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A Nice Little Trip to the Hospital
Lithium & LSD
Citation:   wanderlei. "A Nice Little Trip to the Hospital: An Experience with Lithium & LSD (exp83935)". Oct 3, 2010.

    Pharms - Lithium (daily)
  2 hits oral LSD (edible / food)
Me and my friends had been talking about taking some acid for a couple of months, but had not really pursued it other than just talking.

It was a Friday night just like any other; we were probably just going to get drunk, smoke some weed and chill. The day before a friend of mines sister called and said she had got a hold of some really good acid and wanted to know if we where still interested. Of course I was, I had never done it before, but the other 2 of my friends doing it with me (we will call them J and R) had done acid before. So we go to the bank and drive over to the friendís sisterís house. Get there buy the acid which comes in the form of 3 super cubes which I am told by the sister each contains 2 hits. She also says she took it the night before and itís really strong so be careful.

I have done lots of ecstasy in my day, as well as DXM, shrooms, cocaine and weed, so I am really not concerned at the time to be more careful. We get back to my house, there are 5 of us that live there including J and R, also my girlfriend is there but leaves not long after I take mine, also some other people over to just hang out and smoke some weed. We all take our suger cube, no need for any chaser itís a sugar cube it tastes great. Its mid summer so one of my roommates decides he wants to go drive around and look for races and then go to the sonic where there is a car meet. Also I am prescribed lithium for my bi-polar disorder. I take 1 pill in the morning (300mg) and 1 at night (300mg). I had not taken my morning pill because I was taking the acid later that night and figured they would not mix well taken so close together.

T +00:00 Ė Take the acid, and leave with roommate and J to go find races and go to car meet at sonic.

T+00:40 Ė Start to feel a little funny, start to see things. Squares of color in my vision, things seem to look plaid.

T+00:50 Ė We get to the car meet at sonic after finding no races. Now I can really feel I'm on something. Looking around everything seems really pixilated in all different colors, and then it comes, a sherbert orange 69 chevy camaro. This car looks so fluffy, like it had shag carpeting as a paint job. I remember saying I was going to get out and touch it (we never left the truck, just drove around the lot looking at cars). Wisely both friends advised against it.

T+01:20 Ė Me and J are tripping pretty hard and decide its time for my roommate to take us back to my place so we can trip there and meet back up with R and see how he is doing.

T+01:35 Ė Driving down the highway listening to hardcore is nice. All of a sudden things start becoming too much and I start to lose my vision, I tell J this and he advises me to put on my sunglasses to help mellow the high. For some reason putting sunglasses on always help mellow me out when things are getting heavy, and this time was no different.

T+01:50 Ė Back at my place, R is tripping balls and just sitting there looking around. I sit on the couch and smoke a cigarette, trying to play off that I'm not freaking out. Maybe this is what an acid trip is like; I donít know this is my first time.

T+02:00 Ė Things are really getting heavy now, I can barely see anything, all I see is whiteness nothing else, also I cant hear or feel its like a complete sensory shutdown. I now realize that this is not what is supposed to be happening due to J and R are not having the same experience as myself, not even close. I ask a friend to take me to my bedroom so I can lie down. This is when I start to lose track of time and what is happening.

T+ ?? Ė I'm in the bathroom screaming for help, curled up in a ball in the corner of the shower stall (shower is not on), lose consciousness again.

T+?? Ė I donít really know where I am, I know that I am in a bad way, but I donít know how badly. I canít tell if my eyes are open or closed because I only see one color WHITE. My mind is racing at a thousand miles per hour. I have a thought, and then itís gone, and then a new thought and itís gone. I try to remember a thought but forget instantly to try to remember it. I scream my girlfriends name but I donít know if anyone hears it because I canít see or hear anything. I can feel this weird pressure on my body in certain places. It feels like I'm sitting, or maybe laying down. Or maybe I was sitting and then lying but I donít remember. Anyways all of a sudden the though of death came to mind and maybe I was dying. And then BOOM it hit me, I was.
I realize again I'm dying; this strange pressure is felt around my nose. I wonder what it is for a moment and then forget again. Then it clicks itís a nasal airway the paramedics had put on me. I couldnít see this or see them or hear them, but at the time I was attending school to be a paramedic and knew exactly what this nasal airway felt like.

T+05:00 Ė I wake up in the hospital with my girlfriend and one of my roommates there with me. I donít know how I got there. I can think just fine but I canít talk, it takes me forever to try to convert what I am trying to say into words. The nurse asks me why I'm there and I proceed to explain I was in a car accident. Its hours before they let me go.

So if you're wondering what happened in all the time I was unconscious, well lucky for me someone told me the whole story.

After I screamed for help in the bathroom sober people helped me back to my room. I asked for another cig so they got me one and tried to light it, but every time they would try to light it I would let a big breath out and put the lighter out. After a while they stopped trying and left me alone just thinking I was having a bad trip. I guess I came out of my room into the living room and I start screaming out of the living room windows and try to climb out of them. My friends start to get a little worried and call my girlfriend and explain I'm having a bad trip and she should come home.

She gets home and I'm sitting on the stairs that lead from the living room to the kitchen. My girlfriend said that she stood face to face with me and I did not see her and that I actually looked through her. I suppose after some time I decide its time to try to run across a table with 3 bongs on it and so I do, I knock one of the bongs over and break it, and then go smashing off the table into a couch and over the couch onto the floor, face first. I start coughing up blood at this point which is later found to be from my tongue that I bit through from eating shit over the couch. Then all of a sudden I start to have a seizure. At this point I am sitting in an open space behind 2 couches next to a lamp, and my girlfriend and some other people are there making sure I'm ok after the fall. So I start to seize and they are all freaking out, then I stop breathing, and they start freaking out even more, my girlfriends said that after I stopped breathing my face started to turn blue and she put her head to my chest and could hear my heart beat getting slower and slower. At this point I am told my girlfriend and other friends are standing around me screaming for me to start breathing again. After about 3 minutes I start to breath again and my girlfriend decides its time to get to the hospital. Another friend tells her that they need to call an ambulance because at the rate I was going I would die in the back of her car. My girlfriend and roommate clear everyone in the house out, due to J and R still tripping balls, and lots of weed and paraphernalia around the house.

I guess I kept trying to sit up on the stretcher so they had to strap me down. And then boom, wake up in a hospital bed, unable to talk and have to get a CT scan to check for brain damage.

I was told by the doctor that the reason for the adverse reaction was the fact that I had mixed acid with lithium, and the fact that I hadnít taken it that day meant nothing, because it was still in my body from the months of prior usage, (Recently diagnosed bi-polar at the time). So a warning to all taking lithium, do not mix with any chemical drugs, lithium is very powerful anyways and adding another chemical into your body that fucks with chemicals in your brain is a bad idea. A friend of Jís actually did the same thing after my experience but had not heard of what ended up happening to me, unfortunately his friends who where all tripping with no sitter (always have a sitter) just thought he was having a bad trip and put him in his room and left him there all night, he ended up being in a coma for 8 days, I was lucky enough to get the medical attention within just a few hours after ingesting the acid.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 83935
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Oct 3, 2010Views: 27,712
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Bad Trips (6), Combinations (3)

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