The 24 Hour Electric Bubblegum Fiasco
Citation:   Mr. Chaos. "The 24 Hour Electric Bubblegum Fiasco: An Experience with LSD (exp83671)". Dec 27, 2012.

T+ 0:00
3.5 hits oral LSD
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis
  T+ 8:00 1 hit oral LSD
It was around 12:30am when a very peculiar looking character rolled up on a dark red moped. 'Sorry for making you guys wait so long,' he told me and my friends. He reached inside his little fanny pack that was tied around his belt a pulled out a huge block of bubblelicious bubble gum wrapped in cellophane. 'Well here's your 'cid. I put an extra one in there for having to wait so long.' Me and my crew knew that the fucker was supposed to be there at least 4 hours ago. 'And you know, I have an extra one in my pocket that I'm probably not gonna eat anyway so you can have it too.' He took it out of his pocket and set it on top of the brick.

There were 18 hits in total for a group of four acid veterans who were very sketchy about this whole bubblegum business; it was the first we'd ever heard of such a thing. It was me who had found this dude giving us the stuff, and we were already beginning to think we were getting ripped off. Acid is very hard to come by in the great state of Texas, so we knew there would be hell to pay if this son of a bitch runs off with our cash. I gave the man $160 and he drove away in on his moped. 'What kind of drug dealer drives a fucking moped!?' my friend Cody asked, 'I had better fucking trip or I'm gonna find that guy and kick his ass!' Our patience wore thin as the guy was 4 hours late, but there it was, 16 hits plus 2. Now something you must understand, acid is not a fairly common drug around these parts. Hell, I felt proud of myself that I had even found any, but when you do find some it's usually weak and you have to take so much of it that you get pissed for spending all that money.

Four of the hits were not ours; someone had given me some money and bought some. This will affect my trip later so it's imperative that you know this. The actual bubblegum looked very legit, you could actually see the acid dripping out of the hole that the guy had made to drop it in. We split up the brick four ways so that we each had 3 hits, and split the 2 extra hits in half so we each had a half. We all started chewing at the same time and went back inside to play video games. So the crew which consisted of Zac, Cody, Johnny, and me, were inside waiting for the stuff to hit us playing Halo 1. 'You know I've got a feeling this is actually legit,' Cody said. 'Why?' I asked. 'Because I feel really relaxed, and usually I feel relaxed when I'm about to trip the fuck out.' He was right, the room had been absolutely quiet for the past 15 minutes, not a word uttered, were we already frying to the point to where we were zoning out. It wasn't too much longer before me and Zac noticed that we were doing incredibly bad at the game. 'Alright dude, I can't concentrate,' said Zac. 'Yeah me neither.' So we went out to the garage to smoke cigarettes. Even though I don't smoke, might as well follow the crowd.

It was like we transitioned into a different world when we walked through the garage door. It hit us all at once. I noticed that the car door for the garage was breathing in and out, and a bottle hanging from the ceiling by a wind catcher from a party we'd had earlier in the year was swinging violently back and forth, but it wasn't. I was trying to hold myself together because I didn't know if everyone else was tripping like I was. 'Dude, I'm fucked up!' said Johnny, and a wave of laughter came over all of us, and it kicked in the full effects of this wonderful drug. 'I feel like dancing!' said Cody, and he started doing the weirdest dances known to modern man. He did a move where he makes his body limp and pulls himself back up by his collar. For a moment, I thought he was an actual ragdoll, the thought caused me to laugh hysterically. I looked around at the garage and noticed that everything's shadow was moving, but the object itself was staying still, and the garage closet was moving as though the wind were blowing it in and out.

It was around this time I wanted to go and relax and enjoy my trip. 'I'm gonna go inside and lay down,' I said. As I walked through the door I noticed Zac's picture. It was an oriental dragon flying through the clouds with some sort of kanji next to it. The dragon looked as if it was coming out of the picture and moving and twisting it's long body through the room as the clouds came out with it. 'Wow,' I said. How something so beautiful can be so bad? The dragon turned towards me and opened its mouth and inside I saw the earth, the room was making noise and the clouds seeping out of the poster started making thunder and lightning, it was so overwhelming. I started to notice that my eyes were burning and I blinked, and it was all gone, and the room was quiet again. The dragon was back in his frame just gliding through the background. 'That was cool.' It was all that I could say, the experience had left me in complete awe. How long had I been standing there I wondered, had my thoughts began to rip the very fabrics of time and space? I knew I was in the thick of it; I'd gone down the rabbit hole and walked through the doors of perception. Now all I could do was take the ride.

