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Tripping too Hard, Hospital, Nearly Die, etc.
Bromo-Dragonfly (sold as LSD)
Citation:   ErowidLover. "Tripping too Hard, Hospital, Nearly Die, etc.: An Experience with Bromo-Dragonfly (sold as LSD) (exp83478)". Apr 30, 2010.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral Bromo-Dragonfly (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:00 1 hit oral Bromo-Dragonfly (blotter / tab)
First of all sorry for my bad english

Trip Details :

Onset begin : 5h00 after ingestion
Total trip duration : Approx 48 to 52 hours.

This story takes place one day on Sunday (September). It was boring that day, so I decided to have fun with three friends of mine... (I would call A, B, C). I made an appointment with my friends outside in a parking near a forest. (If the trip goes wrong).

11.00 AM - I decided to take a blotter that I thought was LSD. Until the trip, we rolled a joint of marijuana and smoked it. I speak a little with my friends, I told them that I could be crazy on acid, so it's important to pay attention on me. We decided to take a walk in the city until the onset (To return to the parking afterwards).

12.00 AM - An hour passes, no effect of the onset occurs. We therefore take the decision to eat a little (We'll look for a sandwich nearby). We return to the parking.

01.00 PM - Two hours later, nothing happens ... I find it boring and decided to take another blotter. Here the biggest mistake of my life =\ My friends are a little disturbed at the idea of taking a second blotter. We are still talking and waiting until the fucking onset... still not there.

02.00 PM - Nothing happens yet. My cell phone vibrates, I receive a message from one who sold me the 'LSD' The message said : 'Hey dude, how are you? No problems I hope? Does everything go well?'

From that moment I knew something was wrong, but too late, I took the blotters, all I had to do is wait. With my friends we ballads, while I walked, I noticed that the ground began to breathe, the onset begin...

02.30 PM - We went to the parking as planned. On the road, the houses began to be in 'painting' as if Van Gogh had painted houses. Then more I walked and I had the impression of entering into the world of the Simpsons Family. Flowers, sky, houses, cars looked like a cartoon, everything was very colorful and sweet, it was really great, I really enjoyed contemplating this landscape is revealed gradually as.

On the road I could see strange Egyptian motifs and sometimes in the sky mathematical equations that loomed in. My vision was very sensitive, I could see very far distant and i could see every detail of each object, flowers, trees around me.

03.00 PM - We finally arrived at the parking. When I entered the parking everything was very mysterious. For example, between the road that separated the parking, it was a magical portal where only those with superior minds have the right to enter. This parking was my sanctuary, my power was over it, and I can control and manage it in my way. The onset was here.

Trees strangely like those of the game Kirby, it was crazy, I could see every detail of the trees were yet very far from me. I could also control the time and changed the colors in my own way, The blue might be green, black could be white, etc.

As for my friends, their faces were filled with emotions, I could read their minds. One was nervous, the other does not seem to understand why I trip. I amused myself with a friend, he was really like Krusty the clown, when I touched him, full of crazy colors coming out of his body. I really enjoyed that moment, I hit well for thirty minutes, it seemed also to have fun.

After a stick of wood drew my attention, I took in my hands and I suddenly found myself in a Viking ship, the parking was a space ship where I had the impression of seeing the water rise from the ground. I shake the stick in my hands to move it. It was really enjoyable.

03.30 PM - My friend asked me if it goes well? They all remarked that I am quite pale and my lips became purple/blue. I did not pay attention, I was so good into the magic world. My friends really wanted me home, so it forces me to go home because for them, I am going wrong and I said stupid shit.

I said to them: Ok we will go home. But then I noticed that the environment became 'graying'. I ask myself full of questions: What will my mother say if she sees me in this state? I was supposed to come back home in 5.00 PM. On the way, I became psychotic and crazy, it had happened in my street where my house was in. Here the objects around me in the city had a 'soul', items were driven to cry.

4.00 PM - So I make a bad trip. I saw my house all dark and aggressive, she wanted me to open the door, the house called me. On exterior windows I could see vicious shadows. My friend leave me at my home. I open the door and my mother was in the hallway, I wanted to dodge her and go up quickly in my bedroom. My mother yells: What happens there? I heard those footsteps on the stairs, my heart fluttered at full speed.

I also had a strange feeling, I quickly teleport in every corner of my room as if my body and my mind wanted to avoid my mother. My mother was there and said: Oh my god, look at your lips, what are you doing? She was upset. I was huddled in a corner of my room. My mother shouted: I'll tell your father (in the living room I heard my father who said: Holy fuck, he took drugs, etc ...).

My father came and told me angry: bastard, little asshole. He wanted to hit me and I started crying, I told him: Sorry Dad, please, sorry I took LSD, excuse me, please. He was fucking upset and he yell to my mum : Called the ambulance quickly he will die ! He was fucking nervous and said me to come in the living room. I follow him and BOUM ! *TOTAL MINDFUCK* He gives me water, I immediately spit out, thinking he wants to poison me. My father tell me I was a fucking shit and totally crazy. My little brother freaked me like hell, he was like : BOO ! And i was bumping of fear. There my father told me to sit down, my mother was in the kitchen and she had called the hospital. I had to be brought to the emergency immediately.

