First Trial, Not the Last
Citation:   Champ. "First Trial, Not the Last: An Experience with 2C-P (exp83626)". Apr 1, 2010.

10 mg oral 2C-P (capsule)
I had a first trial with 2cp this past weekend and it is certainly a long-lasting chemical. Dosed 10mg in a gel cap at 2pm, took until about 4:30 to start feeling a gradual ascent towards being tripping. I would say it was 4 hours after ingestion to reach the plateau.

Felt very typically 2c-x, with some initial stomach discomfort and nausea--nothing too bad. 2cp was more relaxed than 2ci, deeper than 2cb, not as clinical or freaky as 2ce. I felt some jaw and back tension that was a bit painful at times. Visuals were not overwhelming but were pleasant, OEVs, CEVs were similar to other phenethylamines for me, in that they were geometric and fairly complicated with eyes closed. With eyes open the visuals were not as present as with LSD--there was no overlay of patterns or major distortions of reality. I think with another 3-5 milligrams the visual aspect would be much more intense and could be overwhelming.

Eating was pleasant, socializing was easy, watching a trippy movie would have been enjoyable. Overall, I liked this chemical more than 2cb. People who are considering trying this one out have to be aware that it really is a long trip but it did not feel at all tedious. The flow of time was very strange; time felt very slow and almost syrupy but then it seemed to go in jumps--I looked at the clock and was astonished how much time had gone by so quickly. Sorry if that sounds contradictory, I am trying to say that this compound really altered my sense of time.

I couldn't really sleep until about 8:00 am so it was a full 16 hours from ingestion until sleep but I did not have any feeling of wishing it would end or wanting to take a benzo.

The next day I felt great, very positive, upbeat and refreshed after 5 hours of sleep. I did feel mentally foggy and prone to errors and clumsiness. There was a bit of residual visual stimulation in the form of brighter colors and stuff out of the corner of my eyes. Time still feels somewhat odd and dilated or something. You don't want to take this compound and go to work the next day.

Overall: I recommend 2cp for experienced and cautious folks who wouldn't mind a long trip. While it has many typical characteristics of the 2c family it is a unique and worthwhile compound both because it is warm and friendly and because it causes strange and interesting alterations to your experience of time. I also have gotten a great afterglow from this one. I took it two days ago and I still feel really happy and just...content.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83626
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Apr 1, 2010Views: 13,233
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