1:45 AM. I was still standing in the middle of the living room, wondering if what I had just seen was possible. I could feel the beast coursing through my body. My senses were amplified so much to the point where I didn't need my glasses. I heard footsteps coming from the garage and heard the back door knob jiggle, in came the rest of my crew all laughing hysterically, which in turn made me laugh. 'How long have you been standing here?' asked Zac. 'I don't know, not that long I guess.' We then retreated back to Zac's room. While we walked down the hall it seemed to get longer and longer. I thought I heard the song 'For Your Love' by the Yardbirds for a second but even now I don't know whether it was reality or just some fucking strange loop in my mind's inability to perceive what was going on.

We sat down and smoked some grass. The room felt like a capsule in which endless possibilities were drawn on the walls. We all couldn't sit still. It was amazing we were all thinking each other's thoughts. There was no need for communication, simple grunts, laughs, and hand gestures allowed us to understand what we were each seeing or hearing. Zac's room in itself was a trip, different characters from other people's minds were drawn onto the walls, the people's creativity splattered on the surfaces for an everlasting moment, all moving and distorting. I could actually taste their colors and I felt as though everything was a part of me. 'Shit won't stop moving man!' exclaimed Cody, pulling me out of my trance. He had removed his shirt and was sweating profusely; he looked like a wildman, someone who was raised by wild beasts in the jungle and couldn't possibly fit in with the rest of society.

2:30 AM. I didn't feel comfortable sitting down; there was an urge to move so that nothing could grow too attached to my body. If I did sit, I knew I wouldn't move for hours. I got up and went down the spiraling hallway to the living room again. I noticed Zac was in the kitchen drinking a soda on which the graphic was spiraling round and round as the can itself remained still. I too was very thirsty.

I grabbed one and opened it, my senses all amped up to near superhuman perceived the opening can as an explosion and gave me a scare. Zac laughed at my stupidity, so did I. I drank from the kaleidoscopic can. The liquid felt like electricity quenching my thirst but making my body's senses go haywire as if someone threw a wrench into the mechanics, an electric impulse that started at the back of my neck, went down my spine to my feet, then up again to the back of my brain. As I moved my head back to its regular position, I felt the soda swirling all throughout my being, like a cold snake burrowing through my innards to kill my thirst. 'This is the best soda I've ever drank man!' I said while laughing, I felt as if everything in life was meant to be joyful and nothing could make it bad. This is where my mind slipped off the tracks.

I put the rest of the acid back in the fridge so that it would be fresh for the guy who bought it. I looked just to check and see if it was still there, there were supposed to be four individual pieces of gum, but there were only three. I felt fear and anger creep up my spine like the way magma flows to the mouth of a volcano. 'WHO THE FUCK ATE ANOTHER FUCKING HIT!?' My words seemed to make the very earth itself shake, 'THERE WERE FOUR FUCKING HITS THAT WEREN'T OURS IN THE FRIDGE AND NOW THERE'S ONLY THREE! WHO THE FUCK TOOK IT!?' By this time Cody had run to the kitchen and was freaking out, 'Dude I swear to God I didn't take it.' 'Those weren't my fucking hits man. This isn't cool!' All of a sudden I didn't feel safe, I felt that everyone was my enemy, no one could be trusted. I stormed off to the living room in a rage. All of the walls were starting to close in on me, the floor turned to slime and the ceiling started to melt and hang down like goo. I was scared by the thoughts of what was going to happen if I didn't have all the hits. My world was imploding and it felt as though I was already dead. Then, I heard Zac's words and they snapped me back to reality, 'Oh shit dude, this is gonna make him have a bad trip.' He was right, I had already started decomposing from the inside out. I knew that if I started losing it, everyone else would too. I have to take control, push the thoughts aside, what's done is done there's no way to change it. I forced my mind to forget the nightmares that were to come, stay in the now and forget about the future. 'Ok guys, what's done is done, fuck it, I'm not gonna have you guys have a bad trip because of me. So just forget about it, let's move on.'

