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A Close Encounter with Suspected DOB
Unknown (Sold as LSD but suspected to be DOB)
Citation:   Hypersphere. "A Close Encounter with Suspected DOB: An Experience with Unknown (Sold as LSD but suspected to be DOB) (exp83379)". Erowid.org. Sep 7, 2010. erowid.org/exp/83379

T+ 0:00
4 hits oral Unknown (blotter / tab)
  T+ 15:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
Background: I am male, at the time of this experience 24 years old and weighing around 128 pounds. I take no prescription or OTC medications, but generally use marijuana and yerba mate on a daily basis. I have also been using kratom frequently, about two to four days most weeks. I have extensive experience with psychedelics, everything from mushrooms, LSD, DMT and 5-MeO-DMT, syrian rue and caapi alone or in combination with the aforementioned tryptamines, hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, MDMA, 2C-I, 2C-E, 2C-B, Trichocereus cacti, sketchy blotters suspected to be DO-x compounds, Salvia divinorum, nitrous oxide, ketamine and DXM.

A friend had given me four hits of a new type of blank blotter “acid” to test out, reputedly from a different chemist than before. We have been doing a certain type of acid once a week or so, for several months. Thus I had become very used to the effects of legitimate LSD, at various doses. One hit to catalyze my mental processes. Two hits to feel the characteristic effects of LSD. Three hits to go deeper. Four hits for a trip to the moon. Five hits to be seriously, seriously confused and disoriented. Eight to twelve hits, to transcend the confusion and reach a much higher plateau of fractalizing goo. In other words, I knew acid, inside and out.

Mindset going into the trip: So I decided to take all four hits (5 X 6 millimeters each) of this blank blotter on a Sunday morning. The friend who gave it to me had not sampled himself (he almost never takes psychedelics these days), but he said that everyone he had given it to reported it was stronger than the batch I was used to. I did not consciously state an intention for this trip, but was just feeling kind of bored and thought four hits of acid would be a good way to liven up my day. I was confident taking it all would be no big deal, as I had taken five hits a couple days before and been a-okay. When I put the blotter in my mouth, it tasted faintly bitter and did not have the electric-tingly tongue feeling I get from legitimate acid. However, I did not think anything of it at the time.

The Experience: Right after dosing I walked down the hill with a couple people from my house, it was beautiful and sunny outside. After so much cold winter weather this unseasonal warmth was welcome. On the way down I began feeling somewhat detached. I concentrated on just being centred and grounded within myself, and not reacting to anything around me too strongly. I chose not to speak at all, unless specifically asked a question and even then my reply was terse. We went to a flea market which has some cool stalls. The community centre it was in had poor ventilation, and I was alerting and starting to come up. I felt very uncomfortable, people milling all around, and very aware of the funny smells in the building. Bad vibes. I quickly excused myself, saying I would hang out outside.

Once outside I felt a very nervous energy. There was a little joint in my pocket, but I didn’t feel comfortable just hanging out calmly and smoking. I needed to walk! There was a strong stimulated feeling, a kind of nervous energy soothed best by physical activity. Without telling anyone, I just started walking around the neighbourhood. Taking residential streets, soaking up the sunshine. I felt a little guilty about having just wandered off without telling anyone where I had gone, but at the same time I felt I had to keep walking to ease the comeup energy.

The trees were beautiful, bare branches showing their growth habits against the blue sky. The elm trees in particular fascinated me, the fissures in the bark looking like eyes or faces. And the snow was melting and dripping all around, sparkling brilliant rainbow colours. I passed a house with colourful childrens toys, a little sled and toy shovel. Everything seemed more vibrant than before. The next house I passed had a decapitated seagull lying at the edge of the sidewalk. The head was nowhere to be seen, but the yellow feet caught my attention, pointing up at the sky. Pink and red tissue and a hole in the neck. Feathers were scattered across the sidewalk. I felt no revulsion or anything towards this macabre sight. Instead, I calmly noted that there was a dead seagull, thought that a cat probably got it, and continued my walk.

At this time I was beginning to notice some muscle tension. All my deep muscle tissues seemed clenched, tightened up. My shoulders ached, and my hips and legs felt a little stiff. My hands were getting numb and tingly. This happens to me sometimes on LSD, especially if I do not stretch properly first, or if it is cold outside. However, on LSD I usually only feel the muscle tension in the later stages of the trip. Usually the tingling hand effect is not this strong, nor does it come on this fast. I was a little perplexed, but put it down on being outside (not cold but a little chilly) and possibly taking a higher dose than normal.

I walked past a local coffee shop, in which a couple of my friends were hanging out and chatting. I stopped briefly when Dante came outside and hailed me, but again did not feel like going inside. Inside was too stuffy, too many people. Outside was kind of gross, dirty melted snow and people’s spit and cigarette butts all over the ground and flower planters. I was feeling a bit antisocial, saying I didn’t want to hang out here, and was going to keep walking instead. Again, the vibes felt bad to me. I continued my walk, and a friend text messaged me from inside the coffee shop: “Come back!” I ignored the message.

