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Three Days of Use - Aftereffects
Citation:   Prolixity. "Three Days of Use - Aftereffects: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp8377)". Erowid.org. Aug 20, 2004. erowid.org/exp/8377

  repeated insufflated Methamphetamine (powder / crystals)
My girlfriend arrived home one day from work with a small baggie jam-packed with meth. We were both disappointed.. we had hoped for crystal. [Erowid Note: 'meth' and 'crystal' are both used to refer to street methamphetamine] The first thing we did that night was a line to figure out the proper dose. We started with a crystal-sized line and acheived minimal effects. The stuff was yellowish in color, and that concerned me, because, while I had never used methamphetamine Hcl before, none of my meth-(ab)-using friends had ever bought yellow meth. The next day we decided to take a large line. The feelings were wonderful, talking was a breeze, but the stuff had more of an amphetamine feel to it than I liked... frequently, we became bored and needed to change scenery - something that never happened to me on crystal. When we started coming down, we took a medium-sized line. Two hours later, another.

We went to a local club, at this point, because it was drum and bass night. As we arrived there, I started to notice trivial things about the club (and clubs in general) that I didn't like which I wouldn't notice sober. The entire 'meat-market' atmosphere turned me off. This club, in particular, seemed to have minimal dance floor (all of which was occupied by one breakdancer)- and we weren't there for any social calls. We got by dancing out on the patio for a while, but boredom set in quickly. We decided to leave. As we arrived home about three hours after the last line, we took another one. This one was too small to do anything but emphasize the amphetamine side of the crank. We couldn't figure out what to do. Whatever we decided to do, we would become bored minutes later. This lasted for two hours. After this, we decided to do one more line. Again the same results.

By this time, the sun was starting to come up (always depressing, as it marks the end of an experience usually) and we wanted to see what it was like tweeking in the morning. A large line was drawn. Up the nose it went and I went back to that place where I think about six inches above my head. We walked to a secluded bench in our apartment complex and talked for two hours. This time, the experience was much more like crystal, although the summer heat caused my rush to stay for a very long time... i never really got to a comfortable 'feel-good' spot..just a heavy rush. We went back home after two hours and did a moderately sized line. The bench seemed like a fun place to be, so we went back out there. (In retrospect, this is the last place I would have wanted to be... I contracted heat-exhaustion) Again, the rush predominated the experience, and about two hours later we went back home. It was 11:00 at this time.

I came home in a 'thinking outside of my skull' state, and it persisted for about an hour. It was then that I thought something was wrong. Sobriety (mental, not physical) returned around 12:00 at an alarming rate (within about five minutes). My pulse was extremely fast (about 130), and I had a temperature of 103.3. Immediately, I drank a couple of glasses of cold water and took a ten minute cold shower.

I still had a slight temperature.

Then I started to 'feel' my organs inside me working. Every single organ wasn't working properly..they were all stressed out. My heart was thumping very quickly, my breaths were shallow and hard to take. My mind was exhausted. Muscles all over my body were cramped. Over the next two hours, I experienced the worst pain of my life. This was the first time I had ever said 'I would rather be dead' to myself. Around two, I decided to try to sleep it off. I couldn't. I got up, and my heart-rate instantly shot up. Being the fool that I am, I started to panic, and that raised my heart-rate to unheard of levels (I wasn't able to acertain what). Again, I ran to the cold shower and practiced deep breathing to slow my pulse. My pulse dropped almost instantly to its pre-panic levels. I still couldn't sleep.

At about five o'clock I started to feel my muscles slowly relax. Then, each of my organs 'quieted' and I felt like I may be able to sleep. I couldn't. Twitches, chills, and a fever came on and persisted until about 11:00 that night. I had been delerious from exhaustion since about six- I was confusing my closed-eye (dreams) visuals with reality. I couldn't remember the word 'amphetamine', which is strange as I am a self-professed 'drug-nerd'. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I was a trucker at a truck stop trying to ship a box by six in the morning. The woman lying next to me was a gas-station (made of volumetric flasks somehow). In reality, I was lying in bed next to my girlfriend after having set the alarm to six in the morning. She was rubbing my back, trying to calm me. I fell asleep around 11:00. I woke up at five. The next day, I was too weak to go to work. After eating several peaches and apples, I felt a little bit better, but not much.

(My girlfriend had experienced the same thing, chills, twitches, fever, and all- and I must say that she is the most wonderful person for keeping her sanity and taking care of me.)

This was very unexpected. In a nutshell - This was the worst experience in my life.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8377
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 20, 2004Views: 49,442
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Methamphetamine (37) : Hangover / Days After (46), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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