines. As for the aphrodisiac and erotic potential of 2C-B, I found it to be more sensual than sexual for me. It was very touchy-feely, but the inhibition of orgasm that I experienced was a bit of a downer. We both agree that LSD is still our favourite substance for love-making.

Thanks for reading!

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 83321
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Feb 13, 2010Views: 102,490
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