3:45 AM. With the situation over with I soon forgot about the missing hit. Objects were dancing back and forth, and pictures with different characters in them were coming to life before my very eyes. Music! I thought, Music would make this a whole lot cooler. I put my hand inside my pocket and pulled out my MP3 player and went back to Zac's room the rest of the crew was out smoking cigarettes. I lay out on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. Zac has a lot of stars drawn onto his ceiling with chalk. I focused on the stars while listening to Planet Caravan by Pantera. The song is very psychedelic. It's about a space caravan and has a very fluid sound.

As it played I closed my eyes and felt as though I was floating through the sky, looking down through the clouds and seeing the entire city's lights from a bird's eye view. Then I soared higher until I broke through the atmosphere and was flying through space. I saw the world in all its purple beauty spiraling through the cosmos. I opened my eyes; I was back in the room looking at the stars. I concentrated on the ceiling, and one by one the stars started to peel off like stickers, then they hovered right underneath the ceiling and started waving like a flag, all in synchronization. Stars then started sprouting out like flowers in a fast stop motion film. I saw a shadow move across the room and a wavy figure standing in the doorway.

4:30 AM. 'Dude what're you doing?' Zac said with a chuckle. 'Just lie down and put this on.' I handed him the MP3 player. I went to go lay on the couch in the living room but I noticed a guitar and an amp in the back of the room. Now, I'm an avid guitar played, no Eddie Van Halen perhaps but I do know my way around a fret board. This guitar was a Dean From Hell. It's a blue guitar with lightning on it and was just sitting next to an amplifier. I touched it, felt the 'energy'. I picked it up plugged it in and began to play. According to what the crew was saying I had never played so good in my life. As I played I looked down at the lightning on the guitar, when I would make a note, the lightning would fluctuate. I felt as though that I could cause the beginning of new life or destroy it with this guitar. I could disorient the very universe with the flick of the whammy bar. And it was good.

5:30 AM. Around this time I went outside and saw the purple sky - the sun was coming up. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I immediately ran inside and got the crew. 'Come outside its beautiful!' We all ran out and examined the spectacle. The clouds seemed to be objects floating and casting their shadows upon the canvas that was the sky. The purple and golden rays seemed to be cleansing the sky of all impurities. We all stood for about an hour.

7:00 AM. Everyone started to get tired; after all it had been about eight hours since we dropped it, plus the endless amount of waiting we had to endure for the stuff to actually get to us. The trip was starting to wear down and everyone had been lying in their sleeping spots for a while, still tripping and shaking. Strangely I didn't feel tired; I was just up and walking around looking at everyone wrapped up in their blankets like caterpillars in cocoons. The thoughts about the stolen hit were still in the back of my mind. Zac was still awake, and I was asking him about whom he thinks might have taken it 'I don't know man, but I have an idea for you if you're that worried about it.' 'Lay it on me.' 'You should go and eat one more hit, and tell the guy that theirs 2 hits on each gum.' It was a brilliant plan, one that would make even the Watergate masterminds say wow. At least it was to me. So I went to the fridge and opened it up and took one more hit.

7:15 AM. This amounted to my fourth one. It didn't even take five minutes for me to feel the familiar rushing sensation. I was locked in my dreamland again. There was a girl who I have never seen before just laying out on the couch, I didn't even know when she had gotten there, or at least I couldn't remember, I guess she woke up because of my constant shuffling about the house. 'I need to go home,' she told me, 'Where's Joey?' Joey? I knew who she was talking about, but I had no idea that he was here. 'I don't know, I'm still tripping. Just look around the house, I'm sure he's around here somewhere.' Her make-up was poorly done, and although she had a nice body, she wasn't much to look at. 'Alright,' she told me, 'But look with me, I don't know whoever lives here and I just don't wanna be walkin' around in someone's house and...' Her words started to run together, and her mouth was producing sentences at a million miles per hour. I couldn't concentrate, I was completely zoned out on her poorly drawn make-up, melting face, and fast-talking mouth that didn't make any noise other than complete and total nonsense.