I made my way to the nearby park, seeking a pleasant natural place to maybe smoke that joint. There was a lot of mucous building up in the back of my throat, and I started to cough frequently, spitting out the phlegm. “That’s kind of weird,” I thought to myself. I have hacked my lungs out before on high doses of 2C-I, 2C-E or 2C-B. Even on mushrooms. But usually I don’t get this kind of body load on acid. Unless I am specifically tripping out about my body for some reason, acid usually has little to no body load.

Next came more coughing, and eventually I purged. What the fuck? I haven’t purged on acid since… since… that sketchy fractal “acid” blotter I took years and years ago (which I suspected to not be LSD but probably a DO-x compound). I still didn’t make the connection that what I had taken today wasn’t acid. I thought it was really strange, but figured my anxiousness, my desire to get away from busy roads and pollution was what had made me purge. Everything is possible, as acid is so much a catalyst of my mental processes.

After purging I tried sitting on a patch of clear grass, a little sunny spot on the hillside. Having quite the déjà vu, sitting here, just having purged… just like that time I took 23 milligrams of 2C-E. The anxious need to walk around, the nausea, the way everything glowed vividly in the sunshine… The coughing was still bothering me so I decided not to smoke the joint, and to continue homewards instead. Sitting calmly was hard, I still had that anxious, stimulated feeling driving me to walk.

Upon returning home, I put on a pot of tea and before the water had even boiled everyone else came home as well. They were a little upset that I had just disappeared and avoided them all, but the only one I told the real reason, was my girlfriend. I went through some intense emotions, feeling ashamed of wandering off and letting my friends worry about me. Feeling ashamed of taking acid in a way more recreational and abusive, than enlightening. Feeling ashamed of not being honest with my girlfriend and others about my actions, from the beginning. Recalling bitterly that, if I do not state my intent consciously and clearly, it means that my subconscious will run things for me. My subconscious chooses its own agenda, and I was enmeshed in my fears, anxieties… questioning my self-worth.

I felt there was a barrier between my girlfriend and I, because I had not told her right away about taking the blotter. I felt very emotional about this and first had to “clear my conscience” with her. Once the barrier had been torn down, we attempted to make love. However my penis was flaccid, with too little blood flow to maintain an erection. This has never been a problem on LSD. Quite the contrary, LSD usually keeps me at a constant level of sexual arousal. Love making becomes cosmic, oceanic, and ecstatically transcendent. On LSD, we tend to make love many times until reaching the point of exhaustion. I have experienced flacid-penis-syndrome before with phenethylamines, particularly higher doses of MDMA or 2C-E. One more aspect of this blank blotter “acid”, making it feel different than the acid I was used to. Instead of having sex we just cuddled for awhile.

I was dragged out of the house by my two “brothers” (not blood, but I consider them to be my brothers). They were walking to the mall to find a new blender for the house, and wanted my company. I wasn’t too enthused, but decided a change of scene would be good for me. That stimulated nervous feeling was still nagging me, and although I was already tired from walking so much before, more walking seemed a good idea. The muscle tension in my body was still pretty bad.

We walked along the highway to get to the mall, and everything was dirty, mucky and smelled of exhaust fumes. My nose was running, mucous production again. Damn pollution. We think its okay because it gets diluted in the atmosphere, and yet most of us live in the dirtiest and most polluted areas; in the cities, in other words. Meanwhile looking up, I saw jets were spraying chemtrails, in a nice cross-hatch manner to the planes that had sprayed earlier in the morning. The sunny sky was slowly being covered with a thin silver mist.

So kind of a depressing walk, but in retrospect the walk was pretty nice compared to being in the mall. Malls are fucking scary! All my senses had been heightened, and I was very aware of the little details. The subtropical heat, making everyone feel a little stupefied. The toxins making the whole building malodorous. The gaunt and vacant stares of the shoppers, anxiously searching for bargains. It was “scratch and save days” and a lady walked past asking her kids how much they had saved on their purchases. “I saved 10%!” said one daughter proudly. The other moaned, “I only saved a penny.” All three had the same chubby, fast-food figure.

I could hear the electricity buzzing around me. I could see the fluorescent lights flickering. Nowhere was there any relief to be found, no green plants or artwork to soften the consumerism. Desperately I tried not to let my glance fall on any of the products all around me. I didn’t want to give them my attention. Stuff I don’t want, stuff I don’t need. My eyes found something that wasn’t a box with a sticker: A sign on the wall said “Area monitored by closed circuit television.”