4.30 PM - What I am going to explain is very hard to understand, it would really live the experience to understand it.

I was in the living room, and there I saw my life began to 'scroll' in front of me. I do not know how to explain, but every step I reached that corresponded to a period of my life. From life to death. I really had a great auditory hallucinations from now. For example, my father said: Our son was so good, why has he done this? And when I got up from the chair to go in the car, it was as if I was dead. I was physically dead but mentally present. When I got up out the window I really saw the car as a hearse. When I was in my hallway (to go towards the car), opening the door I saw the neighbors who were sad, and my mum was crying deeply.

When I entered the car, my arms crossed (like a dead people), I was in a hearse. My mother cried a lot. And I heard my parents say: We are going first to the morgue or cemetery? I couldn't speak anymore, i had huge bodyload, i can't feel my body anymore. It was really sad, I really thought I was dead and then I saw the steps, I mean, when someone died he goes first to the morgue and the funeral (with related-friends, family, etc) and finally to the cemetery. Well, for me it was the same. On the way, I saw through the window of the car. I saw my friends with flowers in their hands (it was only pedestrians but as i said, hallucinations were so strong). Throughout the way, I saw all the friends I knew, all the members of my karate club, I really saw the cars of those of my club who was escorting my car to my final destination. Funeral home.... In the street, I knew almost all the people, some crying, I could read all their feelings on their faces.

Arriving at the hospital (the emergency) my father took me by the hand out, I heard the voice again: Come sir, we'll take you, it will not hurt. Arrived at the counters, there was a waiting room next. I then looked into the room and then * BOOM * I saw all the people I knew who looked at me with a sad and helpless feel. Sadness were on their faces. A medic asks me to sit down on a wheelchair to take me in a small room. If you want, the hospital was heaven, and saw that I had died I had access to heaven. In the room the doctor asked me what I took. I replied that I had taken LSD and then *Black Hole* .

A few seconds later, still in the same room, the doctor was gone, I was on a chair. A voice said: It will not hurt. And here I thought they can do nothing and they were going to disconnect from the real world, I thought they were going to 'trip' me for life. I told the doctor sadly : 'But I do not know what is death? It is going to hurt? (I repeat it at least a dozen times). He said : No, it will not hurt, let yourself.

On the door which was at the opposite, I saw the last ten seconds of my life. Every second appeared on door; Everything made sense! I started with the joint, I have not found love, I could not realize my greatest dream of my life (Meet Emma Watson, ya don't blame me). Then I started taking LSD until I die, if you want all started by taking the joint (So I disobey my parents) I don't know how to explain, but it is as if everything had a sense, it was all connected for me to my death. I have reviewed all the moments where it started: My first marijuana smoking at school then the meeting of my best friends, my first trip of LSD in my friends house.... (I'll hope you understand).

As the seconds passed, Heaven grant me to achieve my dreams. For example, to the seventh second I heard the voice of Emma Watson who said: 'Where is he? And then OH MY FUCKING GOD I saw Emma Watson as in my most beautiful dream, she wore a beautiful white dress, her pretty face looking at me, I took her hand and this time she said: it's only the beginning and she disappears with a demonic face (Trust me or not, it's holy shit i don't know very strange).

(In fact I am at funeral, at that time I was in my coffin, I could not move or speak) During the last three seconds this is what I saw:

Third second: I hear a crowd cheering, saying it was a beautiful boy, very sweet, why has he done this?

The second second: I see my love, she is sad and puts a rose on my coffin, someone is next to her, that person holds her his arms. Then she disappears.

The very last second: I hear my father happens to me, I can hear my mother saying: Please do not do that! My dad came to me angry and said: Yes you are a fucking shit and smash me with his foot.

*Black Hole* My mind does not longer exist

I'm back in the real world. A doctor comes to me and said: 'So it was you who ordered a lifetime trip? It will not hurt'. I really feel he injects what I think, a lifetime trip. But the doctor actually just check my blood pressure.

Boom, the trip starts to become even more intense

The whole room begins to warp and moving, the hallucinations are so strong that I fainted.

I have no notion of time, everything is black in my head, I do not care, I must be dead anyway, in fact the death is not so bad.

And here I have auditory hallucinations that big then they are real voices I don't know, I can hear some words such as: blood pressure, heartbeat, too strong, we lose him, injection, cardiograms, constiction, seizures... And i heard the fucking scary voice of the mad guys from 'Who framed roger rabbit?' who say : 'You're fucking dead, yes you are !'

I do not know about what time is, but I find myself in a padded room, I was tripping again but not more agressive than before. I was lying on a bed, in the room I can see the words : L.S.D Beyond Reality moving on the wall.

I stayed two days in hospital under advanced supervision. After this fucking huge trip, I slept for a long time with fears and trembling. When I looked on my phone, the guy who sold me LSD claims me it was Bromo-Dragonfly and said if I was Ok, etc... Now this bastard is probably in jail cause my parents bring me to the police station and cops take my phone....

Conclusion: The Bromo-Dragonfly is a enormously hallucinogenic drug, powerful and very dangerous, doctors have told me they have failed to lose me more than three times, my heart stopped for a few seconds. The dose on the blotters were too high. I nearly die from Bromo-Dragonfly by the way I had light-mild hallucinations for 1 week after the trip... + I suffer from necrosis on my left feet but now it's OK.

Here is what I have or had (now): Necrosis, Latent psychosis, chronic paranoia, heart problem (sometimes I had peak beat), split personality

And also Thank you for listening me and sorry for my fucking bad english, I tried to be as realistic as possible for describe my trip Trust me or not Bromo Dragonfly is a fucking mindfuck...

Peace Out

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 83478
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Apr 30, 2010Views: 48,747
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