'What?' she asked. Was I talking? Did she hear me? Did I really say all those things to her face? 'I didn't say anything.' So we ended up finding Joey blacked out on the couch with a Seagram's 7 bottle in his hand. She woke him up and asked him to take her home. 'Fuckin' shit alright go get in the car.' I asked to go along since he was coming back anyway. 'Yeah whatever dude.' She got in the front seat and I got in the bed of the truck. At this point the trip was in full effect and was distorting my perception and amplifying everything again. As we took off I felt the truck rumbling underneath me. The ground was moving very fast. Maybe when we move, we ourselves do not move, but the earth itself rotates to create movement. This thought plagued my thoughts as I could not think of anything else. Then I felt the truck stop. The girl got out and left without saying a word, nothing more than a memory in my sick and twisted acid filled mind.

8:00 AM. When we had gotten back I felt a cool breeze as if the house wanted me to come back in. 'I'm gonna chill out here for a while man,' I told Joey, even though he probably didn't care. He shrugged his shoulders and went inside to pass out. I had never tripped during the day before. Drugs are never meant to be used during the early morning hours when nice upstanding average Joes kiss their average Janes and go off to work to contribute to society. The freaks are the ones who are out at night looking for that next rush, the next push to knock them into another reality, while the Joes and Janes sit in their nice little homes, cozy, not having a care in the world, the freaks, monsters, and junkies come out to have their fun. But, once every so often, one of the freaks will go out on a limb to push it as hard and as long as they can and wander around the average world, not being equipped to perceive or see with average eyes. Theirs are eyes that have seen other worlds and have lived in them for so long, that 'normal' is just a word, not a way of life.

As I sat on the porch bench nothing seemed to be really happening other than my senses being amplified. I looked at my arm. I have a natural bronze-like complexion and long hair, as I looked down my hair fell from my head and landed on my arm, I started to zone out, my arm started to turn into sand with my arm hair turning into small cactuses. Then it started to distort and little hills were starting to form. I had a desert on my arm, and my black hair started to curl around my arm. It formed into cracks which made my arm look like an even more realistic picture. I finally managed to tear myself away from the spectacle on my arm and looked straight ahead to the open yard and saw heaven.

8:30 AM. The yard was beautiful; I could see the leaf of every tree, each blade of grass, and every bug in radiant color. The whole thing looked like a big high definition T.V. and was so intense that it almost hurt to look at. Walk around the block, I told myself. Get everything out of this trip, you've just taken another hit, you've got another eight hours or so. So I popped in my MP3 player and started down the road. Everything was perfect, I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of everything that it was almost too fascinating to believe. The only way to describe the feelings would be to get in a near death accident, and learn to appreciate everything a little bit more. The road's gravel looked like small marbles that were moving around my feet when I came down onto the ground. Before I knew it I was back at the house.

11:00 AM. Acid is not always good to trip on when you're alone unless you're expecting it. When you are not alone, but everyone else is asleep, it's truly maddening. The want to talk to someone, to tell them what you are going through always helps, but it's very hard when the person is dead-ass asleep in front of you. I felt like I was going insane. The background of the house had seemed to go from wild and lively to dull and eerie. The sound of silence was killing me, what's to stop me from simply raising hell all over the house? Anything to stop the silence! No, I must remain calm, everything will be all right. I rolled a joint in hopes that it would calm my nerves, the acid had turned on me, I was now stuck in silence, gazing at the melting pictures of the house and trying to keep my feet away from the crumbling floor. Five hours or so of catatonic despair, total cosmic annihilation. Sitting. Waiting for I don't know what. Silence. No thoughts, no noise, just me and the blackness of space that now filled the room.

4:00 PM. Someone's at the door. It's Zac's mom. Luckily she's a hippy and would probably take some acid herself if she didn't have to do her own thing. 'ZAC! GET UP WE GOTTA GO GROCERY SHOPPING!' her voice echoed throughout the house and made the distorting hallway fluctuate like a wave. 'God damn it. OK! Fuck.' Zac got up slower than a glacier moves across Antarctica. 'Hey man, are you tripping again?' His face was twisted and had a very pale tone, I could almost see his skull. 'Yeah dude!' 'Alrighty man, hey do you want to come to the grocery store with us? I'm sure that'll be a fuckin' trip!' I decided to go, I didn't want to spend one more god damn minute in that house.

