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I Noticed the Effects for at Least 16 Hours
Citation:   Katie . "I Noticed the Effects for at Least 16 Hours: An Experience with Sildenafil (exp83395)". Erowid.org. Nov 24, 2019. erowid.org/exp/83395

100 mg oral Pharms - Sildenafil
    oral Alcohol
Female Use of Viagra

Sometimes I feel like I dont get as much pleasure from actually having sex as I do thinking about it and/or doing it myself. For a while now I have been reading up on female sexual dysfunction, and it indeed is a very complex topic with many potential causes. I'm not lacking in overall desire but sometimes (usually) lack desire in the heat of the moment.

I took the 'little blue pill' while I was still out at the bar, about 1.5 hrs before my long distance pseudo boyfriend and I went home (about 1 am). I read that it took a while to kick in so I wanted to get the full effects. The effects which I experienced however were not at all what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised, even happier than I thought I would have been.

I had read that the clitoris is made up from the same tissue structure as the penis and my prediction was that sensitivity would increase in that area and make sex just feel awesome. Maybe part of my perceived “sexual dysfunction” is that I don't get as much pleasure from doing it with guys as from doing it alone. So I was hoping that by making it feel extraordinary I could derive as much pleasure from sex as men seem to.
I was hoping that by making it feel extraordinary I could derive as much pleasure from sex as men seem to.

What actually happened was that there was no noticeable difference in sensation down there, at least that first night – but I was horny and not apprehensive or dreading, as I sometimes am, about getting down to business. The sex that night was great, better than usual, but the next day was when I REALLY noticed the difference. I woke up that morning hung over and feeling awful but nevertheless I NEEDED to have sex, right away! It was a compulsion like none I have ever experienced before. I woke up my boy and we had AMAZING sex, THE best in my life, the best orgasm I ever had, my entire body literally uncontrollably convulsed. I really experienced my g-spot for the first time.

Later that day at about 4 o'clock I was SO horny again, I asked him to finger me, I was feeling almost a swelling down there, but because of a large meal and a comfy couch we fell asleep instead. When we woke up 2 hours later he asked if he could still get me off, and at first I felt that familiar (totally odd, like wtf? I don't understand why I dread it most of the time) sense of dread (which I think actually maybe comes from a history of many unpleasurable experiences of guys just not knowing what they are doing, me not being turned on enough, it being almost painful...and me trying not to offend them...) but I said yes, because I was remembering how horny I was two hours before and again, it was amazing. AMAZING.

I can not say what exactly the viagra did to me that made this weekend the most sexy of my life, but I know it was the pill, and I have a few theories.

Another thing which I found interesting is that I noticed the effects for at least 16 hours, and probably would have even longer if my boy hadn't needed to fly out. I also did not experience vaginal dryness like I usually do.

Doctors can prescribe viagra off label for women, although I got my batch in Mexico where I could buy it over the counter (it is quite expensive buying it from a mexican pharmacy). I have not had sex since that weekend (about 2 weeks ago now) but the next round I have I am not going to use it, and experiment with the possibility that it has changed my psychological perception or perhaps awakened my body to stimulations that it was not familiar with before, specifically g-spot stimulated orgasms.

I can not stop thinking about this experience and how wonderful it was, and I do feel like a changed woman in a way, knowing now that I CAN get ultimate pleasure from being intimate with a man.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83395
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Nov 24, 2019Views: 3,666
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