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The World Anew
Citation:   Kris Mc'Bain. "The World Anew: An Experience with LSD (exp836)". Oct 20, 2000.

2 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
Well, I have had many friends that were users of the drug for quite some time. From each person I had heard mixed things: 'It was the worst time of my life!', 'It was like my eyes were open for the first time.' etc. I had decided to abstain from the use of any synthetic drug, for fear of the 'side affects', but this did not last long. The older I got and the more experienced I became with herbals the more my curiosity began to peak. Eventualy I just said 'LSD is something I would like to experience once in my life.'. When I expressed these feelings to a close friend of mine, Myles, he said 'Want company?'. So began our adventure.

After searching for months we finally found some I purchased 2 hits and Myles got 1. We promptly headed back to his house for a night of fun.

We ate the hits at about 10:00 pm and then comfortably settled down to watch some Dragon Ball Z. About 1 hour later my skin began to tingle and I begin to get very giggly. Myles was becoming concerned that his was not gonna work. I excused myself to the bathroom to inspect my goosebumbs and when I returned I found Myles laughing like a small school girl.

This kept up for a good 2 hours, then it was if I had blinked and the entire world as I knew it melted away and revealed its true nature to me. I was completly aware of *everything* around me, reminicent of a comic book superhero.

After playing around with my new found super senses, we decided to go outside. In mid Montana there are no lights, no neighbors, and no one to interfere with my new found plans of world domination. For reasons that are still unclear, just as you know the sky is blue and the grass is green there was no doubt in my mind it was *FACT* that the next day I was going to take over the world, this made me very excited... ;P

The problem I found with the substance was that it made me go to the bathroom excesivly!! I'am sitting in the silence of a bathroom attempting to make some since of my new found awareness when I noticed a small hand towel hanging from the wall, the towel had been given life! I sat there for what seemed hours watching this towl, which I had given the name Bob, breathe and grow before my eyes. The sudden knock on the door snaped me back into what little bit of the real world I still had left in me, so I finished me buisness, introduced Myles to my new friend Bob.

We thought it would be interesting to lay in the complete dark and talk about life. Laying in the dark with my best friend (and Bob the towel which made for a nice pillow) was the most relaxed I have ever been. Our bodies ceased to exist instead we were two voices in an empty room nothing more. I began to question weather or not anything at all existed outside of the closed door of his room. I questioned myself and my actions and found a peace the likes of which I have never known....

We sat in the dark and talked until the sun beat down on the window of his room like a rentless messenger reminding us of the world and the reality we had left and were well on the way back to.

By the way I still have Bob. ;)

I hope my story can be of help to someone if not more than a humerous distraction from homework.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 836
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 20, 2000Views: 3,398
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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