4:15 PM. Well as it turns out, the grocery store that we went to was one that I used to work at. Oh man, this is gonna be weird. As we walked up towards the store through the parking lot I started to have thoughts about when I used to work there. I saw the new recruits pushing carts, doing the old shit that I used to have to do, and now these poor bastards were doing the labor mindlessly like zombies. When we walked through the doors I felt the coolness of the inside air blow against my face like it was decontaminating my whole body. Then it got weird.

I saw familiar faces, faces that I hadn't seen in almost five years. I didn't even know that most of them still lived in the same area. Now here I was, tripping on acid and seeing all these faces and ones that I didn't even know, staring back at me. The aisles of the store we lined with different products proudly displaying the pictures of their post-prepared insides. They all looked very delicious. As we walked by the salads I looked at their packages, the pictures of the salads looked like they were coming off the package and were floating right there in front of me, it looked like I could just grab it. But I knew it was just the acid and if I did in fact make a reach I would look like a complete dumb-ass. I walked further down the aisle and people started passing me left and right. What the fuck? They were all looking at me, staring me down like they knew that my head was full of acid.

Finally we were headed to the check-out line, but there was one obstacle I still had to face. The girl who was at the check-out stand was one of my friends when I used to have a job. She didn't know about the freak inside me. The thoughts were starting to give me brain bubbles, what would I say? What would she think? Would she bring the hammer down? Would she..? Would she...? Would she...? 'I'm gonna go wait in the truck dude, I'm fuckin' trippin' balls man.' I had to get out of there. I couldn't fit in with this crowd especially since they already knew everything about me. As I waited in the truck I saw the people going into the store. Their faces all blurred and disoriented staring back at me. I couldn't handle it. I closed my eyes and watched the dancing colors and waited for the truck to move.

5:30 PM. The trip was starting to wear down, all of my senses were starting to come back to their original states. I felt tired, but the beast wouldn't let me go, not yet. My mind was telling my body that it needed rest, but the signals were all out of whack, making me tremble and shake. I lay down on the couch. I didn't want to be like this anymore. I closed my eyes and watched the visuals. I didn't know how long I was lying there. But I never once went to sleep. I was just an empty shell waiting for my soul to come back and take control.

10:30 PM. The visuals were long gone, but the weird feelings still remained. I didn't feel like I was tripping, but I was. My skin was very sensitive, and parts of my muscles were twitching and I wasn't controlling them. Am I going to be like this forever? 'Hey man, do you want me to take you home? You've been lying in that same position for hours, were you asleep?' Zac's voice seemed like I had not heard it in years. 'No, I've just been waiting for this fuckin' trip to stop. But yeah man, go ahead and take me home.' I got up and gathered my things and went out to the truck.

11:00 PM. On the way to my house, things seemed different. I would notice different visuals and get weird feelings about situations. I felt strung out, like the acid had taken my body and out it through the most gruesome therapy ever. The ridiculous amount of stress that was put on my body was beginning to show it's consequence.

We finally pulled up to my apartment, 'See ya later man, just go to sleep you'll be good tomorrow!' I said bye to my friend and went up the stairs to my apartment. Sanctuary. Then the feelings overwhelmed me, I was so tired I could barely walk. What a crude mistress LSD is, but oh so worth it. I got in the shower and turned the water on. The acid was still in me, but barely. The beast was finally dying and I was the victor. I felt every drop, every molecule of water hit my skin. I zoned out in the tub. I had to will myself out of the tub, I had gotten too relaxed and thought that I was in there for hours. When I got into bed I turned on my PS3 and started watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I glanced at the clock.

12:45AM. I had tripped for 24 hours straight, incredible. I could barely see anything now and the body fry had calmed down enough for me to finally relax. I just lay there watching the movie, I don't even remember going to sleep. I just remember Dr. Gonzo and Raul Duke's words. Gonzo: 'We're your friends, we're not like the others.' Duke: 'GET IN.'

10:30 AM. When I woke up, I felt renewed, confident. I was just up and wanting to go out and do things. I could smell the air, taste the nitrogen and oxygen compounds that graced my nostrils. Everything was vibrant and radiant color. I was ready for anything, come whatever may I thought. Let's get this day started, with a new understanding.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 83671
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Dec 27, 2012Views: 10,481
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