Star dragged us around the electronics department for awhile, then we got our blender and fucked off. Unfortunately not outside, Star was adamant on doing a tour of the mall. More gaunt faces, more vacant stares. A woman with four rambuncous children and a fifth in the stroller. All boys? Maybe the fifth was a girl… I wondered what compelled her to have so many. Old people in wheelchairs, slowly rolling along. Everybody seemed drained of energy and depressed. What a fucked up place the mall is. We reached the gaming shop, near enough to the food court to smell that peculiar and unpleasant odour. What passes as food for those already drained of life force… it will fill you up, without truly nourishing and replenishing. My sense of smell was through the roof, I could smell everything so vividly.

The walk home was nice, I was glad to be out of the mall and we took side streets rather than the main road.

Around 13 hours after dosing, I started to question the blotter. Why was I still having vivid hallucinations after thirteen hours? Why did I still feel just as high as after five hours? Acid would normally start to wear off after eight hours, and be nearly clear by twelve. Instead, I was seeing geometric patternings and such across every surface. The visuals were more reminiscent of cactus or 2C-compounds than LSD. Slowly all the little clues clicked, and I realized I had taken something other than LSD. I had taken some kind of phenethylamine. The nagging, dragging stimulation and lingering psychedelia had finally tipped me off.

PIHKAL came off the shelf and I browsed. I was pretty sure I had taken a DO-x compound and not LSD, since the DO-x are potent enough to fit on a blotter and are longer lasting than LSD. To me, this trip had a lot in common with 2C-I, 2C-B and 2C-E. It was longer lasting than even 2C-E, and perhaps with more of a stimulant edge. Otherwise I felt the effects were closest to 2C-B, particularly the coughing & mucous production, and the way I felt pushed to walk around so much, to ease the nervousness. Also, on 2C-B I got a lot of muscle tension like with this blotter. I had taken another type of sketchy blotter in the past, which was a much more mellow experience seeming more like 2C-I to me. That other sketchy blotter was nice material, but this stuff had a little too much body load for comfort. And so, I tentatively identified the substance I had taken today as DOB. I believe the other sketchy blotter I had taken was probably DOI.

About 15 hours after dosing, and with the aid of a couple doobies, I was able to go to sleep, however my sleep was broken and disturbed all night. I do not remember any dreams that night, whereas with LSD my dreams are usually more vivid and more easily recalled. The next day I still felt slightly altered upon waking but the feeling had faded by the time I went to bed the next night. The muscle tension stayed with me for most of the next day. I got a nice massage from my girlfriend, which loosened me up a lot but the deepest muscles were still clenched. I was worn out and slept soundly that night.

Conclusion: In PIHKAL it lists DOB as having a dose of 1.0-3.0 milligrams, lasting 18-30 hours. There is mention of muscle cramps and the strong stimulating effect. Everything I experienced seems to closely match descriptions of DOB. I would say that I prefer LSD to this substance. The body load was too high for me to be really comfortable. Taking all four blotters at once was probably not the best idea. If I had just taken one or two, I might have had a much more rewarding and enjoyable experience. The duration of the substance was a bit annoying, and I made poor choices regarding my set and setting. It wasn’t a “bad trip” (I don’t believe in bad trips, there are just experiences… often learning experiences).

If I tried this compound again, I would do so at a lower dosage. I would take it early in the morning knowing that I would be tripping all day. I would put more conscious intent into the experience, perhaps planning to be outdoors hiking in nature to receive the full value of this substance. I would do it on a warm day, and make sure I was warm and comfortable while coming up, to help with the muscle cramps. But honestly I felt the overall tone of the experience was cold and harshly analytical, and I have no desire to seek this substance out. The body load was too high, and the mental effects did not make up for the body load.

There was a lot of these sheets of blank blotter floating around for awhile, and I went back to the guy who had gifted me my tabs and told him what I suspected it was, and urged him to be open and honest about what he was selling. Don’t call it “acid” unless it’s LSD, that’s just being dishonest. There will definitely be people interested in trying DOB. I’m all about knowing exactly what you are taking.

My partner tried this substance out at a dosage of three hits, a week or two after my experience with it. She experienced the same annoying muscle tension as I did, and also the extremely long duration and residual stimulation of the compound kept her up and awake all night the day she took it. She agreed with me, that compared to LSD the body load was much higher and the mental effects were not as enjoyable. She has no desire to repeat the experience.

We had one other friend who took four hits of this same blotter and had a very rough trip. The effects lasted so long that she didn’t feel as if she ever really came down, and again the cold, harshly analytical nature of this compound got to her. She struggled with the integration process for months, and needed lots of support from friends as well as some conventional psychotherapy.

The problem of substitution is unfortunately very real. What tipped me off was the bitter taste, the long come-up time (3 hours or more to fully come up), lots of body load (nausea, phlegm and muscle tension), and having a duration much longer than expected for LSD. Also getting “flaccid-penis-syndrome” was a dead giveaway that I’d taken a phenethylamine and not a tryptamine.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 83379
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Sep 7, 2010Views: 53,254
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