This Stuff Is Potent
by Tim
Citation:   Tim. "This Stuff Is Potent: An Experience with Yohimbe (exp83643)". Dec 28, 2016.

  oral Yohimbe (extract)
Yohimbe Works but Use Caution on Dosage

I have gotten to the age that at times I need a wee bit of help maintaining an erection. Tried horny goat weed, tried maca, tried them both at once and no help at all.

Finally, decided to try Yohimbe. I did quite a bit of research into products and finally decided to go with a national herbal supplement company with a fairly solid reputation for honest, albeit pricey, products.

So, armed with a bottle of Yohimbe gelatin capsules -- 400 mg. standardized for 8mg. Yohimbine alkoloids -- I ventured forth to find the holy grail of erections.

Being somewhat of a fool, I ignored the instructions on the bottle, figuring if one capsule was recommended, three 400 mg. capsules was better.

About an hour after taking the three capsules I began to feel a bit unwell, well actually more than a bit unwell. I was very anxious, sweating, very overheated and just generally felt very 'punk.' I was also drooling like a dog in front of a butcher's shop.

Well, now I was not feeling so good about taking three caps at once, was I? Honestly, it was a very, very bad feeling. While I never threw up, I felt like I might at any time.

The plus side, while the Yohimbe did not make me any more horny than usual, when I did jump into bed with the wife, I had a noticably bigger erection that just did not go down.

In the past few years, without constant stimulation, I usually lose my erection, but after the Yohimbe, no problem. I performed oral sex on her for a good 30 minutes and was hard the whole time with no direct penile stimulation.

I also ejaculated 'gallons' -- well, maybe tablespoons...

So, I have been smarter. I cut dosage down to 1.75 capsules...still too much. Down to 75 percent of the 400 mg. capsule, not quite enough. Finally, it seems like 1.25 capsules works for ME -- it may be too much for someone else or not enough.

Oh, I still feel a bit unwell, but not much. And, if I take it past 1 p.m. in the afternoon, I can pretty much count on no sleep until about 4 a.m., because Yohimbe is a stimulant and does interfere with sleep. But the sexual benefits are worth it to me. I maintain a much bigger and harder erection and I ejaculate much more.

My wife does not know I am using it -- yeah, I guess my macho side can't take the shame, but she is constantly commenting on how much bigger and harder I seem....Of course we've only had sex about 10 times since I began taking it, so it is still new to her, even though she does not know about the Yohimbe yet.

So, in my experience it does work, but this stuff is potent. Intelligent people get cleared by a doctor before taking it and they start out small and gradually build until they find a dose that works for them.

Fools like myself take a big risk and take too much to start with and if they are lucky live to cut the dose way down. So, caution if you decide to give this a try.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83643
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 51
Published: Dec 28, 2016Views: 6,099
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