Getting Lost In The Stars
Ecstasy (MDA?)
Citation:   Faraway. "Getting Lost In The Stars: An Experience with Ecstasy (MDA?) (exp8361)". Feb 15, 2002.

2 tablets oral MDA
I recently picked up four pills of 'triple-stacked green Pikachu' ecstasy (which is definitely an MDA pill, no MDEA or MDMA at all). Anyways, I gave one hit to another friend whom I owed a favor, and kept the other three. I took one the same night I got them and found these to be very enjoyable. Heavily euphoric, very physically involved.

The closest description I can think of is that in the same way MDMA opens up my mind, MDA opens up my body. There were very few visual effects off of this one pill. I saw some sparkles, colors seemed brighter, very short tracers, and shapes appeared in shadows. I wouldn't call that experience rolling or tripping, more of a rolling trip. Their was the ever-familiar rolling effect, but it was much more profound and involved than MDMA. But what happened on that one pill doesn't even compare to what happened a week later.

After having a pleasant experience on one pill I decided to try two. While my first encounter with these pills would be a ++ on the Shulgin scale, this was definitely very high up on the +++, perhaps even a ++++ at one point. [Erowid Note: The Shulgin scale is really only designed to go to +++ . A 'plus 4' (++++) is not really part of the normal scale and is not necessarily indicative of drug intensity.] I took the first one at 11:45PM, I crunched it up and let it sit on the roof of my mouth for a little while before washing it down with some OJ. At 12:15AM I took the second pill, which I just sucked the time-release coating off of and swallowed after biting it in half.

I started coming up shortly after 12:30AM and I was definitely going good by 1:00AM. I can't tell you how fast the effects came, went, and came back with even more power because time became very unimportant. The only things that concerned me were the people and the music. Touching my skin and hair was an amazing indescribable feeling. I shivered a bit and had some minor jaw-clenching but both actually felt pleasant. Somewhere around 3:00AM-4:00AM I decided to go outside to have a cigarette or two (I don't normally smoke cigarettes, but in this case I just felt the urge to do it, plus I was curious about how it would effect my current state).

The first cigarette was less smoked and more played with. I wasn't entirely sure if I should smoke since cigarettes usually make me nauseous (and have make me vomit on one occassion). I hadn't noticed too many tracers until I got outside in the dark with a lit cigarette end. The tracers were so brilliant and long that I could write my name in cursive with the end of the cigarette. I have never had tracers this long before on ANY substance. I continue to play around and make pictures with the next four cigarettes I smoked. This is an extreme amount of cigarettes for me, especially when I was having my doubts about smoking even one since the MDA had already given me some gas and upset my stomach slightly. Every puff I inhaled very deeply (which is usually the exact action that makes me sick). This was my only mistake during that night.

On my last cigarette I looked up at the stars and noticed one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. The stars were all connected by a giant spiraling spider web. I walked around the yard looking up at it not paying attention to anything. Eventually I looked down at the ground and saw the shadows cast by the still lit cigarette. I moved the cigarette and watched the shadows change and wobble beyond what they should have.

Eventually I found myself walking along the driveway and I heard animal noises. This I am 90% sure was not a hallucination since it was not similar to anything else I had experienced that night. I could barely make out the outline of an electric utility pole, and at the top I thought I saw and definitely heard a raccoon climbing up at it. It sounded as if it was trying to make another raccoon (or perhaps me?) go away. This frightened me extremely, as I was afraid of getting rabies if it attacked me. But I seemed detached from my fear and instead watched it for several minutes (if it was even there). Eventually I walked slowly backwards to the house, because I had to keep my eye on the raccoon.

I slipped in the backdoor and laid down on a bed. I started to feel nauseous and ran upstairs to throw up in the sink twice. I'm glad I hadn't eaten much that day. I'm reasonably sure that I would not have thrown up if I hadn't smoked those cigarettes, but if you've ever smoked cigarettes while on MDA (or it's cousin MDMA) you know how hard it is to stop sometimes. After my experiences outside the effects started to wind down slightly but then picked up, but not to the level they were before. I had increased tactile sensation for until about 10PM that day. It was a wonderful feeling. These pills definitely passed my test, and I'll be getting a much larger quantity soon.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8361
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 15, 2002Views: 20,889
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MDA (34) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4)

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