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Discovery in My Backyard
Cacti - T. pachanoi
Citation:   cactal fan. "Discovery in My Backyard: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi (exp83678)". Erowid.org. Oct 17, 2015. erowid.org/exp/83678

  oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (plant material)
Nearly 40 years after experimenting with the 3 psychedelics available in the late 60s, one day in mid 2009 it was time to try it again. For ease and availability, it came down to San Pedro, which I had never tried back then...I don't think people even knew about it then.

Here in Central California, there is plenty available, from [garden store], to stuff that happens to have been growing in the backyard of the house you just moved to!!!, to vacant commercial buildings. Obviously the stuff grows well around here, and it appears to have been a very common landscaping plant in the mid 20th century. Mastering the identification process was not at all difficult for me.

That said, my first to efforts to understand the spirit of this plant failed due to improper preparation. I would say freezing small chopped up pieces was the trick that made it happen for me. But first comes the ritual of despining, cutting into 1' thick stars and peeling the plastic-like skin off (it becomes easy after a few attempts). Then, cutting off and disposing of the core and whitest pulp. Put the remaining green pieces in the freezer in ziploc bags for a few days. Do not confuse with the broccoli your wife may be storing on the same shelf! Then, prior to thawing out and putting in my super-blender, I have added lemon and lime juice, but I'm not convinced it adds anything. My final step is to warm it slowly for maybe 20-30 minutes stirring constantly to get the foamy blender goo to reliquify...during that process the color changes from bright green to a more foresty shade. I've also tried straining out the pulp, but haven't noticed any real benefit from doing so. Then its time to drink up (note: the only times I puked was when I drank it warm...slightly chilled works best for me). The stuff tastes bad with or without pulp, but its not putrid. I can envision myself overcoming the gag reflex that kicks in with stuff that's this bitter. One thing I'd add is that sometimes when it's reliquifying, I've seen yellow streaks suddenly appear in the saucepan...don't know what it is, but it seems to be associated with longer and maybe stronger heating periods. Also: no aluminum cookware.

I've tried it once or twice a week now since the fall of 2009. Far and away the most important factor - aside from the freezing - is getting hold of a good plant. I've had stuff that's very weak...12' barely does the job...and I've also have a plant that is incredibly strong with just a few inches. The way this cooks up in my kitchen, it's like a very strong plant works great with one tall glass of goo, an 'average' plant takes two glasses about 30 minutes apart, and a weaker plant maybe 3 glasses.

I've taken this by myself each time as the experiences have been wonderful and positive in every case...though now even my wife is curious about trying it, but our work schedules are totally different...this may have to wait for a vacation. Unlike college days, I can't exactly ring up a friend or neighbor to join me. But between my fairly large backyard and walks around the neighborhood at night, I haven't really needed to be pals'ing around...these trips have been spectacular journeys through space and time, all in the unifying dimension of mind.

I practiced meditation for many years and would say that the San Pedro experience has helped me knock down a few walls blocking the path to understanding the nature of one's mind and being. With San Pedro, I have experienced myself as a being connecting earth to heaven, I have experienced 'myself' in many different times and places in the past...a past which is taking place simultaneously with the present. I have experienced the the entirety of the universe and everything in it as a nearly egoless 'me'. These experiences do not replace the fact that I am sitting in my chair or washing the dishes, rather they overlay on what I am doing and are equally real. I can feel the meaning of the cosmological terms 'big bang' and 'wormhole'. The 'feelings' stay with me for the next day as they diminish. Going into a San Pedro experience with a list of my 'stuff' to work on, I can also see that stuff and choose to confront it on an entirely different plane.

In every case, San Pedro has come on gently, perhaps unlike its better known chemical cousins ... it almost 'leads' me into the experience, convincing me along the way that this is a good thing. Unlike 40 years ago, I am not there to trip out on bouncing green and red dots...there is a voice in the San Pedro that can show wonderful things about oneself and the universe.
Unlike 40 years ago, I am not there to trip out on bouncing green and red dots...there is a voice in the San Pedro that can show wonderful things about oneself and the universe.
I am also learning that what San Pedro shows can be seen and lived without it.....

So all in all, I have found San Pedro to be a cosmic and therapeutic 'religious-like' experience that underlies what we all are and are capable of. There is still much for me to learn, though some of that learning may come about through the further acquaintance with things San Pedro has already opened up for me, as opposed to additional San Pedro experiences.

May those who have it in their destiny be as fortunate.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83678
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 61
Published: Oct 17, 2015Views: 5,082
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