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Unimpressive Experiment
Ketamine & Cannabis
Citation:   Sarah Tonin. "Unimpressive Experiment: An Experience with Ketamine & Cannabis (exp84010)". Dec 27, 2018.

1 bowl smoked Cannabis
  250 mg oral Ketamine
I'm writing out a trip report for my friend, who will hereby be referred to as SF to protect his identity. He'd been curious as to how Ketamine Hydrochloride would affect him orally, and having had no friends who've had experience in this field, he decided to experiment with it firsthand.

The time of dosage is approximately 10:15, he's gone out to smoke a bowl of marijuana and we are now watching cartoons in my living room.

The time is now 10:45, SF remarks that he's coming up, feeling a shift in his state, though can't distinguish if it's the marijuana or the ketamine. We're on our way!

SF leaves to use the washroom, he returns and remarks that he is 'nice and wobbly'. His depth perception is getting a bit altered. He looks very relaxed and content.

10:55 - 'It's not so satisfying and instantaneous but I like it better, I like this way better, mmmm, the couch is moving...'
'It's not so satisfying and instantaneous but I like it better, I like this way better, mmmm, the couch is moving...'

'It's nice being ktarded without the burning in my nose and throat.'

'I feel like I'm on waves'

SF seems really satisfied with this route of administration, he smiles and giggles after he scratches his nose a couple times, and remark how it's a force of habit to pick at his nostril when he's in this state. He's also disappointed with the plateau that he's settled at, wanting a trippier trip, but is content.

11:07 - SF Requests cuddles and I comply, pouncing on him and nuzzling him. His reaction is slow and deliberate but he smiles and kisses me, gently scratching my hand.

11:15 - We've come to the conclusion that the next dosage should be much larger for his body type. He concludes that he probably would have been a lot higher if he did it through the nose, but he likes not having the headache and nauseousness that accompanies insufflation.

He also remarks that his head is not cloudy, which is interesting, and I hope to try this next time.

This concludes my trip report on an oral ketamine experiment. Summation - Unimpressive but interesting, next time the dosage will be higher.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 84010
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Dec 27, 2018Views: 3,100
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